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Sloan 2012 ~ The Kendall Square Initiative...Epicenter of Innovation …Enhancing the Technology Venture Zone Surrounding MIT....Being and Building Good.

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1 Sloan 2012 ~ The Kendall Square Initiative...Epicenter of Innovation …Enhancing the Technology Venture Zone Surrounding MIT....Being and Building Good Neighbors....Creating and Delivering Value for the Future

2 New Sloan Possibilities Integrative Campus Plan Aligned with & Supporting Overall MIT Sloan Strategic Vision Bettering MIT and the greater Kendall area

3 Sloan is a Gateway to the Rest of Cambridge, a Bridgeway to Boston

4 New Sloan / Economics Complex Joan & Bill Porter Kenan Sahin Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners of Santa Monica, CA in association with Sasaki Associates of Watertown, MA Generous Donors

5 The New Sloan

6 Kendall Square Initiative & the New Sloan Campus Bolstering the Case for the Capital Campaign Institute & Sloan Visibility Research Funding Getting to know potential Exec Ed Clients Recruiting the potential recruiters Connections with peer Departments

7 Part of MIT’s Larger Commitment to Community Kendall Square Initiative Win-win way to enhance Research, Education, and Extracurriculars Enhancing our environment by design, not default

8 Understanding our Own Innovative Environment Better Transferring Technology: Bridging Academia & Industry Understanding our local Innovation Cluster Sharing this know-how Replicating industry clusters, replicating technology labs (e.g. MediaLabAsia)

9 Emerging Possibility Scoping Exercise What is the Kendall Square Initiative/Collaborative? Why is it important? Who should be involved? How do we move forward? What resources will it take? Brainstorming Building a Team Planning Next Steps

10 The Kendall Square Initiative Collaborative effort w/ MIT as a Catalyst MIT Private Sector Public Sector Internal & External Objectives “Catalyze an effective array of educational, research & community activities that uniquely engage leaders in the Kendall Square technology community” Needs to address biotechnology and entrepreneurial communities squarely, but not be limited to just them...(Motorola & British Telecom, as well as Novartis, Genzyme, and smaller bio startups)

11 Sample Partners/Stakeholders Novartis Motorola Genzyme Millenium Biogen Akamai Mass High Tech Boston Business Journal “Venture Infrastructure” firms Private Sector Public Sector MIT City of Cambridge Economic Development Division Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Cambridge Zoning Board Mass Biotech Council All (5) MIT Schools (see examples) MIT Entrepreneurship Center ILP/Corp Relations MIT Enterprise Forum Deshpande Center for Innovation Technology Licensing Office Technology Review CMI Office of Community Relations Treasurer’s Office Planning Office/Facilities

12 Examples from (5) Schools Economic Impact Studies Venture Observatories Innovation Clusters Technology Transfer Processes Venture Test Bed Architectural & Urban Design Projects Links to Major Research Centers (Oxygen Outside!)

13 Major Stakeholders/Partners Internal MIT All (5) Schools (Examples follow) MIT Entrepreneurship Center ILP/Corp Relations Deshpande Center for Innovation Technology Review Private Sector Novartis Genzyme Biogen Motorola Millenium Akamai Public Sector

14 Possible Alumni/Business Leaders Alex d’Arbeloff Ray Stata Bob Metcalfe Kenan Sahin Carl Yankowski Alan Spoon Patrick McGovern Liz Altman (LFM alum, Motorola) Henri Termeer (CEO, Genzyme) Mark Fishman (Head of Novartis R & D Center) Larry Weber (The Weber Group, Interpublic)

15 Key Sloan (& Affiliated) Faculty Ed Roberts Glen Urban Charlie Fine Rebecca Henderson Fiona Murray Jim Utterback Diane Burton Noubar Afeyan Howard Anderson John Preston Joe Jacobson

16 Sample Staff Team Members (Need Leaders AND Doers!) Ken Morse Mary Schaefer Rochelle Weichman Margaret Andrews Dave Weber & Steve Lewis Karl Koster (ILP/Corp Relations) Krisztina Holly (Deshpande Center) Lita Nelson & Steve Brown (Tech Licensing Office) Bruce Journey (Tech Review)

17 Additional Potential Team Members Joost Bonsen Lisa Shaler-Clark Ken Zolot Kristen Collins Tim Rowe Amy Salzhauer Maureen Stancik

18 Range of Sample Initiatives Events Educational Activities Research Collaborations Physical/Geographical Development Planning Commercial activities Something for every School (and many offices) @MIT!

