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© IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL1 SAE Digital Library - 美国汽车工程师协会数字图书馆 CALIS 数字化服务工作研讨会暨第二届国外引进数据库培 地点:大连 2004 年 5 月 21 日 Susan Hankins Patrick LEUNG SAE Product.

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Presentation on theme: "© IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL1 SAE Digital Library - 美国汽车工程师协会数字图书馆 CALIS 数字化服务工作研讨会暨第二届国外引进数据库培 地点:大连 2004 年 5 月 21 日 Susan Hankins Patrick LEUNG SAE Product."— Presentation transcript:

1 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL1 SAE Digital Library - 美国汽车工程师协会数字图书馆 CALIS 数字化服务工作研讨会暨第二届国外引进数据库培 地点:大连 2004 年 5 月 21 日 Susan Hankins Patrick LEUNG SAE Product Director China Business Manager IHS, Denver, USA IHS Hong Kong LTD

2 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL2 SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers 美国汽车工程师协会 Society for Mobility in Sea, Air, Land & Space Non-profit member organization Also known as Society of Automotive Engineers 100 year anniversary in 2005100 year anniversary in 2005 Membership from 97 nationsMembership from 97 nations 85,000 worldwide members85,000 worldwide members 400+ collegiate chapters worldwide

3 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL3 IHS and SAE IHS 和 SAE IHS is exclusive worldwide dealer for SAE Digital Library Sales and service support Product orientation/localized training

4 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL4 Who are SAE Members? SAE 会员组成 SAE members include engineers, scientists, business executives, educators, professors and students from: –Academia –Government –Manufacturers –Consultants

5 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL5 What is the SAE Digital Library? SAE 数字图书馆介绍 The source for critical mobility information: –The Global Mobility Database –SAE Aerospace Standards, –Aerospace Material Specifications, and –SAE Ground Vehicle Standards (SAE J Reports) –SAE Technical Papers Content updates weekly!

6 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL6 Global Mobility Database (GMD) in the SAE DL SAE 数字图书馆汽车主题数据库 GMD 1st - the GMD is the SAE DL search engine 2 nd – the GMD is a vast reference database of 135,000 bibliographic summaries dating back to 1906 of: –SAE Standards –SAE Tech papers & Non-SAE Tech Papers –SAE Journal Articles & Non-SAE Journal Articles –SAE and Non-SAE Books –65% of the content is SAE authored –35% of the database is Non-SAE authored

7 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL7 Search Features of the SAE Digital Library SAE 数字图书馆检索功能 Mobility-Specific Controlled Vocabulary Up to 20 Fields of Searching Simple or Sophisticated Search Options –Three search screens: basic, advanced, expert Extensive internal links to Related Content –Links to find similar docs –Links to related information from index terms

8 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL8 Benefits of the Global Mobility Database in the SAE DL SAE 数字图书馆之 GMD 数据库的优点 Desktop access to critical mobility information –31 Publishers covering 71 publications Locate Relevant Information You Didn’t Know Existed “Good Engineering Never Goes Out of Style” – –quoted from a current SAE Digital Library customer

9 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL9 All the SAE Standards are in the SAE DL SAE 数字图书馆包含所有的 SAE 技术标准 Ground Vehicle (J-Reports) - 2,000 – In PDF ASCII Aerospace Materials Specifications (AMS) – 3,000+ – In PDF ASCII Aerospace Standards (AS) – 4,000 – In PDF ASCII *Includes all cancelled standards since 2002+

10 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL10 SAE Technical Papers SAE 技术论文 All full text since 1998 = @ 17,800+ 1,425 added at March 2004 SAE Automotive World Congress –5 of 8 hybrid powertrain session’s papers were authored by Chinese engineers Average 2,700 New Full Text PDFs per Year Presented at Premier Aerospace/ Automotive Engineering Events Represent Global Intelligence

11 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL11 CoatingsAircraft SafetyERTSMechatronics Diesel OperationCrashworthinessLightingSoftware Quality Fuel CellsRegulationsSensorsProduct Liability HybridsCrash Avoidance 42-Volt TQM Fuel ConsumptionReconstruction Smart CarsManufacturing Processes Fuels & LubsRollover SensingSubstratesProcesses ELV Impact TestECUs Reliability Engineering Lead-freeBiomechanicsDiagnosticsSteel/Aluminum Cobalt-freeHuman InjuriesESC Thermoplastics NOx emissionCrash RecordersControllers Globalization Weight ReductionCommunication Energy Consumption Broad Range of Topics in the SAE Digital Library – Examples Include: SAE 数字图书馆覆盖很宽的汽车专业主题 – 举例如下 Environmentally Friendly 环保相关 Safety 安全 Electronics 电子 General 综合

