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Design & manufacture project identifying design opportunities John Lee / Rowan Todd / John Robson / Mark Helliwell November 2005.

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1 design & manufacture project identifying design opportunities John Lee / Rowan Todd / John Robson / Mark Helliwell November 2005

2 preliminary research contextual analysis problem abstraction design criteria design brief developing a product design specification time management resource management critical path analysis testing, field trialling and refinement formative / summative evaluation & target setting concept generation concept selection empirical research & analysis modelling, prototyping development for manufacture

3 creativity & innovation  “the imaginative leap from present facts to future possibilities….” J. K. Page – Design Methods  “the problem is never how to get new innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out.” Dee Hock - ‘The Circle of Innovation’  “you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the Prince – but …… one Prince can pay for an awful lot of frogs!” Art Fry - Inventor of the Post-It note

4 innovation a realistic expectation? Innovative Rethinking’ Pullin (1999)  British manufacturing industry is disturbingly complacent about the process of innovation and few were managing the process at all well  c 70% of the surveyed companies rely on customers for new product ideas  c 50% of companies scan their competitors for inspiration  little evidence that company staff, academia or independent researchers were used to identify opportunities or generate ideas.

5 New to the world New Product Lines Additions to lines Improve- ments Cost Reductions Re- positionings % age of New Product Launches Source : Stanley Tools Ltd, 2000 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 new product development all industries

6 product analysis ‘under wraps’ product disassembly component / function analysis product ‘benchmarking’ product comparison matrix identifying design opportunities ‘bi-sociation’ product / user analysis ‘user trip’ problem clarification 635 matrix task identification, clarification & definition ideas generation, development & selection project management, critical reflection & target setting designing : a flexible toolkit

7 market pull a market opportunity is observed and an appropriate product is developed to meet the user need. technology push new technological knowledge is put to innovative use(s) in the development of products. platform product a new product is built around the same technological sub-system as an existing product. new product development starting points

8 design opportunities : technology push quantum tunnelling compound (QTC) pills change from an insulator to a conductor as a direct result of the force applied used in low power applications where a change in resistance is required to control the function of an electrical system. 3.6mm square by 1mm thick and small enough to be integrated between existing switch contacts can carry sufficient current for direct switching of low power equipment cheap and easily available


10 design opportunities : platform product wind up energy ………. A minute or two wind-up = 30 minutes power. These products use a clockwork generator to charge a battery power source

11 identifying design opportunities ‘bisociation’ : (after Arthur Koestler) outcomes:  develop creativity through the application of lateral thinking  identify and evaluate potential design opportunities  gain expertise in the framing of design briefs

12 random word technique – 1 using bridging ideas stages :  initial stimulusobtain random word  contextpresent the context in a concise statement  bridging ideareflect on the characteristics of the random word when applied to the context  new proposaldeveloped from bridging idea look at benefits your random noun will bring and express this as a proposal

13 example 1  random word : SNAIL  context :develop a new idea for dust collection.  bridging idea :snails carry their homes on their backs. The advantage of this would be no power leads.  proposal : a back pack vacuum which uses rechargeable batteries.

14 example 2  random word : CAT  context : develop a new idea for watering the garden  bridging idea : cats are: agile; have 9 lives; flexible; fast moving; inquisitive; territorial; don’t’ like water; scent mark; camouflage. The advantage of this would be a machine that is self-sufficient.  proposal : a robotic watering system that is: solar powered; operates in a set area; returns to a ‘home’ location to be fed (recharged).

15 bisociation prompts ………

16 potential problems Do not …..  discard the word and replace it with an easier one.  create too many steps between the random word and the creation of an idea.  link the word with an idea you are already familiar with.

17 context : protection activity : gardening journeycarroadchickenegg shell Design Opportunity : Explore the egg shell form as a protection system for young seedlings

18 design opportunity seed word identifying opportunities for design

19  everything you need to know about contemporary design related issues supported by case studies.  A compendium of totally useless inventions – or are they? – with a little help from you, maybe not!  A snapshot in time – just like the name says, the coolest inventions of 2003 – time for an update?  a site focusing on sustainability issues in design with examples  a site full of ideas on how to generate ideas …….  information on designers and producers  new materials and processes  a bit of reverse psychology! recommended websites

20 blackboard support Announcements Course documents Briefing Powerpoints Weblinks Contacts Discussion forum

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