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Overview Global Challenges Food and Health Nexus Agricultural Focus –LGUs –USDA, NIFA, ARS.

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2 Overview Global Challenges Food and Health Nexus Agricultural Focus –LGUs –USDA, NIFA, ARS

3 Societal Challenges Population Food Water Environment Climate Change Energy Health Poverty Population aka Wicked Problems

4 Health  Food safety, nutrition, obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, stroke, cancer, hunger, poverty, families/children Ecological Footprint  Water/land use, natural resource and environmental stewardship, greenhouse gas, global climate change, depleted soils Agricultural Competitiveness  Improve crop and animal agriculture; enhance farm productivity and income; policies; supply chain; storage; transportation Bioeconomy  Replacements for petroleum-based products and enhance community economic well being 21 st Century Food System Challenges

5 The Nexus

6 Nexus Between Food and Health Two ends of the health spectrum  Excess food and food insecurity  Billions dilemma Preventable  CDC: 75 percent of healthcare spending for chronic diseases Health challenges  Chronic diseases  Food insecurity/hunger  Food safety  Environmental

7 Food security and measurable improvements in health  Nutritious and safe food  Community efforts to fight hunger and food insecurity  Strategies to combat childhood obesity Are food systems able to deliver optimal health?

8 Land-Grant University Focus A new compact ~ Crowd source  Academia, government, private sector, NGOs  Outreach networks through the Cooperative Extension System, Education, Health Sectors o eXtension and online tools – democratizing knowledge Food and health research and education  Bio- and physical sciences  Relevance of environmental and social sciences  Quality science to inform policy

9 Health outcomes driving genetics & breeding  Wheat, Soy, Maize, Milo, Rice, Tomatoes, Berries  Animal traits Altering the gut microbiome Alteration of food structure  Processing o Retain natural and fresh attributes o Matrices that modulate caloric content o Enhance benefits of bioactive compounds  Healthy foods and quality Food Systems and Optimal Health

10 Tomatoes Tomatoes = Lycopene Cancer Prevention Basic Science (Genetics) Applied Science (Production & Processing) Commercialization Clinical Trials Food Security, Production, Human Health

11 Goal: deliver 60 mg of isoflavone in 2 slices of bread. Dr. Yael Vodovotz Dr. Greg Lesinski Impact of soy bread on Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cell (MDSC) biology in patients with solid tumors Development of Soy Bread

12 FAIR 2012: One Health—Understanding and improving animal health, human health, ecological health Complex, multi-dimensional  Biology, genetics, socio-economic status, culture, and behavior – e.g., Latino children ‘Omics and personalized medicine Exercise and active lifestyles Access – Children’s health, food deserts Food Systems and Optimal Health

13 Dairy products and health  Bone health, blood pressure, probiotics Pulse Heath Initiative – Prevention of obesity Cornell/ARS: Maize with high iron availability Foodborne diseases and food safety  Dan Luo: DNA-based nanobarcode to track bacteria in the food system to detect pathogens and toxins on site  Craig Altier: Define Salmonella genes and genetic pathways essential for survival, proliferation in tomatoes Functional genomics: Dual use research  Biomedical applications  Improve quality, nutritional characteristics, shelf life, and food safety

14 NIFA Focus Discovery through Delivery Continuum  Discovery  Translation  Innovation  Solution Capacity/Formula Programs  Hatch, Evans-Allen, Smith-Lever, 1890s Extension, FRTEP, 1994 Capacity, Insular Areas  4-H, EFNEP, SNAP-ED The Pipeline  Next generation scientists, Extension specialists and educators, producers, better informed public

15 Competitive Programs AFRI Challenge Areas  Food Security  Nutrition and Childhood Obesity  Food safety  Climate Change  Bioenergy Fellowships  Pre- and post-doctoral

16 Foundational Areas  Plant Health and Production and Plant Products  Animal Health and Production and Animal Products  Food Safety, Nutrition, and Health  Renewable Energy, Natural Resources, and Environment  Agriculture Systems and Technology  Agriculture Economics and Rural Communities

17 Mandatory Programs Specialty Crops Research Initiative Biomass Research and Development Initiative Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Initiative Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative

18 Food Safety  Improving safety of the nation’s food supply through the support of basic research and integrated science programs Nutrition and Childhood Obesity  NCCOR—National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research—Public- Private collaboration (NIH, CDC, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) Programs Focused on Health

19 USDA school breakfast and lunch programs  Long term impacts – health and societal Programs Focused on Access/Hunger Address hunger and food security  Community Foods Projects Increase food production and access  Local and regional food systems  Food deserts SOS/Breakfast_2013.html

20 The Education Pipeline

21 Enhancing Healthy and Active Lifestyles SNAP-ED

22 Food and Health Foci Promote high priority research/outreach in food quality, safety, and access in relation to health Ensure food is nutritious and safe Promote strategies to combat childhood obesity Work with local communities to fight hunger and food insecurity Food and Health literacy

23 Food and Health Foci Research, Education, and Extension  Sustainable food production  Environmental, Economic, Social  Healthier, sustainable foods  Access  Chronic diseases, foodborne illnesses  Nexus between biology, culture, behavior  Policy research  Education

24 A systems framework: food & nutrition security

25 Questions How impact food insecurity? How improve traits? Clinical validation? How increase consumption of fruit, vegetables? Long term impacts? MyLifestyle, MyBehavior? Resurrect HomeEc courses?

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