12 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL12 SAE Digital Library for Academia SAE 数字图书馆针对高校不同专业的读者群: Designed to meet the broad information needs of: –Mechanical Engineering Students –Aerospace Engineering Students –Electrical Engineering Students –Materials Engineering/Metallurgy Students –Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Students –Chemical Engineering Students –Software Engineering Students –Medical Students –Law Students –Research partnerships between Corporations, Government, and University Students and Faculty

13 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL13 Benefits of SAE Digital Library SAE 数字图书馆的优势 UNLIMITED simultaneous users, 24/7 via the Internet from their PC Current and Historical Technology References with content summaries back to 1906 supporting patent and project research Protect your university’s reputation with the most powerful and current technical mobility information available

14 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL14 Sample Topic for SAE Annual Conferences SAE 年度会议的部分主题 Environmental Systems Premier Automotive Conference 32nd Annual International Power Systems Conference Noise and Vibration Fuels and Lubricants Aerospace Congress and Exhibition Automotive Dynamics Stability & Controls Powertrain and Fluid Systems

15 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL15 Who Authors SAE Technical Papers? SAE 技术论文的作者分布 All major automotive manufacturers –Toyota, GM, Nissan, Honda, Ford, VW, Renault All major automotive suppliers –Denso, Delphi, TRW, Siemens, FEV Engines, Cummins, Valeo Petro/Chem companies –ExxonMobile, Shell, Dow Chemical, GE Plastics, Dupont Electronics and Laboratories –Southwest Research Institute, National Renewable Energy Lab, Japan Automotive Research Institute Aerospace/Defense –Boeing, NASA, Airbus, Honeywell, LockheedMartin, BAE Systems

16 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL16 Univ. of Michigan 1024 MIT 450 Standford Univ 78 Wayne State Univ 361 Monash University 114 Purdue 285 Univ of Virginia 142 Jilin University 130 Kookmin University 60 Huazhong University 60 Ohio State 375 Hokkaido University 130 Beijing Institute of Tech 59 Mich State145 Kettering Univ 41 Cranfield Univ225 Bath Univ289 Chalmers University of Technology175 Nanyang Technological University 73 Warwick University108 Univ of Tokyo364 Ibaraki University 73 Sample University Authors of Tech Papers 技术论文的部分作者在大学的分布

17 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL17 Sample Affiliation (Author) Search: General Motors; Technical Papers in Full text 举例:以 GM 为作者在技术论文中检索

18 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL18 Results List – 857 Full Text General Motors Authored Tech Papers 检索结果: 857 篇技术论文为 GM 著作

19 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL19 Sample Search: Index Term – Hybrid 检索举例:目录库 – 关键词 “ Hybrid”

20 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL20 1,270 Documents with Index Term – Hybrid 命中 1 , 270 项结果 1,270 Results = 936 Tech Papers 5 Standards 275 Journal Articles 51 Books Further refine search with: Abstract Author Affiliation Date Range

21 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL21 Sample SAE Digital Library University Customers SAE 数字图书馆部分大学客户 Mass. Institute of Technology (麻省理工) Stanford University (斯坦福大学) University of Michigan (密歇根大学) Kookmin University Bath University Cranfield University Ohio State University Leeds University Wayne State University Hertfordshire University

22 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL22 More Information **Free Two Week Demo Access to the SAE DL available today to IHS Beijing Office  CALIS 下的 50 家大学正在开 通试用  2004-05-10 到 2004- 06-30

23 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL23 SAE 数字图书馆试用 如有其它大学需要参加 SAE 数字图书馆试用, 请立即联络: 梁浩达先生 (Patrick LEUNG) 陈智先生( Richard CHEN ) 郝楠先生 ( Lance HAO ) IHS 北京代表处 电话: 010-84992106 传真: 010-84992107 Email :

24 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL24 用户座谈和上机培训( 5 月 21 日周五) 14:00-15:30 IEL 数据库和 SAE 数字 图书馆用户座谈 大连理工大学图书馆 普罗名特厅( 1 厅) 15:30-16:30 IEL 数据库和 SAE 数字 图书馆上机培训 大连理工大学图书馆 213 室

25 © IHS 2003 CONFIDENTIAL25 Thank You!

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