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 Write a paragraph addressing the life and presidency of John Adams.

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1  Write a paragraph addressing the life and presidency of John Adams.

2  Watch the video on John Adams. Use the information you learned to help you complete the video quiz.

3 How did Adams’ presidency challenge ideas of freedom of expression and other rights?

4  A. ◦ As soon as Adams became president, he wanted to fix relations between the US and France  Relations had been damaged because the US did not help them fight the British and the French were interfering with our merchant ships. ◦ Adams sent US diplomats to Paris to smooth things out and negotiate a treaty to protect US shipping

5  When the diplomats arrived, three French agents told them that the foreign minister (Talleyrand) would only talk with them if he was paid a $250,000 bribe and France was given a $12 million loan  American Diplomats said no  March 1798—Adams told Congress what happened, substituting X, Y, and Z for the names of the French agents

6  What happened when the diplomats got to France? ◦ Three agents tried to bribe the diplomats into meeting Talleyrand  What did the diplomats do? ◦ Refused to pay the bribe  What did Adams do next? ◦ Tell Congress what happened

7  Federalists in Congress wanted war with France. Demo-reps want to avoid war.  Though Federalists wanted war, Adams eventually made peace with France through diplomacy.  Loss of Adams’ popularity and discrimination against French people living in the USA.


9  Democratic-Republicans continued to support France, and this annoyed Federalists  1798—Congress passed four laws—known as the Alien and Sedition Acts ◦ One law made it hard for aliens to become citizens ◦ One law prohibited criticism of the fed gov’t ◦ Designed to crush opposition to war  Americans, especially Democratic- Republicans, were outraged ◦ They said this violated their First Amendment rights

10  What did the Alien and Sedition Acts do? ◦ Made it harder to become a citizen, made criticism of the gov’t illegal  Why were they passed? ◦ Silence opposition (mostly Dem-Repub) to war

11  In response, Jefferson and Madison wrote the VA and KY Resolutions ◦ Said Alien and Sedition Acts were unconstitutional; therefore states did not have to obey the law  These resolutions weren’t powerful, but supported the idea that states could challenge the federal government  The Alien and Sedition Acts expired by 1802

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