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Transportation and Travel By: Jazmin Markey

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1 Transportation and Travel By: Jazmin Markey
The Elizabethan Era Transportation and Travel By: Jazmin Markey

2 The streets The streets during this time period were always busy. There were constantly people walking around everywhere. If a space wasn’t occupied by a person, it was occupied by a horse or a horse and carriage. The streets were described as “narrow and smelly”.

3 By Land? By land you say? Yes, almost everyone really did travel by land. Whether it was on the back of a horse, in a carriage, or on foot for that matter. But why use a horse over walking, or choose walking over a horse? Well why don’t we attempt to figure this out.

4 Who wants to go for a walk?
It was indeed very common to travel by foot during this time period. Since there were very few ways of transportation, almost everything was built in walking distance. Didn’t have money for a horse or boat? Well here was your answer.

5 Anyone up for a ride on a horse?
Another means of transportation during the Elizabethan Era was riding a horse. It was considered the fastest because the horse only had to carry the weight of one person and the horse would easily be able to fit through small spaces in towns.

6 Carriage ride, anyone? If you weren’t up for a ride on a horse, how about a ride in a carriage pulled by a horse? If you weren’t in too much of a rush there were always carriages near by to help with your transportation needs.

7 By water If land isn’t your thing, the maybe you’d prefer traveling by water. A source of water to travel on was the Thanes River.

8 Boat ride anyone? Only costs a penny.
A penny you say? Yes, only a penny. If you were traveling a little bit longer of a distance you may want to catch a boat ride. Most seemed to find them much cleaner than traveling through the streets anyway. They were also considered quite fast. Without people in your way all of the time, it had to be faster, right?

9 As you can see.. Obviously means of transportation were much different then what our world offers us now, but you have to give them some credit. They did work with what they had without complaining. At least with out a lot of complaining.

10 The resources I used were:

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