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® Software Architecture Masterclass © 2007 IBM Corporation Introduction.

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1 ® Software Architecture Masterclass © 2007 IBM Corporation Introduction

2 IBM Software Group | Rational software 2 Purpose / Objectives / Results  Sharing participant understanding of the state of the art  Exploring opportunities for research  Identifying curriculum needs and ways of meeting them  Exploring opportunities for collaborative initiatives  Strengthening relationships within academia and with IBM

3 IBM Software Group | Rational software 3 Introductions  Stuart Anderson (Edinburgh)  Dan Bailey (IBM)  Grady Booch (IBM)  Behzad Bordbar (Birmingham)  Alessandra Cavarra (Oxford)  Jim Davies (Oxford)  Alan Dearle (St Andrews)  Peter Eeles (IBM)  Wolfgang Emmerich (UCL)  Chris Exton (Limerick)  Anthony Finkelstein (UCL)  Tracy Gardner (IBM)  Phil Gray (Glasgow)  Peter Henderson (Southampton)  Richard Hopkins (IBM)  Martin Jowett (IBM)  Sara Kalvala (Warwick)  Pieter Lindeque (IBM)  John McDermid (York)  Ian Nussey (IBM)  Tom Oinn (EBI)  Aaron Quigley (UCD)  Steve Rooks (IBM)  Ian Sommerville (St Andrews)  Martyn Thomas (Oxford/Bristol)  Helen Treharne (Surrey)  Edward Turner (Surrey)  Nick Whidborne (IBM)  Liz Williams (IBM)  Chris Winter (IBM)  Liping Zhao (Manchester)

4 IBM Software Group | Rational software 4 Agenda – day 1 1030Reception 1100Introduction to the masterclass (purpose / objectives / results) Introductions Format for the 2 days 1130Keynote from Grady 1230Lunch 1330Summary of breakout sessions Aligning attendees with breakouts 1400Breakout sessions 1 – Architecture representation 2 – The linkage of requirements to architecture 1600Feedback from breakouts 1700Close 1900Dinner at the Athenaeum Club, 107 Pall Mall

5 IBM Software Group | Rational software 5 Agenda – day 2 0830Coffee 0900Breakout sessions 3 – Meeting quality of service requirements 4 – Software engineering versus systems engineering 1100Feedback from breakouts 1200Wrap up and next steps 1215Close

6 IBM Software Group | Rational software 6 Breakout 1  SubjectArchitecture Representation  Facilitator (IBM)Richard Hopkins  Reporter (IBM)Nick Whidborne  Presenter (academia)Behzad Bordbar  Abstract  Participants attending this breakout session are invited to discuss their experiences in developing and using architecture representations. In keeping with the workshop's objectives, we aim to develop a group view on specific initiatives that would address any deficiencies identified during the session. This session will look at the state-of- the-art in languages, standards and methods underpinning modelling of software architecture both in academia and industry. It will question how software architecture models are being used to develop software systems (e.g. Model Driven Development), the value they provide, and how these models could be used more dynamically and more accurately on software development projects.

7 IBM Software Group | Rational software 7 Breakout 2  SubjectLinkage of Requirements to Architecture  Facilitator (IBM)Pieter Lindeque  Reporter (IBM)Dan Bailey  Presenter (academia)Peter Henderson  Abstract  Defining requirements is a complex matter. Without realising it, we often end up describing something that is too hard to visualise and may well be undeliverable. Business leaders and their analysts regularly define IT requirements that are not achievable. It is as if, in engineering terms, they are requesting a 1000 metre cantilever bridge, which is way beyond current capabilities. It is not so easy to visualise software architecture, so the impossible is not so obvious. This session will discuss the importance of linking requirements to architecture and using the architecture to focus on the customer's real business needs. The group discussion will focus on approaches to effectively capture and manage requirements. This will be achieved by drawing on a realistic solution, a "roving autonomous vehicle" capable of being used on a Mars landing. The proposed solution will be required to focus on open systems, due to the nature of how the solution will be delivered from a consortium of independent vendors, to re-use available assets and for the ability for it to be upgradeable throughout its life.

8 IBM Software Group | Rational software 8 Breakout 3  SubjectMeeting Quality of Service Requirements  Facilitator (IBM)Chris Winter  Reporter (IBM)Pete Cripps  Presenter (academia)Wolfgang Emmerich  Abstract  This session will examine the challenges in addressing architectural qualities when defining an architectural solution.

9 IBM Software Group | Rational software 9 Breakout 4  SubjectSoftware Engineering v Systems Engineering  Facilitator (IBM)Tracy Gardner  Reporter (IBM)Steve Rooks  Presenter (academia)John McDermid  Abstract  The session will consider the relationship of systems and software engineering trying to identify where they may be in conflict, and where they may be in harmony. The session will seek to identify areas where Universities and industry need to collaborate, e.g. in research and in education of tomorrow’s systems and software engineers.

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