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Academia de Idiomas Where anyone can learn English.

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1 Academia de Idiomas Where anyone can learn English

2 Wonderland Ladies

3 Wonderland Teachers We have worked with teachers from: UK (Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland) Ireland United States Australia Poland Greece Czech Republic Slovakia Finland Germany Italy

4 Wonderland Students The age range is from 2 to 100

5 Wonderland Students The majority of our students are school children and teenagers.

6 What we do Classes at the academy. Extracurricular activities at four schools and one nursery. Exam preparation (Trinity College London Speaking Exams and Cambridge University exams) Summer Bilingual Camps Story Telling

7 Materials Variety of text books Books Worksheets Games Real life materials (menus, brochures, videos, leaflets, etc.) Prompts Dictionaries Online resources Online games Art and Crafts materials Posters Power Point presentations Songs Films, TV series and TV shows

8 Classes with adult students Personalized according to their needs Personal approach to each class and close relation with each student Individual or groups of 2, 3 or 4 students Activities adjusted to the personality and learning styles of each student

9 Types of classes with adults Conversation Exam preparation (Cambridge and Trinity Exams) Amplifying job opportunities English for parents English for travelers Collaborating with companies, English for work

10 Obstacles when it comes to teaching adults Taught according to the old approach to language teaching that results in fear of making grammar mistakes when speaking Difficulty in acquiring second language in a natural way Fear of feeling ridiculous Unwilling and reluctant to participate in certain types of activities Impatient and easily frustrated Unreal expectations Perfectionists

11 Obstacles when it comes to teaching adults Unwilling to be corrected Short-lived enthusiasm Irregular attendance No time to reinforce at home Changing life situations Pronunciation problems Unclear goals and expectations More demanding than young learners – don’t trust the teacher

12 Wonderland´s recipe for successful adult teaching Making them feel comfortable with the communicative approach to learning English Speaking English as much as possible Natural real life conversations Making them get used to fun even childish activities Individual approach and forming a close relationship with the student

13 Wonderland´s recipe for successful adult teaching Informing students about realistic goals Keeping track of their progress Language practiced in their own individual context Not allowing them to take control over of the class Making them feel important

14 Wonderland´s recipe for successful adult teaching Exposing them to a variety of accents Not correcting every single mistake In conversation class focusing on the usage of grammar structures and not so much on theory. Following the 3p rule: presentation, practice and production Constant repetition of what they have learnt using different materials each time

15 Thank you for your attention!!


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