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Portable and Predictable Performance on Heterogeneous Embedded Manycores (ARTEMIS 295440) ARTEMIS Project Review October 2014 WP7 “Dissemination, Exploitation.

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1 Portable and Predictable Performance on Heterogeneous Embedded Manycores (ARTEMIS 295440) ARTEMIS Project Review October 2014 WP7 “Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardization” Presented by: Adam Morawiec, ECSI 2014-10-28ARTEMIS PaPP Review 20141

2 Outline Dissemination Impact assessment Dissemination target definition Means & Measures Concrete actions Conferences Workshops Publications Exploitation Definitions & guidelines Initial plans 2

3 Impact Assessment > Target audience 3 TypeDomainMain Targets System Companies (Europe, WW) Aeronautics / Aerospace EADS / Airbus / Astrium / Thales / ThalesAlenia / Selex / GMV AutomotiveOEMs Communication / Networking Ericsson, NSN, Axis Application developers AeronauticsThales, ThalesAleniaSpace Subsystem Providers (Tier 1, Subsystems) AerospaceThales Communication AutomotiveBosch, Continental, Valeo, Magneti Marelli, Melexis, … MicroelectronicsAll domainsST, Infineon, Intel, Freescale, Renesas IP/VIP ProvidersAll domainsARM, Imagination, Synopsys IP, Cadence IP EDA / ToolsSystem / HW / SWMagillem, Calypto, Agilent, NEC, Intel CoFluent, Big 3, Mirabilis, Wind River, Green Hills ResearchSystem / HW / SWRelevant research / university (all Europe)

4 Impact Assessment > Measures 4 Dissemination Degree Appropriate Means Measures of SuccessQualification General awarenessDomain-specific conferences # Participants # Contacts est’d + qualification Follow up after the event / outcome Industry / Academia Research, management, engineering Info exchange / Cooperation Workshops, seminars # Participants Participant profile Industry / Academia Industry type, mngmt, engineering, research ArticlesPublication type Estimated reach Citations Conf paper, journal, press article Conf participation, edition Education on concepts / solutions / tools Training sessions# Participants Participant profile Follow-up Industry: management/engineering Academia Training material (e.g. web courses, videos) # Downloads Geographical regions,.edu Hands-on Demos # Participants Follow up Industry / Academia Industry type, mngmt, eng., research Standardisation Cooperation in std bodies Workshops # Proposals submitted # Proposals adopted Workshop success Overall impact of proposal on final standard Tool AdoptionDelivery / Install Training # Installations / licenses / users # Trainings # Inquiries / maintenance / applications Usage: evaluation / production test / production, large deployment Interactive / exchange

5 Promotion at Conferences [1] ARTEMIS Co-Summit 2013 December 4-5, 2013 Stockholm, Sweden Activities Project booth + posters + flyer Presentations to ARTEMIS/ENIAC project participants and several industry/academic partners Targets System companies: ABB, Thales Communication, Volvo, Ericsson, Bosch, Huawei… Research community Several hundreds of participants Impact Networking Several detailed PaPP presentations Follow up with some contacts 5

6 2014-10-28ARTEMIS PaPP Review 20146

7 Technical Presentations and Promotion at Conferences [2] FDL 2013 Conference Paris, France – September 2013 Target: ~100 participants: HW platform + HdS community: ST, NXP, Infineon, Bosch, Conti, Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys Impact: established valuable contacts with some industry partners, Continental, NXP, ST DASIP 2013 Conference Cagliari, Italy – October 2013 Posters and flyers + Presentations Target: ~100 participants: signal & image processing community, high-performance computing Impact: presentations + contacts with Kalray + R&D HiPEAC CSW Workshop Tallin, Estonia – November 2013 PAPP project presentation in the session: Predictable and Real-Time Embedded Systems session Target: embedded systems, SW Impact: ~15-20min Q+A 7

