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FalconView for Civil Air Patrol (Updated Jun 2006)

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1 FalconView for Civil Air Patrol (Updated Jun 2006)

2 m FalconView is being used right now by the USAF & other services m Part of a larger bundle of software known as PFPS Portable Flight Planning Software Its like how MS Word is part of MS Office m This technology doesn’t need to be invented m CAP simply needs to adapt to what the rest of DoD is doing It will be around in the future Compatible Follow-on software is already being fielded Many “advanced” technologies in CAP

3 PFPS / FalconView not the only Software m AFRCC uses their own software written specifically for RCCs m Another commonly used software platform is C2PC—Command and Control Personal Computer m These are examples of Command / Management Software, that’s not really what PFPS/Falconview is

4 What Falconview Is m Flight Planning Software Can calculate distance, time, fuel m Moving Map m Multiple Map & Imagery Views m Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) m Overlay Drawings m DAFIF—Digital Flight Information File, contains information about: Special use airspace such as MOAs, Restricted areas, Military Training Routes, etc Airports & Heliports eCHUM—chart update manual—the latest in towers, updated monthly

5 Limitations m Not really designed for us “bugsmashers” m Often we do things that weren’t intended by the designers

6 How to Acquire

7 Advantages

8 Capabilities

9 Terrain Shadow a SARSAT Hit

10 Grids

11 Mulitple Maps

12 ©2000 Scott E. Lanis12 Good Luck and Good Hunting! QUESTIONS?

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