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The Great Gatsby Chapter Seven. The Party is Over.

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1 The Great Gatsby Chapter Seven

2 The Party is Over

3 The Heat Similar to the rain in earlier. Find quotes which establish this pathetic fallacy and explain what atmosphere this creates. Think about why this is established so early on in the chapter.

4 The Heat The idea of a ‘breaking point’ The image of combustion Weather signals change Calls for disaster

5 “We can’t move” Direct Link to the beginning of the novel Inability to progress as humans. Think about why characters find “moving” difficult and the different ways they are ‘stuck’ in their lives.

6 Daisy and Pammy What does this relationship reveal? Describe Pammy Does Daisy love her daughter? Why or why not?

7 The Confession Without noticing, Daisy manages to let the entire group – even her husband – know that she “loves” Gatsby. In partners discuss the following points: Is this a real statement of love? Does Daisy’s character make us question this declaration? There was no preparation on Daisy’s part for this declaration

8 “Her voice is full of money”

9 Wilson’s Sickness A comparison of Wilson and Tom George’s reaction to his wife’s infidelity is in stark contrast to the reaction of Tom to Daisy’s affair.  How is it different?  Why is it so different?

10 TASK-How Do These Men Treat the Women in their Lives? Tom is a PRAGMATIST (when you deal with a problem in a realistic way rather than obeying fixed theories, ideas or rules). Think about his attitude to those who are different from him, and whether he is a ‘successful’ character. George is a ROMANTIC. Think about how he feels about his wife and what he will do for her. How does he react when he learns of the affair? Gatsby is an IDEALIST (someone who believes that very good things can be achieved). Why does he pursue Daisy? What is his impression of her? Does he really want Daisy or just the dream of her?

11 The End of Gatsby and Daisy Describe the argument that takes place in the suite. How does it end? Why does this signify the true end of Daisy and Gatsby’s affair? Keep in mind:  The way Gatsby acquired his wealth  How Daisy feels about the concept of rules and manners

12 Tom and Daisy Interestingly, it is the recognition and admittance of both their infidelities which provokes a renewed sense of intimacy between the couple  In groups, find examples which highlight this sense of intimacy and explain WHY you think Daisy chose Tom.

13 Myrtle’s Death Ironic Symbolism Motif of the car presented again Think about: Why she runs out to the yellow car. Who does she think is driving and why is this ironic? The description of her blood. What does this make you think about? Her sexuality and how this is exposed. What statement Fitzgerald is trying to make about class?

14 Tom and Daisy Conspire… “They weren't happy… and yet they weren’t unhappy either. There was an unmistakable air of natural intimacy about the picture, and anybody would have said they that they were conspiring together.” What do you think Daisy and Tom are planning to do? Why is Gatsby waiting outside ironic?

15 The End of the Dream Gatsby’s refusal to accept Daisy's betrayal indication of his idealism and his dedication to the dream. Gatsby refuses to relinquish the dream.  He is a purist and idealist. He will never settle. It is this which is both his most admirable quality and his downfall. Gatsby is in constant struggle yet the struggle inspires him.  Explain this  Do you agree or disagree?

16 “He put his hands in his coat pockets and turned back eagerly to his scrutiny of the house, as though my presence marred the sacredness of the vigil. So I walked away and left him standing there in the moonlight — watching over nothing”

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