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C o l l e g e o f C o m m u n i c a t i o n adlab.

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1 C o l l e g e o f C o m m u n i c a t i o n adlab.

2 Who We Are AdLab is the largest student-run agency in the country. Our ideas are fresh, our leadership is strong, and our alumni are taking the world of advertising by storm.

3 H i s t o r y AdLab: born 1974  Two clients  Four students  One broken typewriter  One BIG idea

4 H i s t o r y In 1974 Professor Walter Lubars had been asked to do some freelance ads for the Ileitis & Colitis Foundation. At the same time, four students had expressed their hunger for more ad courses. Prof. Lubars put project and students together in a directed study. One student became the AE and another the media and production specialist. The third became the copywriter and the fourth was the art director. AdLab was born.

5 H i s t o r y  Today, AdLab has 30+ clients and 150+ junior, senior and grad student staffers  Fall 2002, AdLab’s first experience with for-profit clients  1974-2001, thousands of AdLabbers serve hundreds of not-for-profit clients  1978, AdLab gains prominence, winning 1st in PSAs among all New England agencies

6 H i s t o r y  Research/planning, management, media, creative, and production supervision  In return they get full-service from a talented, motivated, dedicated account team  Clients pay $100 start-up fee to help offset agency overhead

7 C u r r e n t C l i e n t s

8  Allen and Gerretsen/Celtics  Armenian Youth Foundation   Belmont World Film  Bronx Writing Academy  Boston Globe  BU  BUFF  Bustonian  CCNSC  Collaborative Law  Community Art Center  Ellis Andiron Project  Fed Up Bars  Fidelity Investments  Healthrock  HUGS  Improve Asylum  JoJo’s Dream Cart  Mariner Insurance Group  Mophap  NEAVS R&R Project  News Ultra Lounge  Our House West  Scion  T&R Club  Tonic  Upper Cape Family Network  Waltham English School  Woodward School  Young at Arts

9 S t r u c t u r e E-board (above line) AdLabbers Advisors President VP, AccountVP, Creative Account SupAD SupCopy SupPlanning SupInteractive Sup VP, New Biz Production Sup AEsADsCopywritersPlannersInteractives Production Managers

10 N e w B u s i n e s s  Client referrals  Personal contacts and alumni networking  Cold contact initiation New business development in AdLab focuses on finding, acquiring, building and maximizing client relationships. The AdLab new business initiative is led by a dedicated New Biz VP.

11 P r o c e s s We roll up our sleeves  Do the research/planning, develop strategy  Write briefs, plan media & manage accounts  Tackle the creative and production Just like agencies not affiliated with academia, AdLab has thorough approval processes to ensure the best strategy-driven results. Students experience all the realities of the real world— internal and external challenges, frustrations and successes. Plus rejection, revisions and deadline pressure. We meet with the client

12 G r a d i n g Supervisors evaluate performance, recommend grade based on:  Manual test  Attendance  Office hour attendance  Team participation  Final execution  Two team appraisals (group assessment) Supervisors’ written evaluations are carefully considered before the Executive Board and professors confer over final grades. Other factors Attitude & enthusiasm Cooperation Work quality Commitment to client Other factors Attitude & enthusiasm Cooperation Work quality Commitment to client

13 C a p a b i l i t i e s Over the years we’ve built a strong portfolio covering:  Print  Radio  Television  Interactive/Web (email, page design, online display ads, SEO/SEM, social networking, et al)  Non-traditional We also offer tailored, in-depth research studies that provide insight into our client’s target audience and brand perception. Campaigns/projects are delivered during the 14-week semester.

14 S a m p l e s Client: Guerilla Marketing: Post-its

15 Billboard at Kenmore Square above Bertucci’s: Two blocks from Fenway Park S a m p l e s

16 BUFF: S a m p l e s



19 Ellis Andiron Project: Full Branding Packaging/Label Logo Print Ad Business Card S a m p l e s

20 Hearts on Fire: Print Campaign S a m p l e s

21 A&G: Arsenal Center for the Arts Tri-fold brochure outside inside S a m p l e s

22 C l i e n t C o m m e n t s Fidelity Investments/Catherine DeMello “The folks I worked with were not only professional but talented. They came to meetings prepared with new and fresh ideas. We are currently using the new signage and agenda template designed by AdLab. Thank you!” George Spowart/ Allen & Gerritsen AdLab’s idea for a campaign for a ski resort “... hiring someone to walk around Boston in a snowman costume — was different...” from anything previously developed. NEAVS/Karen Smith “One of the best finds for our non-profit [NEAVS] this year was discovering AdLab. The commitment [of the students and advisors] to our work and needs was exceptional; their creativity and fresh ideas exactly what we were looking for. ” Barfrog/Steven Menn “BarFrog has worked with AdLab for 5 semesters. The students have shown great talent and motivation, and the quality of work has been very high. AdLab has contributed to the success of BarFrog over the last two years.”

23 Q + A The Town/Gown Question: Conflicts/competition with local agencies? Solution– The industry enjoys the benefits of student-run agencies:  AdLab collaborates with the industry: e.g. Allen & Gerretsen, Attick etc.  Healthy competition  Experienced future contributors/employees/contacts

24 T h a n k y o u

25 adlab.

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