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Research Proposals and Problem Grants Claire McMurray, Ph.D., KU Writing Center.

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1 Research Proposals and Problem Grants Claire McMurray, Ph.D., KU Writing Center

2 The Vocabulary of “Grant” “Writing”  What do we mean by “grants”?  Why is it more than just “writing”?  Vocabulary can differ from grant to grant  It is a learnable skill so train and practice!

3 Different Types of Grantors Government Local State Federal Foundations Community Corporate Donor advised funds Corporations Sponsorships

4 Different Types of Funding Research proposal Capital project Capacity building General operating Specific Project Arts & culture grant Continuing support Curriculum development Emergency funds Facilities/equipment Employee matching gifts Endowment funds Management/technical assistance In-kind gifts Matching/challenge support Seed money Program related investments (loan) Social entrepreneurship (making $ with your mission) Postdoc Fellowship And more!

5 Limitations of Grants

6 Steps in the Grant Writing Process  Researching  Planning  Writing  Editing  Submitting  Revising  Resubmitting

7 Where does academia fit in the funding world? In addition to more “typical” grants:  Research proposals  Fellowships  Postdoc applications

8 Research Proposals vs Problem Grants Research Proposals Academia Main goal: knowledge Hypothesis/research question Unknown outcome Thorough literature review Investigator credibility Concludes with dissemination of knowledge Problem Grants Non-profits Main goal: improvement for a specific group Problem statement Anticipates problems, shows immediate results Explains organization’s background, history, mission Concludes with grant sustainability

9 How are they similar? Both types must:  Include a summary/abstract  Explain the project’s methodology  Show the question’s/problem’s significance  Demonstrate the project’s contribution  Include a budget  Contain good writing (clear, concise, no jargon, etc.)  Provide good organization (logical flow, helpful subheadings, etc.)  Strive to follow the grantor’s instructions completely  Demonstrate a good “fit”  Weave all sections of the grant together (show how everything builds from the core: the question/gap/problem)  Include a plan for evaluating the project’s success/outcomes

10 Research Proposals: A Template  Transmittal letter  Title page  Abstract  Table of contents  Topic of wide interest  Brief reference to literature  Gap in knowledge  Research question  Specifics of project  Literature review  Methodology  Timeline  Budget  Strong conclusion

11 Problem Grants: A Template  Abstract/summary/executive summary  Introduction/credibility/organizational history  Problem statement/statement of need  Methods/procedures  Program objectives and outcomes  Evaluation  Future funding/program sustainability  Budget  Supporting documents

12 Rules for Good Grant Writing  High impact information first  Bolding/bullets/subheadings are your friends  Follow instructions!  Have others edit your work  Tables and graphs save space and break up text  Action verbs and active voice jazz it up  Use short, concise sentences and short paragraphs  No jargon  No cramming on the page  Be specific as much as possible  Support statements with facts, evidence, etc.

13 “Man, they weren’t very encouraging.”

14 Need some encouragement? Come visit the Writing Center for more help!

15 Grant Resources on Campus  Grant writing books in the library and Writing Center  Hall Center for Humanities  Graduate Writing Program  Grants/Scholarships Subject Librarian  KU Office of Research  Check your handout for more helpful links and resources!

16 Questions?

17 And now for a hands-on activity…

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