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By Ryan C., Max., Janelle., and Laura.

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1 By Ryan C., Max., Janelle., and Laura.
Australopithecus Lucy~ ~Dates and Places Language~ ~Physical Appearance Religion, Ceremonies and Art~ ~Description of Shelter Fire~ ~Tools~ ~Daily Life ~Food By Ryan C., Max., Janelle., and Laura.

2 Introduction The animals about which you are to learn, roamed this world ten million years ago. They are the Australopithecus. They are the start of human life. From these hairy, animal-like creatures, we developed into what we are today. Australopithecus are our earliest ancestors. Join us on a time-warping journey back to the era of the Australopithecus!

3 Dates and Places The Australopithecus lived from 1-10 million years ago. This is from 10.8 million B.C.E to 1.2 million B.C.E. Dinosaurs lived long before this time. They had no interaction, despite what you may have seen in movies. Australopithecus lived in eastern to southern Africa. It was very dry and humid weather all the time, and there was a lack of water, too.[1]

4 Physical Appearance The Australopithecus looked like a giant ape. Here are the features of Australopithecus: · 47’’ to 67’’ tall · Smallest: chimpanzee standing up. · Tallest: Modern human height · Big forehead · Head balanced on top of backbone. · Protruding eyebrow ridge · Flat nose · Jutting jaw · Walked on two legs, but hunched over [2]

5 Description of Shelter
Although Australopithecus were mostly on the move, they had to stop sometimes. When they stopped, they would use trees to help them. They used the bark of the trees for shelter. This was to protect themselves from the elements of nature and animals. This also helped them restore their energy.[3]

6 Food The Australopithecus aren’t like us. They couldn’t just stroll into a supermarket for food. They either had to hunt other animals; steal eggs; kill insects ( before devouring them); or pick fruits, vegetables, leaves, or roots. If they killed an animal, they had to eat it raw. They had to eat insects for protein, too.[4]

7 Tools Australopithecus tools were very simple. It was just rocks and sticks that had not been modified at all. Because the Australopithecus did not modify these things, scientists don’t consider these early humans to be tool makers. You would be very surprised at how much these could do. Australopithecus hunted with them, they fought with them, and they picked fruits and vegetables with them, too.[5]

8 Fire The Australopithecus couldn’t make fire because they didn’t have the tool to make a spark. They also were focused on trying to survive. All they really thought about was protecting themselves and getting food. Australopithecus weren’t the smartest creatures, so cooking food never really crossed their minds.[6]

9 Religion and Art Religion, ceremonies, and art were not yet invented/created. Australopithecus also didn’t have enough brains to think about god(s), goddesses, or anything else religious. The Australopithecus didn’t have the time or brains to have ceremonies and art. Like the slide before, they were only thinking of keeping themselves alive.[7]

10 Language Since the Australopithecus lived in B.C.E. times, they didn’t have any writing. The Australopithecus didn’t communicate in any language. They only grunted and snorted. But even though they grunted and snorted, they didn’t really communicate with one another.[8] +

11 Clothing The Australopithecus were not very advanced so they were not embarrassed by being naked. Although they weren't embarrassed by being nude, they didn’t even think about making clothing. They all just went on with their normal lives, naked.[9]

12 Lucy Lucy was the first Australopithecus remains to be found. Even though scientists did not find all her bones, it was enough evidence to show it was an Australopithecus. The archeologist, Donald Johanson, who found the remains named her Lucy, because at the time the archaeologists found her, they were listening to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles. Lucy was the first of many great discoveries.[10]

13 Conclusion Now the journey back to the time of our greatest ancestors, the Australopithecus, is over. We hope you enjoyed this MIND-BOGGLING, FACT-FILLED PowerPoint by Janelle, Ryan, Max, and Laura.

14 Questions 1. What was so special about Lucy? 2. What was so amazing about the Australopithecus tools, rocks, and sticks? 3. Why couldn't the Australopithecus make fire?

15 Answers 1. Lucy was the first evidence of our first ancestors. 2. They could hunt, fight, and pick crops with theses simple items. 3. They didn’t have the tools to make a single spark.

16 Endnotes California Vistas Ancient Civilizations, Macmillan McGraw-Hill, NY, 2007, p. 67. Ibid. “Australopithecus,” Australopithecus, Kearns, Marsha, “Australopithecus,” Early Humans, p. 110.

17 Bibliography “Australopithecus.” Australopithecus. California Visits Ancient Civilizations. Macmillan/McGraw Hill: New York, NY, Kearns, Marsha.“Homo Habilis.” Early Humans. Creative Teaching Press: CA, 1993.

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