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Developing Your Curriculum Vitae Presentation By: Mashonda Smith GA Career Counselor 1.

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1 Developing Your Curriculum Vitae Presentation By: Mashonda Smith GA Career Counselor 1

2 Come see us soon….. Washington State University Academic Success and Career Center Lighty Building Room ASCC Career Counseling Services: * Career Planning & Development * Self-Assessments * Resume Development * * Cover letters * Personal Statements * Mock Interviewing * and so much more*

3  Resume  Curriculum Vitae  Hybrid Curriculum Vitae  Federal Resume 3

4  A resume presents relevant experience, accomplishments and education  A resume is short  A resume includes “soft” and technical skills  Resumes are adapted/edited for each job application  Resumes DO NOT include everything  Resumes DO NOT include exhaustive lists of research, publications, presentations, etc.  Resumes DO NOT include anything unrelated to the position at hand 4

5  Standard CV supplemented with  Accomplishments  Skills/techniques  Used to apply for:  Industry positions  Positions that require academic and/or research credentials 5

6 6 CVResume What?Provides full professional and educational history Provides a summary of experience and skills Length?No limit1 -2 pages Uses?Used predominantly in academic and research- focused positions (in various work environments) All/most other types of positions Publications?Always include publicationsMaybe sometimes… CustomizationNot much at all, if anyYES, ideally every resume submitted should be customized to that specific position Formatting/DesignContent Trumps StyleBoth content and style matter!

7 Curriculum vitae is a Latin expression which can be loosely translated as [the] course of [my] life. Retrieved from: 7

8 8 “A comprehensive listing of professional history including every term of employment, academic credential, publication, contribution, or significant achievement” [Wikipedia] Resume Curriculum Vitae Other

9  Faculty Positions (Academia)  Promotion and/or Tenure (Academia)  Research Intensive Positions (Public & Private Sectors)  Graduate School Applications (Academia)  Fellowships, Awards (Academia) 9

10 There is NO standardized CV format  No two CVs are alike  Every document tells a different story 10

11  Two sections of the CV are always the same:  Contact Information - always first  Education – usually second  Listing of Publications – always last 11

12  Contact information- always first!!!  Education  Post-Graduate Education  Certifications/Licensures  Employment History  Teaching/Mentoring  Research Involvement  Leadership Involvement  “Hard” Skills and Techniques  Honors and Awards (academic or otherwise)  Service: (manuscript reviews, grant reviews)  Professional Memberships  Grant Support  Conferences, Presentations, Invited Speeches  Patents/Inventions  Publications – always last (when applicable) 12 Note: This list is not exhaustive; sections can be added; not all sections are applicable to everyone; the order can vary; section titles can be customized, etc…

13  Biochemistry: protein purification, western blotting, in vitro cell free extracts, spectroscopy, electrophoresis  Cell biology: cell culture (bacterial, insect, mammalian), flow cytometry, immunofluorescence  Microscopy: light microscopy, epifluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy  Molecular biology: gene cloning (prokaryotic and eukaryotic), PCR, Southern blotting 13

14  Objective or Professional Summary Statement (NIH, Office of Intramural Training & Education, 2014)  Lists of “soft” skills (e.g. leadership, communication, etc.)  Long narrative statement or TOO MANY bullet points  References  Personal Information (photos, marital status, age and children)  The label “Curriculum Vitae” (NIH, 2014) 14

15  Research Knowledge  Practice: Research Application  Skills: managerial, communication, organization, etc. 15

16  Editing  Speaking effectively  Writing concisely  Identifying problems  Identifying resources  Gathering information  Solving problems  Setting goals  Analyzing  Evaluating  Managing collaborations  Delegating responsibility  Teaching  Motivating others  Organizing  Attending to details  Initiating new ideas 16

17  format.asp format.asp  ml ml  esume2.pdf esume2.pdf  ocs-FDIU/personnel/cv- (pdf)53777b ae48082ff00000c094d.pdf?sfvrsn =0 ocs-FDIU/personnel/cv- (pdf)53777b ae48082ff00000c094d.pdf?sfvrsn =0  Old-school: Old-school: 17

18  Decide on most applicable sections  Decide on section titles  Decide on order of presentation  Date formatting (left or right?)  Ordering Experiences (reverse chronological order)  Personal/Contact Information (degree, date awarded, institution, field of study)  LinkedIn Account???  Optional: Dissertation/thesis title, advisor 18

19  Dissertation and/or thesis title(s)  Highlight Distinctions  Peer reviewed  Invited  Reviews  Process: “In preparation”, “submitted” and “in press”  Decide to include abstracts???  Include “selected” publications or abstracts??? 19

20  Check grammar, spell check  Aesthetics  1-inch margins???  Place most important information where it will be seen (beginning of section, left justified, in a column)  Easy to read font  Font size no smaller than 11-pt  UNIFORMITY THROUGHOUT!!!  Avoid all caps  Strategically use: bolding, highlights, underlines, italics, etc.  Publications should be in APA 6 th Ed. 20

21 Any Questions??? Please visit come visit us: Academic Success and Career Center Lighty Building Room

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