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Electron Microscopy Unit

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1 Electron Microscopy Unit
TEM FF Electron Microscopy Unit Electron Microscopy Unit Electron Microscopy Unit SEM Annual Report 2001/2002 IA ENTER

2 Compliments from the team of the EM Unit
This annual report (March 2001 to February 2002) of the Electron Microscopy (EM) Unit would take a pictorial format. Relax and browse through our Diary of Events, accompanied by the music! Prof Mary Ng Head, EMU Compliments from the team of the EM Unit Micky Pat Suat Hoon “Da Jie” Deborah Boon Harn “Xiao Mei”


4 Closing of Accounts


6 19th April Biomedical Science Workshop for teachers


8 18th May Image Pro Express Seminar and Hands-on Session (Organised with Media Cybernetics and Micro Lambda)


10 MOU between the EM Unit and Leica Microsystems
21st May MOU between the EM Unit and Leica Microsystems Launch of TCS-SP2 Confocal Microscope The TCS-SP2 Confocal Microscope


12 22nd to 24th May Training of users


14 11th to 15th June Image Analysis Course (With Carl Zeiss Singapore and Australian Key Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, University of Sydney, Australia)



17 Installation of JEM 1010 With Gatan Digital camera (Dual View)


19 24th to 25th August Biotech Fair at Singapore Science Centre



22 24th September Installation of XGT-2700 X-Ray Analytical Microscope (Horiba Instrument) Installed this microscope for 3 months for users to evaluate

23 25th to 27th September Imaging School with Gatan Training on how to use the digital camera attached to TEM Participants were from Taiwan, Korea and ASEAN region

24 27th September Visit by Mr Horiba, President of Horiba Instruments Dean came by to say hi


26 10th October Preparation for the 2nd NUS-JEOL Electron Microscopy Seminar


28 5th to 6th November 2nd NUS-JEOL Electron Microscopy Seminar and Workshop Micrograph Competition

29 Waltzing Couples Spiked Tyre
Barry Pereira (Department of Orthopedic Surgery, NUS) 2nd Most Artistic SEM (Life Science) Capillary loops of human index digit Waltzing Couples Lau Boon Harn (Electron Microscopy Unit, NUS) Best SEM Content (Life Science) Pollen of Barbados Nut Spiked Tyre Micky Leong (Electron Microscopy Unit, NUS) 3rd Most Artistic SEM (Life Science) Pollen of Hibiscus

30 Shoe print on the sand Squirrel
Justin Chu (Department of Microbiology, NUS) Best TEM Content (Life Science) West Nile (Sarafend) virus Mary Ng Mah Lee (Department of Microbiology, NUS) Most Artistic TEM (Life Science) FF of Immortalized Mouse Dendritic Cell Shoe print on the sand Squirrel Tan Suat Hoon (Electron Microscopy Unit, NUS) 2nd Most Artistic TEM (Life Science) Pineal gland of rat Wang Xin Sheng (Department of Anatomy, NUS) 2nd Best TEM Content (Life Science) Monkey Brain



33 Renovations to the Air-conditioning System of the Unit
The Unit had to close for the most of the month All equipment were shut-down and covered to protect them from the dust and debris that littered the place

34 11th December Visit from Mr Takashi Takeguehi, Chairman of JEOL Ltd


36 21st to 25th January Installation of DITABIS Imaging Plate System from Hi-Tech Instruments for one week of evaluation by users


38 Summary of Achievements
Publications Visitors Earnings New Equipment purchased with EM Unit’s earnings SKIP

39 Publications UROPS project
Light and scanning electron microscopic evaluation of Glyde File Prep in smear layer removal - T.S. Lim, T.Y. Wee, M.Y. Choi, W.C. Koh & V. Sae-Lim (in preparation for publication) Honours dissertation Cruising of West Nile (Sarafend) virus along microtubule highway - Justin Chu Jang Hann The effects of intermedilsin on neutrophils - Kenneth Wong Hok Sum A study on the effect of lactobacillus on murine bladder tumour growth - Lim Boon Kian