19 Technology Park Approach Example: Hong Kong “Cyberport” Joint Public/Private project - Pacific Century Cyber Works Multi-faceted project Technical Cultural Social Commercial Residential

20 IAP Innovation Initiatives CMI’s Fostering Innovation: Bridging Academia and Industry Deshpande’s Successful Invention: Going from Idea to Implementation ExecEd’s Virtual Teams E-Center’s Entrepreneurship Development Program Technology Roadmapping

21 Student Extracurricular Action MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition, VC Club, Media/Health/TinyTech Club Offerings Science & Engineering Business Club –IAP Technology & Entrepreneurship Forum MIT TechLink’s IAP JazzLink –Campus-Wide Graduate & Alum Connections MBA EE MatSciChemE

22 Invaluable Sloan Location Unbeatable Physical Location Blossoming Kendall Neighborhood Memorial Park

23 Broader MIT Development Context…

24 MIT Commercial Context

25 Kendall Square

26 Future of Kendall Square

27 Technology Square @ MIT

28 Tech Square Yesterday Cambridge asked MIT to help replace Abandoned Lever Soap Factory Tech Square was Envisioned as new Tax generator and Source of local employment

29 Tech Square Tomorrow MIT recent purchase Might this Become Academic Plant?

30 University Park @ MIT

31 University Park over Time Start 1982 w/ Forest City Old Simplex site 27-acre Campus Only mixed use Development in City

32 Connecting with & Inspiring more MIT-Related Companies ~ US$250 Billion in Market Valuation

33 Kendall Companies – e.g. Biogen

34 Greenburg’s Vision

35 Bolstering Ground Floor Retail

36 MIT’s Current Local Business Connections MIT Enterprise Forum –Monthly gatherings, Bi-Yearly Workshops, Satellite Broadcasts Cambridge Business Development Center –Breakfast w/ the Stars for CXOs in Faculty Club Greater Boston Executive Program –20-25% Kendall Square & Cambridge companies

37 Technology Venture Zone

38 K-Lab: Local Leadership Lab ~ Edwin Land’s Vision

39 Sloan as the Kendall Conference Center

40 BioBash 2.0? NanoBash?

41 Mass X-Tech Councils Technology – Stata, d’Arbeloff Biotech – McGuire Software – Plotkin Mass Technology Collaborative MassMEDIC Mass Nanotechnology Initiative – Hanover, Swieki …

42 Sloan & Kendall Premier Technology Testbed! Project Mercury – Latest wireless technologies; Showcase for MIT Labs Evocative Architectural Innovations – Digital Glass, Organic HVAC, Ultra- Reconfigurability, Working Elevators Premier Digital Infospace – Next generation libraries & visualization environment

43 MIT LCS/AI’s Project Oxygen

44 Sloan can Extend Emerald Embrace We must play our role in the City Beautiful movement inspired by Olmstead –Stanford design –Extending the Emerald Embrace

45 Parking Our Cars Under Parks Post Office Square, Boston

46 Greenways At & Around New Sloan Extending Gray Way thru Amherst Street towards Sloan Wadsworth towards Charles River? Extend Gray Greenway through Amherst Alley

47 Our Potential View …

48 …plus, Ultimate 4 th of July Venue!

49 Kendall Residential


51 Building 20: Magical Incubator 20 1996

52 Stata Center ~450,000 ft-sq


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