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Evolution of potatoes! Каримов Дмитрий 10А класс школа №559.

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1 Evolution of potatoes! Каримов Дмитрий 10А класс школа №559

2 Evolution of potatoes! We are going to talk about strange vegetable called potato. Its story begins in Peru where we can see wild-growing potato! Of course, they weren’t the ones we know today. The first potato were smaller and bitter.

3 Europeans about potato. In 1537, the first discovers to try the potato were the Spanish. People of Spain ate the vegetable called papas. So the Spanish explorers discover that people eating their papas. Papas was multi-colored.

4 The first impression In 16 th century, lost of vegetables were introduced into Europe, like tomatoes and sweet potatoes. At first, people haven’t accepted potatoes because of many poisonings. So they were attracted by other vegetables. Potatoes were given to slaves and prisoners because they weren’t appreciated and were too cheap.

5 How have people liked it? There is a story about people have accepted potatoes. During 18 th century, King Louis ХVI ruled the France. He wanted to encourage people to eat this strange vegetable because he liked it himself. He planted them in the royal gardens because he knew that it will make them valuable and desirable. In that time, ordinary people stole potatoes and planted in their own gardens. Since that people loved it and potatoes became a popular part of French diet.

6 Development of strange vegetable! Nowadays all of us eat chips everyday with great pleasure! But what do we know about them, where it came from and who created it? The first creators of chips were Belgians who claim that they invented “fried potatoes”. In 1859, the English writer Charles Dickens did the first mention of “chips of potato” in one of his book. During the First World War American soldiers went to France and loved chips, so American call them “French fries”. And now Americans eat over 20 million tonnes of chips a year altogether!

7 The first creator… So, who made the first crisps (American call them “chips”)? The first creator of them was a Native- American chef called George Crum. He made them in 1853. There is one story about this dish. Once, a difficult costumer visited Crum’s restaurant. He wanted fried potatoes, sliced thinly. When waiter brought them, costumer said that they weren’t thin enough and he kept sending them back to be sliced again. Of course, Crum got annoyed and sliced potatoes as thin as he could and fried it. The dish was an immediate success!!

8 What else? Of course, crisps are not only product from potatoes. For example, when we visit fast food, there is something called “French fries”. Don’t get confused! It’s not crisps. They are long slices fried in oil. Nowadays we can see it in each fast food! You can eat it with meat or ketchup. So they can be very taste garnish!

9 At last! Now you know about evolution of potatoes. Let’s compare the first potato and crisps!! »EVOLUTION- 

10 Thanks for attention P.S. I was happy to do this presentation about 2 days :DD

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