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Space Activities in the Czech Republic Ondřej Šváb Head of Space Application Unit Ministry of Transport.

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1 Space Activities in the Czech Republic Ondřej Šváb Head of Space Application Unit Ministry of Transport

2 Coordination of Czech Space Activities Governmental resolution No. 282/2011 MoT became a coordinator of space activities in CZ NCP for space activities of Czech Republic Responsibility for EU and ESA space policy in CZ MoT established a Coordination Council of the Minister of Transport Task: Debate and approves strategic initiatives and documents of CCSA members; Task: Evaluate the participation in all national and international space-related activities, etc.


4 The ultimate goal is to create a favourable environment for industry and academia – awareness, dissemination, motivation, training – national regulation and law, financial and institutional support – international agreements on cooperation and membership in international organizations Role of State Role defined in National Space Plan - updated Plan has been approved by government on 27/10/2014

5 represents the strategy of the Czech Republic – in further development of capacities and capabilities of its industry and academia – in maximising the return of the public investment in space activities (economic, scientific) NSP is a document addressed to policy / decision makers Contains strategy for space and recommends associated programme by – defining context of space and its activities – proposing guidlines and actions to maximize the return of the public investment – define long-term and mid-term goals of CZ in space activities – provide short overview about national space activities and Czech involvement at international space activities – etc. National Space Plan in a Nutshell

6 industrial and scientific excellence acknowledged internationally competitive and inovative high-added economy capability of absobring and retaining the know-how complementarity and cooperation between industry and academia use of space resources and infrastructure in-operational products and services Vision and objectives

7 Describes: – benefits of the space activities - what does space brings to daily life? – „CZ space environment“ - Institutional settings – space market a trends in respective space domains – CZ Space capacities – Tools for development of space acivities (ESA, EU programmes, etc.) On that basics formulates the recommendations National Space Plan

8 Increase of the Financial Participation of the Czech Republic in ESA Optional Programmes (recommendation to all respective space domains) Establish the National Space Agency Establish the National Space Programme Establish the supportive framework for young professionals Use the synergies, transfere the knowledge (science to practice) Protect IPR Rising the awareness The Czech Republic should also support scientific research of planned missions and development of scientific instruments for space science missions to enable Czech academia teams to pursue their own projects proving their scientific excellence worldwide. Recommendations of NSP

9 ProgrammeProgramm e Period Commitments from 2012 MetOp-SG2013-20203 000 000 € ARTES 1 - Phase VI2013-2016100 000 € ARTES 5.1 - Phase II2013-20161 000 000 € ARTES 142013-20202 000 000 € ARTES 20 - Phase II2013-2016500 000 € EGEP2013-2015 500 000 € FLPP-32013-20161 000 000 € GSTP-62013-20185 000 000 € EOEP-42013-20164 230 000 € ELIPS-42013-20151 000 000 € SSA2013-2016700 000 € MREP-22013-2017800 000 € PRODEX2013-202010 500 000 € TOTAL30 330 000 € Currently: -more then 130 ESA projects with CZ prticipation -28 FP7 projects with CZ participation -First H2020 projects are expected

10 Thank you for your attention!

11 Effective spending of these investments Increasing of technological and innovation level of CZ and supporting of competitiveness of CZ industry. Development of technologies – CZ subjects should exploit their potential Development and applications based on space systems products – using of these applications in practice. Supporting of excelence in science. Transfer of knowledge from science to practice. Primary aim of CZ space activities

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