40 MSc thesis Monitoring and Control of Biofilm growth using flow cell systems and molecular techniques - Pang Chee Meng Cytotoxic effects of Garcinia gaudichaudii on cancer cells in culture and tumours in mice - Wu Xiao Hua Microbial study of extended shelf life system for food – Lau Thye Ngak Matthew Ph D thesis An in vitro study of human immune response and neutralising mechanism for dengue virus infection - Se Thoe Su Yun Biological markers of cell proliferation and apoptosis in nasopahryngeal cancer - Anita Jayasurya Metallothionein expression in invasive ductal breast carcinoma - Jin Rongxian

41 International refereed publication
Ananth C, Thameem Dheen S, Gopalakrishnakone P, Kaur C. Domoic acid induced neuronal damage in the rat hippocampus: changes in apoptosis related genes (bcl-2, bax, caspase-3) and microglial response. J Neurosci Res Oct 15;66(2): Aiping Fang, HouTee Ng, Sam Fong Yau Li. Anchoring of Self-Assembled Hemoglobin Molecules on Bare Indium-Tin Oxide Surfaces. Langmuir, 14, ML Ng, SH Tan, JJH Chu. Transport and budding at two distinct sites of visible nucleocapsids of West Nile (Sarafend) virus. J. Medical Virology 2001; 65: Se Thoe SY, AE Ling, MML Ng. Alternative of virus entry mode a neutralization mechanism for dengue-2 virus. Journal of Medical Virology 2000; 62(3): Kumar SC, MML Ng. Antitumour activity of oral administration of mycovirus extract from Lentinus edodes (Berk) Sing. (Agaricimycetideae) on murine lymphoma. International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 2000; 2(2):

42 Zaman V, JLC Howe, MML Ng. Scanning electron microscopy of Chilomastix
mesnili: (Wenyon, 1910) A lexieieff, 1912. Parasitology Research 2000; 86: Yap AT, MML Ng. An improved method for the isolation of lentinan from edible and medicinal shiitake mushroom, Lentinus edodes (berk) Sing. (Agarico mycetideae). International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 2001; 3: 9-19. Lok SM, MML Ng, J Aaskov. Amino acid and phenotypic changes in dengue-2 virus associated with escape from neutralization by IgM antibody. Journal of Medical Virology 2001; 65: (accepted for publication) Tham M, Sim MK, Tang FR. Location of renin-angiotensin system components in the hypoglossal nucleus of the rat. Regulatory Peptides 2001; 101:51-57. Jin R, Bay BH, Chow VTK. Metallothionein 1F mRNA expression correlates with histological grade in breast carcinoma. Breast Cancer Res Treat Apr; 66(3): Lim BK, Mahendran R, Lee YK, Bay BH. Chemopreventive effect of lactobacillus rhamnosus on growth of a subcutaneously implanted bladder cancer cell line in the mouse. Jap. J. Cancer 2002; Res.; 93.

43 JT Schantz, DW Hutmacher, KW Ng, HL Khor, TC Lim, SH Teoh. Evaluation
of a Tissue Engineered Membrane-Cell Construct for Guided Bone Regeneration. Accepted for Publication in International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants JOMI Swamy S Muthu & Tan BKH. Extraction, isolation, characterisation of active antitumour principle, alpha-hederin, in Nigella sativa seeds. Planta Medica. 2001; 67:29-32. M.C. Phoon, Charles Desbordes, J. Howe, Vincent T.K. Chow. Linoleic and Linolelaidic Acids differentially influence proliferation and apoptosis of Molt-4 Leukaemia Cells. Cell Biology International. 2001; 25(8): JA van Kan, AA Bettiol, BS Wee, TC Sum, SM Tang and F Watt. Proton Beam Micromachining: A new tool for precision 3D microstructures. Sensors and Actuators A. 2001; 92: JA van Kan, AA Bettiol and F Watt. High precision 3D metallic microstructures produced using Proton Beam Micromachining. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physical Research B. 2001; 181: E.J. Teo, T. Osipowicz, A.A. Bettiol, J. van Kan, F. Watt, M.S. Hao, S.J. Chua. Channeling Contrast Microscopy on Lateral Epitaxial Overgrown GaN film. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B. 2001; 181:

44 A. A. Bettiol, J. A. van Kan, T. C. Sum and F. Watt
A.A. Bettiol, J.A. van Kan, T.C. Sum and F. Watt. A LabVIEW Based Scanning and Control System for Proton Beam Micromachining. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B. 2001; 181:49-53. JA van Kan, AA Bettiol K. Ansari, F. Watt. Micromachining using a focused MeV proton beam for the production of high precision 3D microstructures with vertical side-walls of high orthogonality. Proceedings of SPIE Volume. 2001; 4343: A.M.A. Nasirudeen, Kevin SW Tan, M Singh and EH Yap. Programmed cell death in a human intestinal parasite, Blastocystis hominis. Parasitology. 2001; 123: Ong WY, Kumar U, Switzer RC, Sidhu A, Suresh G, Hu CY, Patel SC. Neurodegeneration in Niemann-Pick type C disease mice. Exp Brain Res. 2001 Nov; 141(2): Hu CY, Ong WY, Sundaram RK, Chan C, Patel SC. Immunocytochemical localization of apolipoprotein D in oligodendrocyte precursor-like cells, perivascular cells, and pericytes in the human cerebral cortex. J Neurocytol. 2001 Mar; 30(3): Lu XR, Ong WY, Halliwell B. The phospholipase A2 inhibitor quinacrine prevents increased immunoreactivity to cytoplasmic phospholipase A2 (cPLA2) and hydroxynonenal (HNE) in neurons of the lateral septum following fimbria- fornix transection. Exp Brain Res Jun; 138(4):

45 Lu XR, Ong WY. Heme oxgenase-1 is expressed in viable astrocytes and
microglia but in degenerating pyramidal neurons in the kainate-lesioned rat hippocampus. Exp Brain Res Apr; 137(3-4): Ng CH, Ong WY. Increased expression of gamma-aminobutyric acid transporters GAT-1 and GAT-3 in the spinal trigeminal nucleus after facial carrageenan injections. Pain May; 92(1-2):29-40. Cao Q, Ong WY, Halliwell B. Lipid peroxidation in the postnatal rat brain. Formation of 4-hydroxynonenal in the supraventricular corpus callosum of postnatal rats. Exp Brain Res Mar; 137(2):

46 Conference papers Yap AT, MML Ng. Inhibition of human colon carcinoma by lentinan from Shiitake mushroom (Lentinus edodes) (abstract). Presented at First International Conference on Asian Therapies for Cancer, 1-3 March 2001, The Roosevelt Hotel, United States. Chua JJE, VTK Chow, MML Ng. Construction of novel candidate DNA vaccines against dengue virus (abstract). Scientific Program/Abstracts of the Sixth International Symposium on Positive Strand RNA Viruses compiled by M. Brahic et al; pp2-126. Presented at Sixth International Symposium on Positive Strand RNA Viruses, 28 May-2 June 2001, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France. Chu JJH, MML Ng. Transportation of envelope and capsid proteins of flavivirus West Nile (Sarafend) along microtubules highway (abstract). Strand RNA Viruses compiled by M. Brahic et al; pp1-90.

47 Chua JJE, VTK Chow, MML Ng. Construction of novel candidate DNA vaccines
against dengue virus (abstract). Academia as the foundation for the Biomedical Sciences compiled by SG Lim; pp88. Presented at Fifth NUH-NUS Faculty of Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting, 29-30 June 2001, Clinical Research Centre, Singapore. MML Ng, JT Schantz, P Netto, DW Hutmacher. Evaluation mineralisation in tissue engineered bone samples by using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (abstract). pp84. Presented at International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies, 1-6 July 2001, Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore. Chua JJE, VTK Chow, MML Ng. Stability of cloned dengue virus genes in recombinant E. coli host (abstract). Presented at Biomedical Asia 2001, 19-21 September 2001, Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Yap AT, MML Ng. The role of lentinan in the inhibition of cancer development (abstract). Presented at Biomedical Asia 2001, September 2001, Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore. Chu JJH, MML Ng. Egression of flavivirus West Nile (Sarafend) from polarized epithelial cells is restricted to the apical surface (abstract). Presented at Biomedical Asia 2001, September 2001, Singapore

