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Parmjit S. Chima Head of School Engineering, Design & Manufacturing Systems Birmingham City University.

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2 Parmjit S. Chima Head of School Engineering, Design & Manufacturing Systems Birmingham City University

3 UK University Business Interaction Facts: £3.4 billion to the economy in 2011-12 through services to business, including commercialisation of new knowledge, delivery of professional training and consultancy. 11 per cent increase in activity benefitting SMEs which gain a competitive advantage from their association with universities – for example through access to specialist knowledge (via consultancy) or facilities (such as rapid prototyping or computer- aided design). 5 per cent increase in engagement with large businesses to £365 million in 2011-12. Public organisations also increased their engagement with universities (by 5 per cent overall) for research, consultancy, training and access to intellectual property. Higher Education – Business and Community Interaction Survey 2011-12

4 Reasons for Lack of Business Collaborations with Universities University activities not relevant to business needs Businesses do not know what Universities have to offer No information on how to collaborate Collaboration is costly and time consuming Universities operate in the long term – need short term solutions We speak different languages !

5 Research & Development Consultancy Student and Graduates Training & Development Equipment & Facilities Business Start-up and Incubation Funding Support Business Support Services



8 Types of University – Business interaction contributing to Innovation

9 Case Study: Knowledge Based Partnership (KTP) UK-wide programme operated by TSB Encourages businesses to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance through partnership. A recently qualified graduate (Associate) is recruited to work on a project for one-three years. KTPs have helped businesses to design new products, examine business models and improve manufacturing processes. KTPs have benefited businesses both large and small, including third sector and public sector organisations, across many industries.

10 Commercial & Knowledge Transfer Programmes Rolls-Royce Morgan Cars Ltd Mechatherm Ltd I STS Signal Ltd Glasscoat Ltd AGA Rangemaster Bromford Industries Hockley Mint Mechatherm Ltd II Malthouse Ltd 7 *KBP Programmes MAS Index Vouchers

11 Award winning KTP Programmes between Birmingham City University and Morgan Motor Company Ltd. In the cases of Birmingham City University collaborations, companies benefit from: Increased profits, Gaining greater market share Enhanced reputation. Charles Morgan, centre left, with BCU KTP trio Matthew Welch, Matthew Humphries and Tom Cox Lord Stafford Achievement in Innovation Award

12 The KTP’s has elevated teaching and learning experiences: Staff have been able to draw upon the experiences gained to enhance their teaching. Students have benefited from working on case studies which are industrially relevant. Students have gained valuable experience in preparation for entering industry once graduated. KTP Associates have gained employment with Morgan Motor Company

13 iRacer – Electric Race Car STEM Initiative – Build an Electric Race Car Engineering Students – Placements & Internships UG & PG Student Projects Automotive Master Classes Research Projects – New Materials & Battery Technology New Product Development …and more!

14 Thank you for listening

15 Driftworks Knowledge transfer drives new process and product design Gives all parties a sense of purpose and a great student experience Adds real business value and provides employability opportunities for students.

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