8 HiPEAC 2014 PaPP Tutorial Place/Date:January 20-22, 2014 – Vienna, Austria Title: Portable and Predictable Performance on Heterogeneous Embedded Manycores - The PaPP Project Approach and Experience Duration: 1 Day Tutorial Session1: Overview on PaPP project approach, objectives and concepts Predictable and Portable Performance: objectives and challenges Presenter: Mats Brorsson, SICS Swedish ICT AB, Sweden Use-case requirements Presenter: Mats Brorsson, SICS, Sweden Task-centric programming, Concepts and Opportunities Presenter: Ananya Muddukrishna, Kungliga Tekniska Hgskolan (KTH), Sweden Session2: High-level modelling methodologies and performance analysis tools and techniques in order to highlight the portability and predictability aspects and performance analysis. Modelling issues Presenters: Markus Taumberger, Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and Alexey Syschikov, Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI), Russia Adaptivity Framework Presenter: Sven Karlsson and Lars Bonnichsen, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark Workload analysis and Task scheduling Presenter: Konstantin Popov, SICS Swedish ICT AB, Sweden 2014-10-28ARTEMIS PaPP Review 20148

9 Technical Presentations and Promotion at Conferences [3] ESLsyn 2014 (conference organized by ECSI) (DAC June 2014) HW platform synthesis based on performance constraints specification Target # participant: 40 (industry 50% from users + EDA / academia 50%) Impact: presentation to Agilent, NEC, Calypto, Synopsys, Axis, FLIR, … System to Silicon Performance Modelling and Analysis (DAC workshop organized by ECSI) No presentation from PaPP in 2014, planned for 2015 Potential to use the forum in 2015 to discuss performance and extra-functional platform properties Continued in conjunction with DATE 2015 & DAC 2015 (under condition of acceptance) Target: 100+ registered participants Potential impact: opening to large number of HW/platform companies and EDA 9

10 CRAFTERS Workshop: 3PMCES @ DATE! Organized following last review comments to strengthen cooperation with other funded projects/consortia Joint workshop with European Projects: CRAFTERS, PAPP, RELY OpenES, CONTREX, PROXIMA & DREAMS Performance, Power and Predictability of Many-Core Embedded Systems (3PMCES) Project related presentations – to exchange information share between existing projects Open submission sessions Keynote (from CRAFTERS), invited presentations (industry and academia) Panel discussion + posters (including CRAFTERS) Target: DATE (~1200 participants), attendance 35, industry 9 Impact: established relations with funded projects, especially PAPP, exposure to new community One of the two best attended Friday DATE Workshops in 2014! 10

11 11 Events Record of all presentations, publications, promotion material Results Technical Material Training Open Source Dissemination Material Deliverables Publications

12 Highlights from Partners’ specific dissemination Several partners contributed to the consortium-level dissemination: ARTEMIS Cosummit, HiPEAC, DATE Workshop, etc. Publications: Alten (1), BUT+CAMEA (1), KTH (4), SUAI (4), SICS (5), DUT (5), ThalesAleniaSpace (1) Workshops / Presentations: Alten: HIP3ES - High Performance Energy Effcient Embedded Systems workshop on Embedded Many Core System, HiPEAC 2014, Jan 2014, Vienna, Austria Alten: bi-monthly Internal workshop presentation KTH: The HiPEAC Spring Computing Systems Week, Barcelona, 13-15 May, 2014 SUAI: Second National Exhibition VUZPROMEXPO-2014, Moscow, Russia. September 2014 SICS: PaPP: Portable and Predictable Performance on Heterogeneous Embedded Manycores, SICS Open House poster presentation, Stockholm, Sweden SICS: poster presentations at HiPEAC ACACES, Summer School, July 13-19, 2014, Fiuggi, Italy. Space Systems Finland Oy: internal workshop/training DTU: several presentations in university and industrial context Tecnalia: internal workshop/presentation to product division VTT: internal presentations Demonstrations: HI Iberia: produced videos of the demonstrator Company websites Hi Iberia, ECSI, ThalesAleniaSpace Other Alten/KTH: several (10+) master thesis related/contributing to PAPP SUAI: master thesis 12