48 MML Ng, JJH Chua. Dynamic role of microtubules in West Nile virus replication.
Presented at Advances in the application of electron microscopy for medical diagnostic, 8-10 November 2001, Palace of the Golden Horses, MINES, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ML Ng, AGL Koh, JJE Chua. The use of antigen-presenting cells to study the possible immunological profile of dengue virus infection. Presented at 3rd ASEAN Microscopy Conference, 30 January-1 February 2002, Chiang Mai, Thailand. JJH Chu, ML Ng. West Nile virus a hitchhiker of host cell cytoskeleton. Presented at 3rd ASEAN Microscopy Conference, 30 January-1 February 2002, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Bay BH. Biological markers of nasopharyngeal cancer. Presented at 10th EMSM Malaysia, 8-10 November 2000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hsu Chin-Ying, Stephen, Veerappan Girija. A Novel Technique for Characterization Of Lipid in Mature Enamel Using Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy. Presented at Focus on Microscopy 2002, 7 April 2002, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Chew Joon Lin, Huang Fu T.Q., Mao Hai Quan, Kam W. Leong, Chua Kaw Yan. Oral delivery of house dust mite allergen gene using chitosan-DNA nanoparticles. Presented at 3rd Malaysian Congress of Allergy and Immunology, Jan 2002,

49 JT Schantz, M Endres, TC Lim, SH Teoh, J Chong, M Ng, DW Hutmacher.
Repair of defects with customized tissue-engineered bone grafts. Presented at 11th Asean Congress of Plastic Surgery, 30 January-2 February 2002, Singapore M.C. Phoon, Charles Desbordes, J. Howe, Vincent T.K. Chow. Linoleic and Linolelaidic Acids affect the proliferation and ultrastructure of MOLT-4 T- Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Cells (abstract). Book of Abstracts on 2nd Combined Annual Scientific meeting, “New Therapies and Challenges in Biomedical Sciences”; pp54. Presented at 2nd Combined Annual Scientific meeting, “New Therapies and Challenges in Biomedical Sciences”, 8-9 September 2000, Singapore. Back

50 Visitors Yuri Bobryshen Henry Lim St. Vincent’s Hospital
University of New South Wales Australia Michael Philpott Material Science National University of Singapore Ping-chin Cheng State University of New York Buffalo, NY Sharlene Anthony Science Centre Singapore Henry Lim Horiba Instruments Han Hock Chuan Athena Teng Ahmad Fauzi M. N. University Sains Malaysia Perak Campus Buhari A. Oyofu Namru-2 Jakarta, Indonesia

51 Decy Subekti Namru-2 Jakarta, Indonesia Lu May Ann DMRI Singapore Masenan Abdul Majip NTU, CSE, EERC Li Jian Min IMRE Dick Foo Leica Toh Suat Kiat NTU, EERC Li Chongxiang NTU Liu Tong C. P. Lee APP System Lai-Meng Looi University of Malaya Fang Feng Zhou Gintic Zeng Zheng Dang Leica Lim L H Susan ISB, UM, KL R Anbarasi NTU Clarence Chia K Y Tay Hi-Tech Instruments Man-Sun Sy Case Western Reserve University of Ohio USA

52 Yin Chang-Cheng DBS Nick Hunt University of Sydney Eugene Hung Harvard University Jocelyn Carpenter FEI Australia Peter Hanan FEI Company Frank Lim FEI E.O. Taiwan Sameer Ansasi Chartered Semiconductor Lai Ming Soon Hi-Tech Instruments Ming Pan Gatan, Inc Auychai Wilaikaew Coax Group Corporation Hong-Je Seo Lotis Korea Chow Shue Yin IMRE Tjiu Wuiwui IMRE Donald Foo Horiba-Singapore Atsushi Horiba Horiba Ltd Satoshi Wakabayashi Horiba Ltd, Japan K K Lok FEI Company

