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By Scott Osorio, Sung Keum, and Joana Pio WHAP, 5 th.

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1 By Scott Osorio, Sung Keum, and Joana Pio WHAP, 5 th

2 Ancient Egypt was along the valley of the Nile River to Mediterranean Sea Delta. Three Regions Lower Egypt Upper Egypt Fayum Depression Nubia is located in what is now known as Sudan and parts of southern Egypt. Two Regions Upper Nubia Lower Nubia

3 Nubian Winter Crops – Milit, wheat, barley, peas, and lentils. Egypt Crops and Trading Goods – Wheat, barley, legumes (beans and lentils), and rice – Fishing – Animal Skins Nubian Summer Crops Beans, okras, and some greens Nubian Dameira Crops Lupines and tomatoes Invented the world’s first irrigation systems. First to use the plow. Hoeing was invented. Used wooden flint sickles.

4 Frankincense Myrrh “Green Gold” Ivory Ebony Precious Oils Resins Gums Panther and Leopard Skins Monkeys Dogs Giraffes Ostrich Feathers and Eggs

5 Bronze Armor and Weapons Composite Bows Spears Grappling Hooks Battle/War Chariots A Marine Fleet Constantly invaded by the Assyrians. In the 5 th and 6 th Dynasties Egypt recruited Nubian Mercenaries to their military. Egypt forced out of Nubia, governmental state began to crumble and made way for Civil wars.

6 Bacterial Diseases (Preventable by removing water from the body) Breakdown of food in the internal intestines led to “internal decay” a form of disease. Illnesses that were unknown of origin were usually said to be caused by evil spirits or was a form of punishment by the gods. Leshamanlasis is a disease caused by the bite of a female sand fly.

7 Individual hieroglyphs Massive literary effort The Book of the Dead is born Carries spells and rituals to prep the dead for their voyage into the afterlife. Also held instructions for mummification of the dead pharaohs.

8 Pottery, most were a reddish-brown color Used to store wine and foodstuff First to use the pottery wheel Hieroglyphics used to tell the story of the Egyptians and Nubians. In itself hieroglyphics was also an art form. It used picture and symbols to communicate the stories of each king and/ or dynasty. Shoulder held harps, trumpets, lutes, Oboes and seven-stringed lyres. The Snake Game & Game Markers Dyed their fabrics, wore heavy beaded necklaces and other jewelry.

9 Woman embraced the men. Both Men and woman were frequently of the same stature. Affection between the two was mutual. Girls weren’t schooled. Women were taught by private tutors or their own family members Marriage was a social arrangement. Marriages weren’t registered or recorded. Women became pregnant shortly after marriage and had usually big families. Divorce was uncommon. Women had more rights in Egypt. (i.e. Social rights, jury, inheritance, disown, etc…) Women had civil jobs. No indication of sexism.

10 Imperialistic Rule Pharaohs (kings) or Queens The Royal Family Royal Advisors & Egyptian Priests Government Officials/Soldiers Civilians Peasants Slaves

11 New people came and overtook Nubia. 250 A.D. culture of Nubia changed due to the migration of new people in the Nile Valley. Continued to grow through out the Nile River Valley up to the Mediterranean Sea Delta. Migrated through out the Nile River Valley.

12 Kings and Queens treated as if they were the gods themselves. The dead Kings had horses, camels, and donkeys sacrificed for them when they died. Source of Religious Code was the Book of the Dead. Temples built all along the Nile and in Nubia. Pyramids introduced in the 8 th century. (Tombs of the Dead Kings) Religion was polytheistic. From the 4 th century C.E. to the rise of Christianity in the middle of the 6 th century, little or no Information exists for religious practice of Nubia. Osiris, Lord of the Dead and Former King of the Gods Isis, Wife of Osiris and Former Queen of the Gods Anubis, Guardian of the Dead Ra, The sun god Seth, god of chaos and destruction Horus, Son of Osiris and Isis and New King of the Gods


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