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FREH Operations News & Building Updates

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1 FREH Operations News & Building Updates

2 Toshiba Training Follow Up Thanks to all who attended training sessions offered by Toshiba. You came with great questions and learned helpful tips things to make your printing lives a little easier. Now you can use those MacGyver skills for other tasks like figuring out creative ways to stay warm during a Midwest polar vortex! For those who weren’t able to attend, here is what you missed: New signage has been posted at all Toshiba devices to identify avenues and resources for requesting assistance. Contact FREH Operations (4-7146/4-147) for: paper jams help with loading paper depleted toner indicator device power issue hardware-type issues Contact ITaP (4-4000) for: a computer error when sending print jobs a missing print job you need the printer installed printing-type issues If you experience a service disruption with a multi-function printer, turn over the laminated blue sign on the device to indicate/let the next person know there is an issue. Yellow log sheets are posted in each printer area for users to note when service is requested. These will be reviewed and shared with Toshiba representatives. Low toner notices are automatically emailed to FREH Operations. Although you may see the alert on the device, the email confirms when toner is depleted. When contacting FREH Operations and/or ITaP with an issue, be SPECIFIC (“the printer is not working” is not sufficient information). A lack of details delays processing and maintenance time to alleviate the issues users are experiencing.

3 In December 2012, Purdue safety personnel conducted a building inspection to determine if work areas met local and state codes (i.e. functioning egress lights, sprinkler heads, fire extinguishers). Although most areas on their checklist passed, there were 3 common practices that received a unsatisfactory grade and needed to be abated by FREH Operations and Zones Maintenance: Exposed Wiring Many cubical areas had frayed/damaged power cords (mostly due to the small space provided in the electrical floor receptacles and/or cords sticking out and running underneath carpeting). Bigger spaces were drilled within the receptacles and damaged cords were replaced. In some instances we worked with the person in the cubical to maneuver and reorganize their desk items to optimize more space and functionality. Permanent Extension Cords Although they are considered a quick, inexpensive fix and can be found in most stores, they are not considered a safe option. Building Inspection Recap & Findings Extension cords were removed, and approved power strips with longer cords were purchased to replace them. Power Strips “Piggy-Backed” Some of us have been guilty of doing this at home or in the workplace: needing more outlets for more devices, so we plug one power strip into another—this is a fire hazard! Approved power strips were purchased strips with longer cords/more outlets spaces. This particular inspection takes place every 2 years; however, we can always be cognizant and proactive in regards to safe practices. If you happen to be dealing with any of these issues that are considered unsatisfactory, let us know! We will work with our resources to alleviate and replace with proper, safe equipment.

4 Conference Room Scheduling Reminders As departments start to make plans for winter and spring meetings, keep the following in mind regarding conference room scheduling via Outlook: To effectively monitor room availability and usage, it is imperative to schedule in advance and update/cancel as soon as possible if no longer needed (this is equally important if your department had a staff member who normally scheduled transferring or leaving the University). Departments utilizing rooms for luncheons, showers, retirement receptions, etc. are responsible for setup and cleanup, including (but not limited to): -removing all decorations and refreshments (including PMU Catering equipment) -holding items pending pick-up by PMU in your departmental area -wiping off tables and chairs (floor services can provide cleaning products) -removing trash (can be taken to dumpsters on the West side of FREH) -removing any debris on the floor (floor services can provide a vacuum) If you need to schedule a room directly before or after another meeting, try to allow time in between (at least 30 minutes) for floor services to setup. Example: there’s a meeting scheduled for 9-10am; schedule your meeting to begin at 10:30am if possible. Depending on the setup and/or equipment, floor services will need time to ensure the space is meeting ready. Notice equipment in the room but idn’t request it? More than likely it’s for another meeting taking place. If you need to move any equipment or alter the room setup, be sure to return it in order to accommodate later reservations. If you reserve two rooms in order to create one big room (ex. 2-1 and 2-2), and it needs to be set up in a certain way (classroom, U-shape, square, pods, etc.), indicate that in the notes of the reservation.

5 The 12 Days of FREH Kindness It’s that time of year again: overcrowded malls, family dinners, the eternal ringing of Salvation Army bells, and repeated broadcasts of “some sort of Charlie Brown holiday” on television. Personal stress levels are at an all time high; at times we bring that into our professional workspaces. Now add on tasks and to-do lists that seem endless: it’s surprising we don’t throw up our hands and take a cue from bears to retreat, hide, and hibernate for a few months! A simple act of kindness—without expecting anything in return—goes a LONG way and has positive effects on environment; it makes a person feel valued and appreciated. There’s also a benefit for the giver: spreading kindness has a life-changing, ripple effectlife-changing, ripple effect! In order to get into the giving spirit, challenge yourself to engage in “12 Days of FREH Kindness” with colleagues this month (yep, it’s a similar premise to that catchy, upbeat jingle most people sing repeatedly this time of year). Not sure of what to do? No worries! The following page lists a sample of ideas to get your creative thought processes flowing. NOTE: this is just a guide: feel free to mix it up!

6 12: Dozen Donuts Wrap each one individually and share with 12 colleagues. Leave a box in a break room with a note for the first 12 people who enter. Mmmmm, sounds like you need to pay a visit to Mary Lou.break room 11: Fly By Greetings Genuinely greet at least 11 colleagues that cross your path, even if you don’t know them! 10: Notes of Encouragement Know someone having a rough day, going through a tough time, or feeling down? Send them a HANDWRITTEN note (step away from that keyboard!); make it colorful with Sharpies, post-its, and attempted art masterpieces. Most importantly, make it specific and personal! 9: Inspiring Signs Create an inspiring sign about a colleague— or your department. Hang it outside a common cubical area or in a public space (ensure it doesn’t obstruct exit signs or safety equipment!). 8: Engaging Inquiries Do you ever go into someone’s cubical and vent about the crazy weather, the formatted page that just won’t cooperate, or to ask for some sort of assistance with a task? Before sharing your epic tale, ask the person “hey, how’s it going?” or “how are you doing today?” 7: Lucky Scratch Offs Buy 7-$1 scratch offs and give them to the first 7 colleagues you see…and wish them luck! 6: Fashion Forward Statements Have you noticed just how fashionable building occupants and guests are with their cool glasses, nice sweaters, or comfy shoes? Let them know…it just may make their day! 5: Awesome High Fives Lift that hand up and let the awesomeness commence! Do it at least 5 times today, or find 4 other colleagues for a group one! Be creative, dramatic, or low key. For those concerned about germs, light fist bumps are also acceptable.light fist bumps 4: Exclamations of High Importance Do you send emails with that extreme red exclamation point attached to it? Switch it up and surprise recipients with content that is fun and encouraging (i.e free chocolate in my cubical, job well done on the team project, you rock my socks). 3: Cups of Coffee You know it’s the “elixir of life” for some of your closest colleagues. You may have to time it just right, but have a cup of joe waiting for them in their cube prior to their arrival!elixir of life 2: Eyes Wide Open Want to get in an easy workout? Make eye contact with someone today! You have to utilize your eye socket muscles to hold them up; otherwise your muscles may not be up to the task. Easy peasy, and you didn’t even break a sweat! 1: Hearty Pat on the Back After you have shared the generous gifts of kindness with others, don’t forget the VIP—you!!! You work hard and give it your all on a daily basis. You did your best to get through 2014…you’ve earned and deserve some kindness too!you On the Day of FREH Kindness, a colleague gave to me/us…

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