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Early English Settlements

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1 Early English Settlements

2 Early English Settlements
Roanoke Jamestown Plymouth Introduction Test Yourself

3 Introduction Follow along on page 59 as you listen to the introduction

4 Roanoke Where did they go? The island where the first English settlement (new community) was started in North America in Roanoke is located near the coast of present-day North Carolina. It is known as the “lost colony.”

5 Jamestown The second English settlement in North America, and the first successful one. Jamestown was started in 1607 in present day Virginia

6 Plymouth A settlement started in 1620 by early English settlers, called Pilgrims. Plymouth was located in present-day Massachusetts. It is famous for being the home of the “first Thanksgiving.” Happy Thanksgiving!

7 The Lost Settlement of Roanoke
Listen to the selection about Roanoke as you follow along on page 60 Roanoke Word Bank

8 Roanoke Word Bank Sailors: They first discovered and named the island of Roanoke. Food: The settlers of Roanoke were unable to raise (grow) their own food to eat. Sir Walter Raleigh: He sent ships over three times to try to start a settlement at Roanoke. CROATOAN: The only thing that John White found when he returned to Roanoke was the word CROATOAN carved into a post. John White: He returned to England to get more supplies and when he came back to Roanoke everyone had disappeared.

9 Jamestown Colony Listen to the selection about Jamestown as you follow along on pages 61 – 62 Jamestown Word Bank The Jamestown Adventure Activity

10 Jamestown Word Bank Marsh: This wet area had dirty, salty water and mosquitoes that carried deadly diseases. Starving Time: Hundreds of settlers died in the winter of 1609 and those who survived had to eat horses and dogs because they had no food. Captain John Smith: After being captured by the Native Americans, Smith was elected president of the settlement in When some people weren’t helping with the work, he said that any man who did not work would not eat. House of Burgesses: The settlers of Jamestown elected certain men to make laws for the settlement. Pocahontas: The Native American woman who helped the Jamestown settlers survive by bringing them food. She later married John Rolfe and traveled to England. Tobacco: John Rolfe discovered how to grow this plant in Jamestown and the settlers were able to sell and trade with it. It became known as Virginia’s “gold” because it was so valuable.

11 The Settlement of Plymouth
Listen to the selection about Plymouth and follow along on pages 63 – 65 Plymouth Word Bank Investigate the First Thanksgiving

12 Plymouth Word Bank King James: The kind of England. He said that everyone who lived in England had to belong to the Church of England. Separatists: People who wanted to have a different, or separate, church. The Mayflower: For two months, the Pilgrims sailed on this ship to get from England to Plymouth. Mayflower Compact: Before getting off the ship, the Pilgrims signed and agreed on a plan of government to help them live together peacefully. Squanto: A Native American who showed the settlers how to grow and hunt food. thanksgiving: The settlers celebrated their first successful harvest with a three day feast that they invited the Native Americans to. They ate deer, goose, wild turkey, and corn bread.

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