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The Case for Co-operative Intelligence! Nick Matthews: Chair UK Society for Co-operative Studies.

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1 The Case for Co-operative Intelligence! Nick Matthews: Chair UK Society for Co-operative Studies

2 The Potential : Zen-Noh Worlds Largest Co-op: Turnover $US56 billion

3 Knowledge is Power Never has the UK movement been so rich in data. Smaller number of retail societies. Better quality questions.

4 UK Society for Co-operative Studies Publishers of an International Journal jointly with Canadian and Irish Co-operative Studies Societies. Network of advocates for Co-operation from academia and the sector. UK Academic Co-op Sector very small. Function of mutual incomprehension!

5 What do we want from Co-operatives UK today? Core tasks for 2012 and beyond… Co-operative Advice. Co-operative Collaboration -networks and people. To Campaign for Co-operation. Co-operative Intelligence. Co-operative innovation and growth.

6 Co-operative Performance The key tool is the Co- operative Performance Monitor. Health Risks: “Comparison on past performance, but not an in- depth analysis of the current context or future prospects of individual societies.”

7 Business Performance A lot has happened since 1844. Need new benchmarks against competition in sectors in which we operate. Customised to match up to the business mix of individual societies. Co-op comparisons are useful but we are not in competition with one another! Need to benchmark with best in class!

8 International Comparisons We are not alone. Excellent examples of good co-operative, performance & innovation from overseas. Has to be captured in ways that UK societies can use.

9 Case Studies of Successful Business Innovation Now Co-op Societies have regained their confidence new business opportunities are being seized. Good case studies can help spread best practice.

10 Co-operative Performance II – Best practice in being Co-operative! How can we be better co-operatives? Need good case studies on member and staff engagement & democratic practice. Spreading ideas and best practice.

11 Developing Co-operative Intelligence We need to invest in turning our data into intelligence. Based on CPC to design appropriate research and to commission it. May involve independent researchers rather than Universities! Better intelligence means better quality decision making means better business.

12 We need to be more Intelligent for when the World Comes to Manchester Expo 2012 Manchester Plus Co-op Congress A Week of Article 6 Huge chance to learn!

13 The case for better research KPIs and KCESPIs Alex Bird

14 PIs Performance Indicators We can all come up with Performance Indicators, but……………. Key is the word Look for those indicators that reflect performance in other areas…….. If profit is good, then chances are efficiency is too

15 CESPIs Co-operative, Social, Environmental Performance Indicators Can have Key Indicators as well – KCESPIs If Membership turnover is low, chances are they’re happy with the offer – or too apathetic to leave!

16 Researching KPIs & KCESPIs Consider what Indicators are relevant to you Consider if any are Key Indicators Key Indicators help to find a way through a sea of data Choose a researcher who understands the subject as well as how to research Set a budget and timetable that make sense Be open about budget – do you just want the cheapest researcher?

17 Researching KPIs & KCESPIs Qualitative versus Quantitative Data Quantitative is so much easier to analyse Look for patterns (correlations) in data Tables and graphs can help Correlation does not indicate a causal relationship Only knowledge of the subject can identify that You may not end up with QED standard proof

18 Researching KPIs & KCESPIs Qualitative Data can be revealing Need to ask Open Questions to avoid driving the answers – risk of bias Qualitative Data analysis needs an understanding of the subject Objectivity is hard to achieve Difficult balance between teasing out issues and driving the answers

19 Researching KPIs & KCESPIs If possible Questionnaires should be tested beforehand Web or telephone research is lower cost, but….. Researchers need to use their eyes and nose People often give the answers they think you want to hear When questioned about community facilities people always say they’d like a gym or swimming pool – but then they go to the pub!

20 Reporting Needs to be comprehensive to give credibility to the research Needs to be short and sweet so ordinary people can understand Needs lots of big words and references to satisfy academics So…..consider who and what the Report is for, before its written

21 Researching KPIs & KCESPIs Any questions?

22 Co-operative Performance: the case for better research A view from applied academia Rob Rowlands Centre for Urban & Regional Studies, University of Birmingham

23 Knowledge is power, Mr Watts

24 The “Flawed Imagination” The funding of research changes its nature Narrows rational and effective options Evidence is the goal: ▫Expectations of outcomes ▫Is often used politically ▫Open to challenge by those who don’t like its implications ▫Findings become steered Together undermine an objective approach

25 Commission on Co-operative & Mutual Housing Drivers Inputs Outputs Opportunity & Environment PoliticsEnquiry Opinions Research Testimony Bargaining Power Confirmation of Beliefs Knowledge & Insight

26 Establish a clear question/problem Keep an open mind To begin Appoint the right researchers Agree a clear strategy Provide appropriate resources During Accept the results Use the information to help your business After

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