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The International Space Innovation Centre Overview Barbara Ghinelli Executive Chair, ISIC & Harwell Space Cluster Lead.

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1 The International Space Innovation Centre Overview Barbara Ghinelli Executive Chair, ISIC & Harwell Space Cluster Lead

2 Space – A growth market  UK Space Agency strategy – focus on growth  Global Space market predicted to be >4 times larger by 2030  85% of this growth will come from downstream applications  How do we:  Engage and inspire downstream sectors?  Ensure positive links between up- and downstream?  Industry-led Space Innovation & Growth Strategy recommended the formation of ISIC to  foster national and international collaboration and innovation  promote the development of new Space applications & services

3 What is ISIC? Independent not-for-profit organisation owned and run by its members Member organisations (currently 15) are drawn from Industry, Academia and Government ISIC has access to the wide range of skills, capabilities and facilities contained within its membership  Members work together within a badge-less environment to engage customers to capture requirements and identify new solutions  ISIC accelerates innovation by brokering new relationships and providing access to facilities  ISIC works in partnership with the UK Space Agency and UK Trade & Investment, promoting UK space-related organisations globally and showcasing UK capability to overseas companies and organisations looking to invest in the UK. 3

4 4 Academia Public Sector Industry ISIC Vision: “To create a positive environment where government, universities and industry can work together to accelerate the development and commercialisation of space technologies and applications, creating growth for the economy.”

5 Location ISIC HQ located on Harwell Oxford Science & Innovation Campus International Science Centre and home of a growing Space cluster 600 acre 50-50 Public-Private Joint Venture Built around major public sector investment in science facilities Co-located Academic, Industry & National Laboratory staff International Critical Mass working within an Open Innovation environment Hub & spokes model tapping in to national & international capability 10,000 new high-skill employees within 10 yrs

6 Harwell Oxford Campus ISIS pulsed neutron & muon source Diamond Light Source RAL Space Central Laser Facility ESA Centre ISIC Harwell = Multidisciplinary Research = Innovation & Enterprise = Investment = Ambition! Harwell = Multidisciplinary Research = Innovation & Enterprise = Investment = Ambition! Health Protection Agency Medical Research Council

7 Value Proposition ISIC can marshal the strength and breadth of its members to: Influence Policy  shape new initiatives, including the Satellite Applications Catapult Centre and the National Space Technology Programme.  Independent and neutral advice Develop National Capability  Articulate case for large capital investment e.g. CEMS Shape National and International opportunities  One-stop-shop for international collaboration & investment Drive Innovation  Support for SMEs, broker the right skills  Collective knowledge/expertise to populate integrated project teams capable of rapid, effective delivery CEMS Precision Agriculture

8 ISIC Unique Offering Key points:  Built around customer needs  Value for Money  Lean ISIC Organisation  ISIC acts as a Facilitator  Choice of business models to suit need  Accelerating development through open innovation  Catalyst for partnerships with international centres of excellence  Service offerings delivered through collaboration model 8 Engagement Model GOV Academia Industry Domain Experts Specialists SMEs Harwell Spoke n Spoke 1 Facilities Members Non Members Collaboration Model ISIC Operation Customer Requirements

9 Market Focus 9 … investment will focus on developing a portfolio of strategic programmes to support demand for technology and service across these key areas Provide an integrated response to customer driven requirements across the following areas … 1 2 2 1

10 10 End-to-End capability Service Offerings – delivering innovation:  Project/Programme Delivery  Facilities  Events  Training  Facilitation Satellite & Instrument Design Satellite Operations Data Downlink & Processing Exploitation & Application Academia Public SectorIndustry ISIC

11 ISIC Facilities 11 ISIC Surrey Lab Facility Concurrent Design Facility Visualisation Applications & Innovations Centre

12 Overview of CEMS (Climate & Environmental Monitoring from Space) CEMS is an ISIC facility to enable innovative climate and environmental services to be developed, hosted and served to users - for use by public and private sector organisations in UK and internationally, supporting excellent science and generating commercial revenues What is unique about CEMS? - It will make the data from satellites, ground and airborne sources accessible in native & common formats - It will provide tools and information to ensure the integrity of the data – science and commercial users will be able to rely on the information - It will provide a scalable model by hosting services and applications close to very large quantities of source data - It will provide key data-sets in close proximity to cutting edge high performance computing facilities 12

