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New Deal – Homeowners, Artist, and Musicians By Zach Jones.

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1 New Deal – Homeowners, Artist, and Musicians By Zach Jones

2 Problem – homeowners There were many problems with banks and the problems caused many banks to shut down and lose the money that other people owned. Many homeowners were affected by the new deal because there money was disappearing and they weren’t able to pay for the homes. Many families lost there homes and had to live on the street. Hoover thought he was helping with all these plans he had but he was just making it all worse

3 Problem – Musicians Since many of the banks were shutting down many of the musicians weren’t earning enough money. Music was basically falling apart. Nobody wanted there music

4 Problems - artist Many of the artist kept painting but nobody wanted their paintings since nobody had money. Many of the artist would have other people come in and help them paint. Then they would sell there paintings and split the money.

5 Helping – homeowners The Home Owners Loan Corporation Act – this act helped the banks out and help them refinance their banks with money so homeowners were able to pay for there homes again This act also gave each homeowner a 15 year guarantee of loans.

6 Helping – musicians The Federal Music Project – this project helped musicians become employed and earn money. Music started to come back and musicians were earning more money

7 Helping – artists The Federal Art Project – this project helped artist with making art. People from all over helped make and sell over 200,000 products. These products were posters, paintings, signs, etc. Almost each painting was about the New Deal and the Great Depression.

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