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Tenses Exercises. Quick revision! Present Simple + -s/-es (3. Ps. Sg.) ? do/does (no –s!) - don’t/doesn’t (no –s!)

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Presentation on theme: "Tenses Exercises. Quick revision! Present Simple + -s/-es (3. Ps. Sg.) ? do/does (no –s!) - don’t/doesn’t (no –s!)"— Presentation transcript:

1 Tenses Exercises

2 Quick revision! Present Simple + -s/-es (3. Ps. Sg.) ? do/does (no –s!) - don’t/doesn’t (no –s!)

3 Present Continuous + am/is/are + -ing ? (inversion) - NOT

4 Past Simple + -d/-ed or 2. column irr. Verbs ? did + inf - did not (didn’t) + inf

5 Past Continuous + was/were + -ing ? - NOT

6 Present Perfect + have/has + -ed/-d or 3. col. irr. ? - NOT

7 Present Perfect Continuous + have/has + been + -ing ? - NOT

8 Future Simple + will + inf ? - will not (won’t) + inf

9 Be going to + am/is/are going to + inf ? - NOT

10 Future Continuous + will + be + -ing ? - NOT

11 Present Simple He ________ French. (speak) I ________ animals. (love) It __________. (not work) We __________ a car. (not own) You ________ very happy. (look) __________ football, Tom? (you/like) Where __________ ? (he/live) speaks love doesn’t work don’t own look Do you like does he live

12 Present Continuous What _________________? (you/do) I __________ ‘Neighbours’. (watch) He _________ a course at college. (do) Anna __________ badminton. (play) We __________ on a new project. (work) ________ a letter to a friend. (you/write) What _____________? (they/carry) are you doing am watching is doing is playing are working Are you writing are they carrying

13 Past Simple It __________ very quickly. (happen) I ________ ill last week. (be) Vicky __________ earlier. (ring) We __________ some photos. (take) I _________ the letter yesterday. (not post) The cakes __________ nice. (not be) _____________ a nice weekend? (you/have) What sights __________________? (you/see) happened was rang took didn’t post weren’t Did you have did you see

14 Past Continuous I _____________ for you, Tom. (look) She ____________ all day. (work) I _____________ Mike. (help) It __________________. (not rain) _____________________ in the park? (people/walk) Why ________________ your new trousers? (you/not wear) was looking was working was helping wasn’t raining Were people walking weren’t you wearing

15 Present Perfect I’m tired. I _____________ for miles. (walk) She ____________ the gold medal. (win) ________________ the painting? (he/finish) The cat ________________! (disappear) ______________ that letter yet? (you/write) She _____________ her coffee. (not drink) How many points _______________ ? (Matthew/score) have walked has won Has he finished has disappeared Have you written hasn’t drunk has Matthew scored

16 Present Perfect Continuous I ________________ long. (not/wait) He __________________ all day. (work) The video ___________ for two hours. (play) How long ________________? (you/wait) _________________________? (you/swim) It ___________________ all day. (rain) How long __________________ English? (you/study) haven’t been waiting has been working has been playing have you been waiting Have you been swimming has been raining have you been studying

17 Will for the future (Future Simple) I ______________ an orange juice, please. (have) I know, we ________ some tea. (make) ______________ at home this evening? (you/be) I ______________ time for a meal (not have) _____________ late? (we/ not be) will have will make Will you be won’t have Won’t we be

18 Be going to I ______________ the next programme. (watch) Emma _______________ an experiment this afternoon. (do) They ________________. (not/complain) __________________ for the job? (he/apply) When ______________ this bill? (you/pay) Dou you think it ________________? (rain) am going to watch is going to do aren’t going to complain Is he going to apply are you going to pay is going to rain

19 Future Continuous He ______________ all day tomorrow. (work) I ______________ golf. (play) You __________________ on Saturday evening, surely. (not/work) This ship _______________ soon. (not/sail) How long ___________________ this computer? (you/use) ____________________ your magazine? (you/read) will be working will be playing won’t be working won’t be sailing will you be using Will you be reading

20 Dodatne informacije… Ukoliko ste ove ‘lagane’ zadatke nepravilno riješili, dođite sutra na napredne engleze po rasporedu, gdje ćemo dodatno vježbati i objasniti ono što vam nije jasno, a također i proći kroz primjer kolokvija…

21 Thank you for your attention… … and good luck with the tenses quiz!

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