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Orature By: Johnathan Allen.

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1 Orature By: Johnathan Allen

2 Orature & The Times Orature = Oral Literature Stories weren’t written
They were told and spread by word of mouth Passed between generations Strong bonding experience Communal participation in Africa Easier telling than learning write and/or read Decline of European orature Printing press More people reading and writing

3 Orature & The Changing Times
In the US Slaves mostly kept orature alive Orature coined as term by Pio Zirimu or Ngugi wa Thiong’o Further Decline from Movies Radio Still orally but not passed from generation to the next Television 87% literacy rate worldwide

4 Examples of Orature Folklore Urban legends Origin myths Personal tales

5 Common Traits of Orature
Frequently origin stories Usually have a moral With morally flawed but potentially redeemable character Can be told To teach a lesson to an individual or group To entertain

6 Orature of Old Many classic stories previously told orally
Canterbury Tales Le Morte d’Arthur Rigveda Iliad Odyssey

7 Orature’s Influences Despite common traits
Themes, morals, & genres differ between cultures Stories change over time depending on culture and even the storyteller Either modified or discarded Variations in words differ the story as well.

8 Benefits to Orature Story can be made appropriate for varying audiences Great practice for oration Committal to memory instead of needing a book Story can be made to have a personal effect on the listener

9 Orature Today Rural people Family stories Campfire Stories Africa
South East Asia Family stories Campfire Stories

10 Orature’s Rebirth Why orature? We have recording mediums
No need to memorize words Like college One big reason What if?

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