13 Next Plans Video-taped demonstrations: Tools Demonstrators Video training material Involvement in conferences: DAC (workshops on performance) ESLsyn DVCon-Europe … and other specific workshops European projects New projects in the domain: OpenES, CONTREX Tightened cooperation with CRAFTERS (and learn from RELY) More industry contacts Continuous extension of web-based material 13

14 Exploitation > Guidelines: what it is The description of the ways of using the project results during and beyond the project scope and time-frame: During the project: use of the results (e.g. preliminary) in new real projects, designs (e.g. beyond the project use-cases) After the project: how results will be deployed, for which products (pilots, production use), in which divisions (how the deployment process is planned and controlled), what funding We plan to remain concrete and detailed when describing these aspects (when, what, by whom, etc.) The presentation of the usefulness of results after the project completion The motivation for deployment (what are the pain points to be addressed, what is the expected success, how the success will be achieved and expanded) 14

15 Exploitation > Guidelines: what it is not The way how we use the results within the project structure, within the project timeframe (e.g. results from one WP in another one) Any set of generic statements… 15

16 Exploitation > Guidelines: Examples System companies: Adoption of design techniques and methodologies in product development Development of new product A, in the division B in the concrete time frame (201x-201y) Integration of a tool C in the flow Packaging of solutions to make them reusable by other teams, divisions, projects Improvements realized/expected: productivity, capability, reliability etc. Standardization and maintenance of standards even after the project end date; adoption of standards in design flows, design practice Internal adoption of standard (what, when, by whom) EDA companies: Development new tools / improvement of existing tools / new features Commercialization of a new tool Standard adoption Training material, courses Academia / Research: New research activities initiated from the project New educational programs (courses, labs) based on the project results New research projects / thesis as a follow-up of CRAFTERS Contribution to conferences 16

17 Exploitation Plans Summary (1) New products development enabled by PAPP: Alten: Py4Linx high performance low level communication product. 2013 C code tool-chain aligned with LLWM for automatic parallelizes legacy single code. 2014-2015 A high performance embedded communication product, conform w. MPI and MCAPI. 2014-2015 Policy based realtime scheduler for adaptive execution. 2014-2015 Resource aware multicore task scheduler for improved bandwidth, ProSched CAMEA + BUT: Optimized platform for CAMEA Radar-based Object Detection for Trac Monitoring Hi Iberia: LIFEOnLive1 application for mobile surveillance enhancement, function expansion EXFO: Flow analysis, Call and Session analysis Thales Alenia Space Video Data Processing + Telecom On Board Processing (based on LEON3/LEON4 IP) Open Access to the US and Asia markets for our new Space Routers (4x business expected) 2014-10-28ARTEMIS PaPP Review 201417

18 Exploitation Plans Summary (2) Tools development Alten: development of tools available internally for the developers to use in production work SICS+KTH: performance prediction tool Adoption of design techniques and methodologies in product development is primarily exercised by the tools, hands on activity, learning by usage Alten CAMEA Hi Iberia EXFO Tecnalia Training and education: Alten: training via internal workshops and seminars DTU: new courses & labs 2014-10-28ARTEMIS PaPP Review 201418

19 Exploitation Plans Summary (4) R&D activities Alten: explore/implement new tool-chain features BUT: parallelization with OpenMP CAMEA: platform reliability and performance SICS+KTH: parallel and distributed programming, and parallel computer systems; performance predictability of task-based applications DTU: Continuous collaboration SICS cooperation with national industry: Ericsson (telecommunication infrastructure), ABB (industrial automation), SAAB Technologies (signal processing), Volvo Trucks and Scania (embedded control systems), XDIN (platforms for embedded applications) SICS+KTH BUT+CAMEA DTU: proposal of new projects in ECSEL 2014-10-28ARTEMIS PaPP Review 201419

20 2013-10-22ARTEMIS PaPP Review 201320

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