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“The Introduction of RISS Activities” Date : March 18, 2009 Venue : Fukuoka Institute of Technology Terukazu Kumazawa Research Institute for Sustainability.

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1 “The Introduction of RISS Activities” Date : March 18, 2009 Venue : Fukuoka Institute of Technology Terukazu Kumazawa Research Institute for Sustainability Science Osaka University

2 1. What is RISS ? RISS goals ● Design of a resource circulating society through eco industrial technology ● Implementation of industry-academia collaboration in research and education towards the realization of sustainable society Osaka University launched a new transdisciplinary research organization named “Research Institute for Sustainability Science”(RISS) in April 2006. RISS’s position and IR3S ・ RISS is a member of the Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science (IR3S), which, is a research network founded with the aim of serving as a global research and educational platform for sustainability scientists. ・ IR3S is administered by the University of Tokyo, it consists of five participating universities - Kyoto University, Osaka University, Hokkaido University, Ibaraki University, and the University of Tokyo.

3 2. Framework of RISS’s activity goal Establish and improve the curriculum contents and pedagogy in sustainability science. ・ Build a strong educational network between IR3S universities as well as other institutes/schools. ・ Disseminate and apply the educational achievement (e.g., campus sustainability). Education Industry-academia- society collaboration Improved the platform based on research achievements Realization of joint development and joint venture Support industry-government-academia collaboration through platform management Local government, NGO/NPO participation in platform Collaboration and support of main actors Research International Partnership Enhance research networks in Asia and other parts of the world Best synthesize individual engineering and social sciences to develop "Sustainability Science" and concept resource-circulating society Actively inputs into research results in the society and policy arenas

4 3. Institutional Design for RISS Education Sustainability Science Education Program Started in Fall 2007 Credits Exchange System IR3S Certificate RISS Collaboration with Schools of Engineering, Economics, Human Science, and Global Collaboration Center Osaka University launched the “associate program in sustainability science” in 2008, –To mobilize knowledge on science and technology within Osaka University –To nurture students who play an active role in the field of sustainability RISS introduced tele-lectures at real time system (i.e., Polycom) –Real-time classes on two campuses of Osaka U. for the two core subjects, and –The system will be used IR3S education network. Educational Network RISS-Kyoto University, IR3S Associate Certificated Program In Master Course Interdisciplinary Education and Research Platform Osaka University

5 Inter-field Subjects (Spring 2008) Core Subjects (Fall 2007) Associate Subjects (starts in Spring 2008) Human System Social System Earth System Global Threats and Sustainability (integrated) Sustainability Assessment and Engineering (integrated) Sustainable Technology and System Design Welfare and Public Projects Environmental Policy & Economics Development Environmental Psychology Science & Technology Policy Sustainable Urban Design Technology and Human Society Sustainable Energy Systems Human Security and Sustainability Started in Fall 2007 semester with two core courses, and 10 more courses (inter-field and associate courses) will be open in Spring 2008, 45 enrolled students Students earn a certificate in sustainability science issued by the President of Osaka University and Senior Director of RISS. 3. RISS Sustainability Science Education Program

6 Cooperation with local government Implementing society-university cooperation, industry-university cooperation and international cooperation Fund raising 医学系 Osaka University SDC Industry-university cooperation Society- industry cooperation International cooperation Intergovernmen tal cooperation Flagship Project Academia cooper Project at SD Onsite Research Center 4. Industry-Society-Academia Collaboration Managing “Sustena” Club

7 3.Research Activities – Trans-disciplinary Approach Technology DevelopmentSocial System Design Eco-energy Eco-process Eco-design Future Scenario Institutional Design Sustainability Assessment Structuring of sustainability science knowledge Human security and capacity development IR3S Flagship- project [ Asian resource circulating society ] In collaboration with Hokkaido University Sustainability Science and Technology Development Laboratories Workshops

8 3.Research Activities – Structuring of sustainability science knowledge ① Objective: Developing the ontology of Sustainability Science (SS) and operating knowledge platform using SS ontology Major Members (university, major) ・ Prof. Riichiro Mizoguchi (Osaka Univ., ontology engineering ) ・ Assistant Prof. Osamu Saito (Waseda Univ., environmental risk) ・ Assistant Prof. Takanori Matsui (Osaka Univ., environmental engineering) ・ Assistant Prof. Terukazu Kumazawa (Osaka Univ., environmental planning) Supported by the following ontology engineers: ・ Associate Prof. Kouji Kozaki (Osaka Univ. ISIR ) ・ Mr. Mamoru Ohta (Graduate Student of Osaka Univ. Mizoguchi.Lab.) ・ Mr. Takeru Hirota (Graduate Student of Osaka Univ. Mizoguchi.Lab)

9 3.Research Activities – Structuring of sustainability science knowledge ② (1)Setting the policy of knowledge structuring on SS (2)Developing SS ontology (3)Developing of Knowledge platform using SS Ontology Developing prototype knowledge platform Developed the reference model for Knowledge Structuring Trial version Now we are constructing ver.1 Study flowPresent situation

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