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Donate Life America and AMAT Partners for Life _________________ Laura Frnka Davis DLA Advisory Council.

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1 Donate Life America and AMAT Partners for Life _________________ Laura Frnka Davis DLA Advisory Council

2 Donate Life America Driving individuals, organizations and communities to increase the number of designated organ, eye and tissue donors who save and heal lives. Committed to building a culture of trusted donation expectation.

3 Organizational Overview Alliance of national organizations & Donate Life State Teams –AATB, AMAT, AOPO, EBAA, Donate Life Texas, etc. 501(c)3 founded in 1992 by the transplant community Utilize collective strengths and avoid duplication of effort Create & manage national brand Conduct research, develop national campaigns and initiatives Lead Donor Designation and Culture development efforts


5 Donor Designation A documented, legally authorized commitment by an individual to make an anatomical gift that can be revoked only by that individual As of 3/31/2014: –118,876,309 designated donors nationwide –48.5% of U.S. residents age 18 and older registered –44.1% of recovered organ donors authorized by registries

6 Donor Designation Report Card

7 State by State

8 Based on national research Donation is about LIFE Registered marks The Donate Life ℠ Brand

9 The Donate Life ℠ Brand “ Brand Usage Policy” Rules for Donate Life marks and materials Encourages widest use of the brand Maintains brand integrity Cannot look like an endorsement of another organization’s or commercial enterprise’s products or services Includes campaign elements Available on

10 Must use licensed vendors NewClients Commotion Promotions ( Promotional Items

11 General Market, African American, Hispanic, Bi-lingual, API, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Tissue only (English and Spanish) Generic copies in stock Monthly group orders Custom orders: Any time Resource Materials: Brochures

12 Resource kit provided for each observance 2 months in advance Notices and links via DLA Insider Includes sample press releases, stories, tools, tips and other resources Available on National Observances

13 National Donate Life Month April

14 National Minority Donor Awareness Week August 1-7

15 National Hispanic Heritage Month September 15 – October 15

16 National Donor Sabbath Occurs two weekends before Thanksgiving

17 Communications

18 Social Networking Tools

19 Donate Life America on Facebook

20 Donate Life America on Facebook

21 SAVE1000™ Presents In Association with CME Films & Servant Warrior Ministries THE DONATE LIFE AMERICA FILM Bobby Howard and Carla Hawkins Lifelink of Georgia Thank you for your help!!

22 Synopsis Type: Short |Genre: Drama/Faith-based | Production: Q3, 2014 | Location: Columbus, GA ……………………………………………………………………………………………… Beloved high school teacher, KC Taylor, fights for her life while waiting for a kidney transplant. Her students rally around her to promote donation, resulting in a surprise living donor.

23 Goals  ENTERTAIN the viewing audience.  INFORM about the need for minority organ & tissue donors.  EDUCATE the viewing audience – facts vs myths.  INSPIRE calls-to-action.

24 Audiences  FAITH-BASED COMMUNITY  African-American Churches & Mega Churches  General Faith-based Community  ACADEMIA  High Schools  Colleges & Universities  ETHNIC GROUPS  African-Americans  Hispanics

25 Timeline  21-25 August: Principal Production (Columbus, GA)  18 September: Trailer #1 Released  1 October: Rough Cut Preview at State Team Workshop  15 October: Actor/Director PSA Release  1 November: Final Delivered  14 November: Film available for DLA Donor Sabbath Events

26 Getting and Staying Connected Important Resource #1

27 Important Resource #2 Where you can search for colleague contact information Social portion of community site Where you will find information on DLA events and webinars Logo and brand information Resources and tools

28 DLA Webinar Series Remaining 2014 Dates Oct 8: DMV Programs – Making an Impact at the Key Point of Decision Nov 12: Using Affinity Partnerships to Register Donors Dec 10: Traditional Media Outreach – Where Have all the Stories Gone? Register at Suggestions for 2015?? Important Resource #3

29 Please Join Us! Thank you!

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