13 Examples of CEMS Users  European Space Agency – Calibration and Validation Service  EUMETSAT – Image Processing Testbed Environment  European Commission – Platform to Connect Data Repositories  Logica – Crop Monitoring Service and Virtual Environment Service  Astrium Geo-services – Data hosting and Processing Services  National Physical Laboratory – Carbon Assets Data Integrity Project  Vega – Sea Surface Temperature Data Integrity Project  Technical University of Denmark – Ice Sheets Climate Products  Magellium – Satellite Image Alignment Service  RAL Space – Hosting of Environmental Data Centres  National Centre for Earth Observation – Land Surface Temperature Demo  UK Met Office – Open Data Platform Initiative Ongoing discussions with Google, Microsoft, Defence Customers

14 Facility for Climate & Environmental Monitoring from Space (CEMS) ESA NASA Other ESA NASA Other EO Operations Instrument Calibration EO Data Providers UK EO Data Management Data Processing Facility Data Integrity Facility EO Science Community Modelling Community Visualisation and Application Centre Applications Development Policy Advice Outreach & Education  quality-assured evidence to respond to climate change  advanced infrastructure to visualize & exploit vast data assets  diverse applications and services for government and business  Benefit companies across many sectors (e.g. transport, energy, financial services)  ISIC worked very closely with its members to secure the £3m Government investment  ISIC ensured that the SME community can engage with CEMS through NSTP  ISIC is facilitating International collaborations with CEMS

15 Potential CEMS Applications Climate monitoring for science, policy and adaptation  Long-term climate data records: surface temperature, sea ice, greenhouse gases  Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (national reporting / local authorities planning)  Deforestation (REDD+ MRV) Hosted services  Essential Climate Variable production  GMES Climate Core Service operations  Sentinel Operations Applications  Commercial Carbon accounting (finance markets)  Deforestation (REDD+ MRV)  Risk assessment (insurance and financial services, asset management, planning etc) User Services  Data quality/uncertainty assessment – consultancy or routine services

16 Hardware Hosting Hardware Specification: 1.7 PetaBytes disk space, 500 Processing cores, 2TB of Memory

17 ISIC Emergency Response Centre Dealing with emergencies at sea  Extensive ocean infrastructure of pipelines, cables, platforms, hubs, shipping, offshore wind generators…etc.  Increased incidence of major accidents and incidents at sea Explosions, Oil spills, Gas leaks, Collisions  ISIC ER to provide a common picture of weather and ocean, offering: Training Emergency Response Evaluation and Forensic Analysis  In house resources: Meteorological and oceanographic models & (NRT) satellite observations of wind, waves currents, oil spills etc to get a common picture Models to predict oil spill, gas leaks dispersion, vessel responses, search & rescue,…. Coordination and Communication Centre to support operations 17

18 Oil Spill Response The undisclosed oil leak from the Penglai 19-3 oilfield in the Bohai Gulf has spread over 840 square kilometres, an area more than four million times larger than the operator initially claimed. ISIC ER example: Oil pollution preparedness, monitoring and response ASAR (11/06/2011 – 02:14 UTC) Photo by Xinhua (2011)

19 Oil Spill Information System Outputs GIS-based outputs showing slick trajectory, spread and contours of thickness or dispersed concentrations Status panels showing spill volume, viscosity, flash point Beaching locations On screen graphs track history of volumes, viscosity, flash point

20 Downstream Engagement Growth Agenda: develop new downstream space services and applications in the UK  Build capacity & awareness to capitalise on opportunities  Develop links with organisations capable of delivering these  Include those that have not traditionally operated in the space sector.  Input to emerging ESA Harwell IAP strategy ISIC is engaging with the downstream sector and end user organisations through Information Forums and AIC sessions with the aim to: o Inspire entrepreneurs and industrial leaders to develop innovative products and services using satellite data o Equip companies with knowledge to develop new technical capabilities that use satellite data to make significant savings in their organisations o Broker closer connections between upstream manufacturers and end- users to ensure that future missions deliver data with optimum economic growth potential 20

21 21 International Space Innovation Centre +44 (0)1235 567300

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