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HPC in Poland 2008+ Marek Niezgódka ICM, University of Warsaw

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1 HPC in Poland 2008+ Marek Niezgódka ICM, University of Warsaw

2 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 20082 HPC in Poland: profiling HPC in Poland: profiling Research and academia, new opening since 1993: ICT infrastructure: 1st strategy as of 1993 Operational HPC centers set up (5, in total: Gdańsk, Cracow, Poznań, Wrocław and Warsaw) Dedicated HPC infrastructure for Grid environments: Special LHC-dedicated resources IT Industry R&D centers: IBM, Intel, HP, … Business and industry: Mostly service organizations Telecom and finances Data centers

3 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 20083 HPC in academia: status TASK Gdańsk: Intel Xeon QuadCore 2.33GHz cluster: 5376 cores, 10 TB RAM, 107 TB storage Intel Itanium2 DualCore 1.4 GHz cluster: 576 cores, 2.3 TB RAM, 5.8 TB storage SGI Altix 3700: 128 * Intel Itanium2 1.5 GHz

4 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 20084 HPC in academia: status WCSS Wrocław: Intel Xeon DualCore cluster: 1696 cores, 3.4 TB RAM, 70 TB storage SGI Altix 3700 Bx2: 128 * Intel Itanium2 1.5 GHz

5 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 20085 HPC in academia: status ACK Cyfronet, Cracow IBM BladeCenter HS21: 56 nodes: 2* Intel Xeon DualCore 2.66 GHz IBM BladeCenter HS21: 49 * 2 processors blades (392 cores), Intel Xeon QuadCore 2.33 GHz SGI Altix 3700: 128 * Intel Itanium2 1.5 GHz LCG2 cluster: 188 nodes: 2* Intel Xeon 2.4-2.8 Ghz

6 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 20086 HPC in academia: status PCSS Poznań: Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5345 cluster total: 1000 cores Sun Fire V20z AMD Opteron 275 cluster total: 170 cores SGI Altix Origin 3800 IA-64 128 nodes SGI Altix Origin 3000 SGI Altix Origin 3700

7 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 20087 HPC in academia: status ICM, Warsaw: „Old” infrastructure Cray X1E, 128 * SSP IBM eServer 325 cluster: 98 nodes * AMD Opteron 246 DualCore Sun v40z cluster: 12 nodes, each 4 * AMD Opteron 875 DualCore 4 * Sun x4600, 8 * AMD Opteron 875 Disk storage NetApp 200 TB (effective)

8 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 20088 HPC in academia: status ICM, Warsaw: „New” infrastructure, 2008 SUN Constellation cluster (in total, 6912 cores) 9 * chassis * 48 blades each blade: 8 * QuadCore AMD Opteron 8354 16 GB RAM per node, InfiniBand interconnected Storage: SUN Thumper cluster: 8* 24 TB + 8 * 36 TB = 480 TB 8 * 288 TB = 2.304 PB (Q4,2008) IBM BladeCenter H (hybrid): 90 * QS22 blades: 2 * PowerXCell 8i, 8/32 GB RAM each 20 * LS21 blades: 2 * AMD Opteron 2222, 32 GB RAM (10,2008)

9 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 20089 Poland: HPC related research Different profiles of 5 HPC operational centers Computational science research: strong interdisciplinary orientation at ICM, with direct coupling to experimental labs industrial collaborations in education and R&D: joint IBM-ICM competence center for Cell technology, an example Primarily R&D related to middleware layer at other centers, driven by Grid programs (EU FP5-7) Extensive involvement in EGEE programs, with high interest in High-Energy Physics community in LHC data processing

10 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 200810 ICM, an Open Science center Open source HPC software offer: VisNow: modular visual modelling and computing platform with broad-range applicability MolDyana: specialized modular visual modelling and computing platform for molecular and macromolecular scale applications In addition: Yadda, an integrated software platform for open publishing and federated repositories, with extensive content processing and analysis functionality The latter technology adopted for EU DRIVER platform for science repositories, system for Poland currently under implementation

11 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 200811 Poland: current planning period for HPC infrastructure Available funding dedicated to ICT infrastructures for academia: 270+ MEuro within 2008, 2009 and 2010 calls In addition, funding for large research infrastructures: total appr. 1.6 BEuro for same period Complementary funds available for innovative ICT based services (general)

12 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 200812 Example: University of Warsaw ICM, a unit within the University of Warsaw 2008 call: two large ICT infrastructure projects submitted, in addition, partnership in some complementary projects 2009-10 calls: further actions in planning Integrating frame: CeNT, Center for New Technology, with starting funds appr. 90 MEuro: New facility under construction, including substantial enhancement for HPC operations and programs Shares in CePT, Center for Preclinical Research and Technology, funds appr. 30 MEuro

13 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 200813 CeNT: some underlying concepts Project-driven postgraduate and PhD proactive education programs and post-doc leadership offer Strong interdisciplinarity Coexistence of experimental and computational research, at first in: Biotechnology, biomedical disciplines Materials, incl. applications in: bionano, energy, environmental sensing and safety ICM strongly involved

14 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 200814 CeNT: structure

15 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 200815 ICM: directions in HPC Hybrid architectures for functional decomposition of computational models Improved scalability of production codes Further development of adaptive visual computing pre- and postprocessing solutions Native solutions for specific classes of applications: Population dynamics and structure formation with coupled driving mechanisms over complex environments Biomedical diagnostics in distributed systems

16 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 200816 HPC in Poland: directions Fostered by needs of new innovative technologies and economy, industry-academia partnerships (and clusters) Role of novel distributed services, demonstrable impact on DSS in complex applications Strong proenvironmental orientation: preference to greening technologies, otherwise power shortage and released heat polluting environment

17 M. Niezgódka, HPC Forum 200817 ICM: contacts Marek Niezgódka: Direct: Or, better, via, WWW:

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