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Open Data Public Bodies Seminar 11 th February 2015 Evelyn O’Connor Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

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1 Open Data Public Bodies Seminar 11 th February 2015 Evelyn O’Connor Department of Public Expenditure and Reform

2 Seminar Minister has outlined the benefits of Open Data (social, economic, democratic) and what is in it for you (efficiencies, data sharing, improve quality of data, improve evidence-base) Tracey and Rob have outlined many uses of data – publish raw data and it is surprising what can be done Dominic has talked about Fingal’s Open Data journey Deirdre has outlined the audit methodology and the audit template I will cover progress on the Initiative and next steps

3 Open Data Initiative – ‘To Do’ list National Open Data Portal and Insight’s report launched on 22 July Public Bodies meeting 29 July and public meeting 8 September 3 main streams we need to progress in tandem: 1.Further develop the portal - Audit datasets and populate it and link to other existing portals 2.Develop user interest 3.Develop an action-oriented Open Data strategy/plan Formed PBWG and monthly meetings held Issued RFT – engaged consortium for provision of specific expertise and technical advice and support – 6 month work programme

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5 Examples of data on portal Census data (population, demographics, employment) Environmental data from various Govt Departments and agencies Coverage of continental shelf geology offshore House completions by housing sector, stats on social and affordable housing, availability of undeveloped housing zoned serviced land Fire and emergency services data (fatalities, road traffic accidents, hazardous substances, ambulance calls etc) Budgetary and Economic statistics with stats on economy Report on voted expenditure, numbers of public staff employed etc Stats on reported incidents of drivers under the influence of intoxicants Flood hazard and risk data


7 Scope for more data! Doesn’t yet include LA datasets Includes datasets from only some agencies and limited from cultural institutions or academia Doesn’t include: –Unpublished datasets –Datasets that are not machine readable –Datasets where licensed for a fee

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9 Key areas of Progress Governance – PBWG and draft spec for OD Governance Board Technical framework – metadata, data formats, standards, licencing, unique identifiers Develop the portal (harvest, improve look and feel) Data audits and publication Dissemination and Capacity building –Participated in workshops –Sponsored Apps competition –Seminar 11 th Feb –Open Data Workshop 19 th Feb –Meeting NI colleagues on Open Data 27 th Feb –Growing an Open Data Enterprise Economy 3 rd March –Technical Training on Open Data for PBs 10 th March Cross-border collaboration

10 ‘Open’ Licencing is necessary Data is ‘open’ if free to be used for any purpose Associating an Open Licence with Open Data is necessary to ensure the legal grounding for its potential reuse An Open License allows data publishers to define the terms under which the data can be used Many datasets in Open Data portals are not only not associated with an Open License, but are not associated with any license (Levine) Metadata should always be published under an Open License, even if the underlying data is not Most commonly used license for Open Data in Ireland today is the Irish PSI licence but that is not considered truly ‘open’ Policy paper sets out options and issues – 5 week consultation

11 Strategy Draft Outline template Vision and objectives Context Delivering actions under various components –Governance –Technical framework –Data sources –Portal –Data usage –Data privacy –Role/responsibilities of DPER –Role/responsibilities of public bodies Continuous improvement Success measures

12 Key next steps Strategy – Research - comply with G8 charter, review feedback, review roadmap, review best practice, populate template and seek Government approval to publish draft for consultation Audits – advice/support public bodies in carrying out audits Portal – continue to develop in line with technical framework ODGB – establish at appropriate time Pilot projects Continue to raise awareness and promote usage - engagement

13 Your contribution Begin audits and publication plans – reap potential benefits of open data, support your information management and create efficiencies Attend Open Data events (workshop, training, next wider PB forum) Review the licencing paper and submit any views to by 20 th March Provide feedback and input to Open Data strategy Ensure Open Data is integrated into your own strategies/plans Any Questions?

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