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Engineering Education – The Future? Dr.Miri Yemini

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2 Engineering Education – The Future? Dr.Miri Yemini

3 The market is changing..


5 WikipediaEncyclopedia 15,000,000 Articles65,000 Articles The world is changing..

6 From keeping to sharing.. 32 Million Users100 Million User400 Million Users

7 Technology Trends Driving today’s literacy challenge New ContentNew ConnectionsNew Communities

8 Workplace Expectations – What the employers need? Creativity Communication skills A willingness to experiment The ability to work on team Passion and leadership

9 New ICT Literacy Standard Creativity and Innovation Communication and collaboration Research and information Critical Thinking and problem solving Digital citizenship

10 “…if we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow” - John Dewey

11 The GAP is widening

12 So, what is the right thing to do?

13 What is the right word for that?

14 Students Community Industry Next Generation College Entrepreneurship

15 SCE – Who we are?

16 Engineering Departments Electrical & Electronics Engineering Industrial Engineering & Management Software Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering

17 SCE students - gender

18 SCE students - demography

19 SCE students - geography

20 SCE – who are we? 4000 students, 6 Engineering departments Truly entrepreneurial college Agent of change Educational leadership

21 Engineer - Entrepreneur 2 courses Novel Idea Mentoring Is it good? Go no Go

22 Start Point Idea only Stage Student/Team Approaches the Entrepreneurship Centre Initial Diagnosis External Business Advisor (45 min interview) No Commercial Potential or more thinking required Possible Commercial Potential (1) Intellectual Property Expert (2) Financial Advisor (3) Technological Expert (4) Strategic Advisor No Potential or more thinking required If all 4 experts agree on the potential pre-seed Pre-Business Incubator New Venture Creation Engineer - Entrepreneur

23 Why Entrepreneurship at SCE? Geographical Periphery Socially Excluded Populations The knowledge-competency gap

24 Three success factors:

25 Initial Funding College Government Angels P. Investors

26 Intellectual Property

27 It is all about the people Amir Raveh CEO, MG Equity Partners Yossi Moldavsky CEO, Moldavsky Group Noam Wekser Senior Executive, Oracle Ofer Ben Haim Senior Executive, Verint

28 SCE first in Iphone Applications

29 Money Money Money…

30 Students’ evaluation of the ‘Engineer-Entrepreneur’ program (2008-2009). % of participationAverage grade (1-6) 62.55.33‘Engineer-Entrepreneur’ Program 45.64.54Total College Average

31 What do Students say? It’s the first time, during my all degree, I wake up with joy at 8 a.m Great course, Great teacher A+++++++++++++ One the most interesting and helpful courses of the entire degree the teacher was helpful and kind Interesting course but requires lots of investment I learned many things and expanded my knowledge not only in the professional field

32 Very interesting and "unusual" program, especially for college. Improves understanding of modern market and rises self esteem of young innovators Without you I was an idea with no title. Thanks A very important program. Gives the students many tools for the real life Great Teacher, gives us tools for life What do Students say?

33 Entrepreneurial Intentions of students participating in the Engineer- Entrepreneur Program Change in Entrepreneurial Intentions (%) +34Male +55Female

34 Our Research Interests Networking Entrepreneurship and Teams Entrepreneurial Intentions Entrepreneurship and Immigrants

35 Entrepreneurial College

36 Connecting up to Big Ideas Work experience Social mobility Students involvement ROI

37 TEMPUS Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Studies

38 Numbers…2010 64 out of 450 proposals recommended for funding Average budget size = €848,000 Average consortium size = 14 partners

39 EFA – English For All in Academia, to Foster Education, Research and Innovation


41 EFA


43 Engineer - Entrepreneur Dr.Miri Yemini

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