53 Jason Lim Food Science Australia Melbourne Barigubir Singh BioRad Singapore Chang Hong Jenny Tok Kia Seng Horiba M D Siva Kumar Budi H PT. Sentra AE Isamu Yamada JEOL Datum Tetsuo Oikawa JEOL Ltd Tetsuji Nagata Shinshu University Eguchi Keiji Philip Barlow Food Science, NUS Back

54 Earnings Usage of equipment: S$43,450 Consumables: S$ 8,236
Contracts and Workshops: S$ 5,805 Profit from APEM Conference: S$48,000 Back

55 List of Users Department of Anatomy Bay Boon Huat Cao Qiong
Chan Yee Gek Charanjit Kaur Chen Yong Christopher Ang Beng Ti Dai Ruping Du Hong Yan Esther Gui-Xia Yu George Yip Gopalakrishnakone, P Le Van Dong Ling Eng Ang Ng Yee Kong Ong Wei Yi Rajendran, K Tang Feng Ru Tay Sam Wah, Samuel Wang Xinsheng Wu Yajun Yong Jing Ying, Janice Zhu Xiaoming Department of Biochemistry Chan Ying Ying Chua Kim Lee Department of Biological Sciences Ameer K M Huang Can Hua

56 Department of Microbiology
Bina Rai Cai Shan Choo Guan Hin, Benjamin Chua Teck Khiang Devi Priya Subramaniyam Du Rui Juan Goh Miah Kiat Ho Bow John Chua Josephine Howe Justin Chu Koh Guek Leng, Audrey Lee Yuan Kun Lim Chek Shik Lim Kah Meng Lim Wi San, Jasline Loke Mun Fai Lui Sook Yin Ng Bee Ling Department of Chemistry Fang Ai Ping Department of Civil Engineering Chen Chia- Lung Douglas Wong Man Tak Pang Chee Meng Tan Hwee Bee Tan Tze Wee Department of Electrical Engineering Hee Yong Chong Department of Mechanical & Production Engineering Hutmacher, D W Lam Xu Fu, Christopher

57 Department of Paediatrics
Chew Joon Lin Danny Lai Kin Wai Department of Pathology Lee Yoke Sun Mary Chu Norman Chan Tan, Leonard Teh Ming Department of Pharmacology Dawe, Gavin Stewart Department of Physics Jeroen van Kan Lim Kim Yong Ng Han Chong Ng Li Shan, Cheryl Ng Mah Lee, Mary Rannarayanan Kalpana Shirley Ting Tan Hwee Cheng Tan Siok Lay Thong K T Nee Chan Voon Min-Yi Yap Ann Teck Yeo Wee Sing Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Tan Lay Geok Department of Otolaryngology Liu Xin Ruan Run Sheng

58 Department of Preventive Dentistry
Deng Ying Gao Xiaoli Hsu Chin-Ying, Stephen Veerappan Girija Department of Restorative Dentistry Sae-Lim, Varawan Department of Surgery Isaac, Richard John Sumarni Bte Ismail Schantz, Jan-Thorsten Ye Lei Bioprocessing Technology Centre Tan Gek San Defence Science & Technology Agency Lu Jia Tan Mui Hong Institute of Materials Research & Engineering Quek Chai Hoon Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology Lim Siew Pheng Liu Haiping Ng Chee Peng SurroMed Pte Ltd Fujun Liu Lihong Liu Shuhua Patrick Smith Xie Fang

59 New Equipment purchased
KS400 release 3.0 upgrading for 3D Deconvolution KS400 release 3.0 upgrading for Stereo Correction Accessories for XL30 ESEM FCS Low Temperature Sectioning System Back End

60 Acknowledgements Carl Zeiss Pte Ltd Gatan Inc. Hi-Tech Instruments
Horiba Instruments (S) Pte Ltd JEOL Ltd Leica Microsystems (SEA) Pte Ltd Media Cybernetics, Inc. Micro Lambda University of Sydney Professor Lee Eng Hin Dean, Faculty of Medicine

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