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A V O N Using August, 2009 formerly known as Online Contracts.

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1 A V O N Using August, 2009 formerly known as Online Contracts

2 Topics How can help build your business How to leverage to support your conversion rate of prospecting leads

3 With you can: Extend your prospecting and recruiting Start Representatives who weren’t accessible due to: –Time constraints –Distance –Schedule conflicts Attract new online Representatives Stay competitive

4 Does Not Replace Face-to-face Appointments Continue to prospect by talking with people you meet during your normal daily activities Share contact information Schedule time to meet Refer selected Prospects to  Avon requires two forms of ID which will need to include their current address.

5 Who Are Prospects? People who have shown an interest in Avon and have not had time to meet People in your email contacts New Avon accounts –Reinstatements aren’t eligible Who do you know that would be interested?

6 How DSMs Utilize DSMs use within District boundaries Representatives from are assigned to a District based on their zip code. If a Representative lives in a shared zip code, a transfer to the correct District may be necessary

7 How Sales Leaders Utilize Unit Leaders and above Must be eRepresentatives Can appoint anyone within the United States Must be able to train and support the Representative according to PATD guidelines The new Representative: Belongs to the Sales Leader’s Downline Belongs to the District where s/he lives made face-to-face Appointments difficult in the past. You can consider talking to Prospects whose location or lifestyle…

8 PATD Follow Up Steps for 1.Contact Representative within 24 hours to Welcome and review Getting Started Checklist 2.Conduct Training Contact 1 (AT1) 3.Make a 48-hour Follow Up Call after Training Contact 1 (AT1) 4.Conduct Training Contact 2 (T2) prior to first order submission 5.Conduct all appropriate training and development contacts

9 Let’s Compare... Set Time/Place for AppointmentProvide Reference Code $10 Appointment Fee$20 Online Fee Provide Appt Kit & BrochuresAvon Ships Appt Kit & Brochures Welcome Call Review Checklist Set Time/Place for Training (AT1) Conduct AT1 & Schedule T2*Conduct Training from AT1/Schedule T2 48 Hour Follow Up Call Conduct T2*Conduct T2 Appropriate PATD Training*Appropriate PATD Training *Face-to-face is always preferred! When distance does not permit may be conducted via phone

10 Advertising Guidelines for You can put and your Reference Code on: –Business cards –Global prospecting flyers –email signatures –Brochures You cannot use and your Reference Code in: –Radio or TV advertising –National or local print advertising –Online advertising (e.g. job search sites) Follow the Avon Advertising and Promotion Policies and Guidelines for Independent Sales Representatives –Refer to & Resources tab-Policies & Procedures

11 Prospects Need Internet access Reference Code Credit card to pay Online Appointment fee Valid email address, current phone number, mailing address and birth date Social Security Number

12 Your Resources

13 How to Check for New Representatives Leadership: > My Account > Appointment Processing > View Recent Appointments/History District Sales Managers: SMO > Appointments and Leads > View Recent Appointments/History

14 Summary Is a business tool for prospects who weren’t accessible due to: –Time constraints –Distance –Schedule conflicts Does Not replace PATD PATD is our promise to every Representative Resources to learn more: Using this presentation printed in Notes view FAQs Getting Started Checklist Guide

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