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Novel Educational and Pedagogical Applications on Aakash Platform.

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1 Novel Educational and Pedagogical Applications on Aakash Platform

2 Objective:  Identify set of rich applications to be ported on Aakash  Port/Create the Educational Software for students as well as teachers  Tools to assist teachers: Content creation, Managing students  Tools to assist students: Organize content, monitor learning process  Educational content delivery tools: Content repositories, online exam tools, large scale video streaming  Pedagogical application: Collaborative learning tools, interactive class rooms  Create an educational eco system with student developers, academia, eLearning companies

3 Aakash Application Development Labs (AADL)  Set up application development labs in 5 IITs- IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Mandi & IIT Guwahati AADL Student Training Student App Development Application Development Collaboration with eLearning companies

4 Meeting of all AADLs: 11 March, 2013  Meeting of all AADLs took place on March 11 at CDAC Noida  Following actions were planned:  Student Training and App Development: – Each IIT to train close to 400-500 students – In the long run inter-IIT trainings over NKN can also be conducted – Encourage students to develop interesting applications on android – Each IIT to set up forum were participating students can register and form a community of app developers – In the long run, to set up forum where student developers across IITs can participate and interact with each other – IIT Kgp will be responsible for the same. – Conduct inter AADL competitions over summer for student app developers  Localization Support: CDAC Noida and IIT Kgp to work on the same  Virtual Labs: Explore the use of Virtual Labs already developed by IITM, IITB, Amrita and CDAC under various NME-ICT initiatives  eBook: Each lab to use IITM tool to publish eBooks  Mirror Server: For connectivity using DTH for communication

5 Analytics Tool to track student performance based on activity log Measure what student learns? How long? What time of day? How many times? And many more criteria Generate reports and feedback for students/teacher/ parent Quiz & Evaluation Different format such as single correct, multiple choices, true/false, fill in the blanks, match, essay, and drag& drop Both subjective and objective type Q/A can be evaluated Objective type: Computer Evaluation Subjective type: Unique peer evaluation where answers are sent to designated evaluators and final score collated together Interactive Digital Book Native Android application Provides graphically and multimedia rich learning experience Has text, audio, video, animation, quiz, ppt, worksheets (to draw, write, scribble, note-taking) for every section/topic Full length videos play only sections relevant to the particular section/topic Dictionary, translation module also embedded Also has forum for students to post doubts and discuss Authoring Tool Web based LMS Can create, edit, deliver and manage courses Create course using different resources such as: text, videos, animation, illustration, quiz/assignments, presentation, worksheets Lengthy videos can be cropped relevant to particular topic/concept being discussed in the section Assign courses to students Manage student grades, user profile, performance etc. IIT Madras - Interactive Digital Book Platform

6  Collaborative Learning Module:  Small group of 8-10 students can study as a group from remote locations  enables synchronous learning in real-time amongst students who cannot come together physically  Features: Document sharing, screen sharing, text/voice chat, live video streaming for video conferencing, and synchronous video viewing  e Quiz and eEvaluation Application:  Objective Type: T/F, MCQ, Match, Fill in the Blanks  Subjective Type: ‘Moderated Evaluation’ – answers sent to assigned evaluators for manual correction - every question is sent to 3 assigned evaluators in order to compare the scores of the same question - and final score collated  Examination Management System:  The platform consists of a Central Server (CS), Exam Room Server (ERS) and the tablets in which the exam is taken  The CS is where the question paper, answer keys, exam centre details, students taking the exams and other exam related details are uploaded and stored in an encrypted format.  Each exam centre has ERS (laptops preferably) that communicate with the CS and can access the question paper.  The tablets run a unique ‘exam application’ - access the questions paper.  The questions are decrypted only on reaching the student tablet and they are in randomized order.

7 IIT Kanpur  Port Magic: Teaching electronics with Aakash Tablet  The application is a standalone platform for creating, editing and compiling projects, and programming Arduino boards through USB port  Educational toolkit: for teaching the functioning of electronic components, sensors and other devices through the microcontrollers  Simple learning tool for understanding embedded programming concepts

8  Functional literacy: Hindi and English functional Vocabulary ( with Phonological awareness)  Words with picture cards  Functional Numeracy: Number concept, functional money concept, counting, identifying different shapes and sizes.  Communication aid: Facilitates children to making their own choices to communicate about the things that they require for their daily living. For this create different blocks of picture card data- base for all the common needs and the things that the child will need to use at home and at school.

9 IIT Kharagpur  Development of an Online Repository of Picture Library:  Online repository of a set of more than 1200 standard icons that are used by people with Severe Speech and Motor Impairment (SSMI) to communicate their daily needs  Aakash Bani:  A Voice Output Communication Aid (VOCA) is an electrical device that assists people who are unable to use natural speech to express their needs  Development of Talking Keyboard:  A talking keyboard is a specially designed tool that allows people with motor disorder to seamlessly type texts in android based tablets  Automatic scanning mechanisms and pre recorded audio files of individual alphabets that help the target population to type as well as listen to the typed letter

10  Educational Gaming Apps  HangMan: A perfect educational game for people especially children/ teens/ students, Multiple game modes, Multiple Levels, Self-explanatory etc.  Won the Second prize in the Aakash App Development competition conducted by IIT Guwahati.  Memorizer: Application related to memory. Interesting exercise for memory and concentration. The exercise will help not only in academics but also in other activities.  MIPS Simulator: MIPS Simulator is a assembly language Simulator application, which is able to execute the MIPS instructions. @ MNIT Jaipur & IIT Mandi @IIT Mandi IIT Mandi

11 Social Application’s IIT Mandi Feedback: To check practical visibility of the application, a thorough survey was conducted in rural area of distinct Mandi.  My Doctor (Pregnancy Application):  Basic information based app about handling various issues related to pregnancy, in Hindi language.  Text-To-Speech Engine in Hindi language, Access Count and Duration  MGNREGA Survey Form:  A useful application for the on field survey on the development under MGNREGA  Other Applications : Doubt Buster, Easy Engineering, Data Structure Simulations, E- Blackboard, NoteMania, Aakash-Aurveda

12 IIT Guwahati Applications such as:  Speak2Learn  Formula App  Library book reminder app  Mess calorie calculator  Note taker

13 Student Training  Close to 1000 students have been trained from all AADLs put together  Impart training to students from different streams on Android application development  Common training module used across AADLs  Post training : Interested students are formed into groups and involved in application development of the AADL  Going forward: Conduct inter AADL trainings as well as competitions to enthuse students

14 Collaboration with eLearning Companies  MyEdutor: eBooks and digital content  Invention Labs: ‘Avaaz Doh’- English Language Tutor  Everest Edusys: Science and Math physical/digital exhibits and content for Primary & Middle School  MangoSense: Applications to create and read content in fun and interactive manner  BodhaGaya: Curriculum based Digital content along with animated story videos for Science & Math School children  Edutainment: Education-related application for games. Working on improving comprehension and observation skills of children  British Council: Spoken English and Employability based soft-skill imparting Short animated videos

15 Future work – More work on developing contents to be taken up Since AADLs have developed many applications. – Exam management application to be improved on efficiency. – More students need be trained

16 PRSG Recommendation The PRSG of the project has met on 24 th August 2013, reviewed the project and found progress satisfactory and has recommended release of Rs.1.5 Crores.

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