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Making scholarly publications accessible online: Erdős and beyond Prof. Jonathan P. Bowen London South Bank University United Kingdom

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1 Making scholarly publications accessible online: Erdős and beyond Prof. Jonathan P. Bowen London South Bank University United Kingdom

2 Lucean Freud (1922–2011) “What do I ask of a painting [paper]? I ask it to astonish, disturb, seduce, convince.” National Portrait Gallery, London

3 Introduction Prof. Jonathan Bowen Mathematics, art, engineering, computer science, software engineering, museum informatics Career: Oxford, Reading, LSBU Visitor: King’s College London, Brunel, Westminster, Waikato (New Zealand) Pratt Institute (NY, USA – Museum Informatics) Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA London conference, 10–12 July 2012)

4 Introduction Online communities Mathematical graphs Visualization Academic communities Co-authorship Citations Databases Google Scholar Microsoft Academic Search

5 Communities Community of Practice (CoP) – collection of people developing domain knowledge Academic communities – researchers, professors, scientists Body of Knowledge (BoK) – ontology for a particular domain Interdisciplinarity vs. Multidisciplinarity

6 Cultivating a CoP 1.Design the CoP to evolve naturally. 2.Create opportunities for open discussion. 3.Welcome and allow different levels of participation.

7 Example – two communities (arts and science) Facebook TouchGraph connections

8 Google First webserver, 1999 – already in a museum! Technology

9 Google Scholar – publications & citations h-index (top h publications with h or more citations) i10-index (at least 10 citations)

10 Microsoft Academic Search Publications, citations, h-index g-index (top g with a total of at least g 2 citations)

11 Top 30 co- authors as measured by the number of publications Academic Search co-author graph

12 Academic Search citation graph Top 34 authors by number of citations

13 Supervisors and students Alonzo Church and Alan Turing Academic Search genealogy graph See also Mathematics Genealogy website

14 Alan Turing (23 June 1912 – 7 June 1954) Centenary year in 2012 – Andrew Hodges (Turing biographer) –Alan Turing: the Enigma (1983) – The Turing Digital Archive (3,000 images) –King’s College Cambridge – Jack Copeland’s Turing Archive (facsimiles) –

15 Turing’s Worlds (23–24 June 2012) Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford – Ivor Grattan- Guinness et al.

16 Happy Birthday Alan Turing! Also Ivor Grattan-Guinness, historian of mathematics and logic (born 23 June 1941)

17 The Erdős number Paul Erdős (1913–1996) –Hungarian mathematician –őős –Erdős number 0 –Co-authored over 1,000 publications 511 co-authors –Erdős number 1 –Co-authors of Erdős co-authors Erdős number 2 Etc.

18 Academic Search co-author path Robin Wilson, mathematician and co-author

19 Academic networking website Cf. LinkedIn (professional networking)LinkedIn Includes affiliation to university and department Allows easy addition of books, papers, answers, talks, teaching documents, research interests, CV, status updates, websites, etc. Add keywords for publication searching Monitoring of access statistics

20 home page E.g.,

21 statistics E.g.,

22 search engine accesses E.g.,

23 document accesses Last 30 days

24 document accesses Last 30 days

25 top documents Last 30 days

26 keyword searches Last 30 days

27 country accesses Last 30 days

28 top country accesses Last 30 days

29 Non-free citations websites E.g., Web of Knowledge Thomson Reuters: http://wokinfo.com UK: OK if your university subscribes But not all do...

30 Free publications websites ACM Digital Library – CS professional bodyACM Digital Library BibSonomy – social bookmark and publication sharing systemBibSonomy CiteSeerX – publications databaseCiteSeerX DBLP – CS bibliography, individual effortDBLP Issuu – personal documents (PDF,...)Issuu Mendeley – reference manager, academic social networkMendeley ResearchGate – for scientists, make your work visible, 1.7 million membersResearchGate Researchr – find, collect, share, review scientific publicationsResearchr

31 Interdisciplinary conference Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA) London conference, – papers under Artists through to computer scientists Next conference: British Computer Society offices, Southampton Street, Covent Garden, central London, 10–12 July 2012 Related paper with Robin Wilson to appear

32 The end! Prof. Jonathan Bowen (FRSA, FBCS!)


34 Community of Practice (CoP) Social sciences concept Wenger, E.: Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (1998) Wenger, E., McDermott, R.A., Snyder, W.: Cultivating Communities of Practice: A guide to managing knowledge. Harvard Business School Press, Boston (2002) A brief introduction by Etienne Wenger, 2006:

35 Types of community CoP on Wikipedia: Online CoP (OCoP): Other types of community Virtual community: Community of interest:

36 Fundamental Elements of a CoP 1.Domain: Common interest to be effective. E.g., museum education. 2.Community: Group of people willing to engage with others. E.g., teachers. 3.Practice: Explore existing and develop new knowledge. Use of museum for educational visits, using IT for pre/post support.

37 Community development “The art of community development is to use the synergy between domain, community, and practice to help a community evolve and fulfil its potential.” – Wenger et al. (2002)

38 4. Develop both public and private CoP facilities. 5. Focus on the value of the CoP. 6. Combine familiarity and excitement within the CoP. 7. Find and nurture a regular rhythm for the CoP.

39 Stages of Community Development 1.Potential 2.Coalescing 3.Maturing 4.Stewardship 5.Transformation

40 Internet archive – MHS website

41 Google Museum label

42 Google – “museums” Google search for “museums” (2006)

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