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…no boss, no support, no time…but we have a Canvas T-shirt!

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1 …no boss, no support, no time…but we have a Canvas T-shirt!

2 A University of Mary Washington Success Story Lisa Ames LMS Administrator E-Learning Specialist Pam Lowery Director of Training

3 InstructureCon 2011 “our goal is to make this not the standard anymore” Bracken @ Instructure UMW Case Study 4 months!

4 We are… College of Arts & Sciences Fredericksburg Campus Located in Fredericksburg, VA Dahlgren Education & Research Center College of Business & College of Education Stafford Campus

5 LMS History Blackboard in a Box > Blackboard version 8, hosted Adopted Instructure Canvas April 2011 Migrated approximately 2500 courses Currently 4100+ courses and 5600+ users SIS: Banner Run enrollments 2x daily

6 Choosing the Next LMS Platform Instructure awarded LMS contract Planning - 8 months Implementation – 4 months

7 Phase 1: Review & Selection Process LMS Review Committee formed (15) RFI released & Community Survey RFP released (30 days) 4 vendors selected to demo, requirements Community Feedback

8 Phase 2: Implementation Process LMS Review Committee makes recommendation: Intent to Award issued March 10, 2011 Installation, testing and technical training begins April 2011 UMW Community Involvement train-the-trainer (DL, DTLT) Faculty Pilot Testers (11, 6 weeks) Students Faculty & Staff Training


10 Getting to Know UMW's New LMS Canvas: Basic Course Design Canvas: Advanced Course Design Canvas' SpeedGrader

11 April 2011: 1 – 2 per week Week of August 8 & 15: 6 per week










21 Phase 3: Go Live Target: July 28, 2011 Fall semester begins August 30 …bump, bump, bump

22 Report for Fall 2011 (14 wk, 1 st 8 wks) How are we doing?

23 What does it mean? Increase in LMS Use Blackboard: 50% > Canvas: 96% Increase in LMS Use for Communication & Collaboration Blackboard: 55% > Canvas: 82%  

24 What have we discovered? Integration: Rethink our Banner data fields to allow for cross-listed and combined courses Investigate enrollment data issue (currently 2x daily) Best Practices Use a Test Environment! Communicate consistently

25 Next Steps Training: Effective instructional design Best Practices for F2F, Blended & Online Learning SMM - Social Media Mania MSM - Media Sensory Madness MMS - Mobile Me Soon

26 Current Projects Academia College of Education – Universal Learning Outcomes & Rubrics Online Writing Center – virtual conferencing Student Pilot Testers – USE-Ability Course Testing the LMS (sight, sound, + learning disabilities) VPAT, Gold certification NFB, W3c’s WAIWCAg 2.0AA, Section 508 VPAT

27 Resources UMW Implementation Plan Implementation Plan Training: Canvas@UMW Canvas@UMW YouTube Training Channel YouTube Training Channel Teaching & Learning DTLT: Canvas Instructure Bracken’s Desire 2 Migrate Angels & Blackboards 2 Migrate Angels & Blackboards VPAT VPAT NFB-NVA Certification granted-canvas-certification/ NFB-NVA Certification

28 Questions? Thank you! Lisa Ames

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