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Strategic University Partnership JPL and Cornell Mark Campbell Jonathan Lunine.

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1 Strategic University Partnership JPL and Cornell Mark Campbell Jonathan Lunine

2 November 8, 2013: JPL and Cornell sign MOU to make Cornell the 13 th SURP member


4 JPL provides a number of opportunities to encourage and facilitate collaborations with the academic community, with the emphasis on identifying and nurturing grass-roots research collaborations. A precursor to many of these opportunities is establishing a connection with a JPL researcher and developing the genesis of a new collaboration, or plans to enhance an existing one. This can be followed by an application for seed funding to take the first steps in a joint effort, or in some cases a proposal to an external agency for funding (for larger proposals, JPL can sometimes provide “Bid and Proposal” funds). The various funding opportunities are initiated by a JPL researcher, who can respond to proposal calls throughout the year. Doing Research with JPL

5 Students and Research at JPL A key part of JPL’s interaction with academia involves engaging students in research. This is done via the awards above, and also via internships. JPL hosts around 700 interns per year in for both summer and year-round internships, and including both undergraduate and graduate students. Proposals for Spring internships are accepted starting in the fall, with due dates dependent on the program

6 JPL-Cornell joint courses JPL researchers can be funded under SURP to come to Cornell. Expectation is that these visits will be not only for research, but also joint teaching of courses.

7 Ways to make Cornell’s SURP a success Be discerning about what is and is not a suitable opportunity for partnering under SURP: – Know JPL – Know SURP http://surp.jpl.nasa.gov Recognize that, even though we are now in a special group, access to funds is still competitive SURP efforts work best where students are involved, through visits, joint courses, recruitment

8 Please keep Mark Campbell and/or Jonathan Lunine informed of your SURP-related efforts so that we can track the total Cornell SURP-related efforts. Jonathan Lunine jil45 Mark Campbell mc288 Neil Murphy at JPL.

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