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Homeland Security/Defense Education Consortium General Membership Meeting 7 June 2006 FEMA/EMI Emmitsburg, MD.

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1 Homeland Security/Defense Education Consortium General Membership Meeting 7 June 2006 FEMA/EMI Emmitsburg, MD

2 History and Mission Membership Web Site Symposia Current Issues Way Ahead Agenda

3 History and Mission Integrated Network of Military, Federal, and Civilian Institutions With a Common Goal Ensure the Department of Defense (NORAD/ NORTHCOM) role in, and perspective on, homeland security is adequately and accurately reflected in national education initiatives. Began as an effort to develop opportunities to educate command personnel Grown into opportunity to educate N-NC “allies” in Homeland Defense and Defense Support to Civil Authorities missions Mirrors efforts undertaken by academia during the Cold War Encourage and facilitate HLS education program development Follow the FEMA Emergency Management Institute model Institutions look to us for program content

4 History and Mission (cont.) Focus and facilitate research and knowledge development Research focus symposia support command determination of critical issues; 107 research question topics identified to date Bi-national interoperability initiatives Measures of Effectiveness for countering terrorist and rogue state WMD capabilities We help academia help us Institutions have received funding to support our efforts UCCS $5M from Air Force Research Labs Encourage cooperation between consortium member institutions Innumerable connections/articulation agreements made between institutions

5 Founding Members Arizona State University George Washington University California State University San Bernardino Walden University American Public University Pennsylvania State University Lehigh Carbon Community College Western Connecticut State Univ. Texas A&M Air University US Coast Guard Academy Louisiana State University Saint Petersburg College Tarrant County College Universidad Del Salvador (Argentina) Old Dominion University Metropolitan College of New York Univ. of North Carolina Uniformed Services Univ. of Health Sciences US Army Research, Engineering and Development Command Pikes Peak Community College Ohio State University St. Mary’s University UT San Antonio Purdue University University of South Florida East Carolina University Western Carolina University Millersville University of Pennsylvania Harvard and Yale Research Hospitals Canadian Defence Academy Some of Our Charter Members American Association of Community Colleges (Task Force on Homeland Security) Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute Institute for Bio-Defense, St. Louis University Groups/Institutes Institute for the Protection of American Communities Joint Interagency Training Center-West Prepare America National Terrorism Preparedness Institute (Current total number of HSDEC members: 177) HSDEC - Membership

6 Current Membership Charter members= 69 Associate Members= 87 DOD Institutions= 22 Total Members=177 Newest charter members Canadian Defence Academy Eastern Kentucky University New Mexico Military Institute Membership Statistics

7 HSDEC Web Site Hosted by: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Syllabi have been posted to the website Introduction to Homeland Defense and Security University of Denver, University of Colorado/Colorado Springs, US Naval Postgraduate School 2005 – Military Guide to Terrorism in the 21 st Century/Course

8 Symposia Fall Symposium Colorado Springs Research Focus NORTHCOM 5 – 6 October 2006

9 Spring Symposium co-sponsored with FEMA/Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Theme – Catastrophe Readiness and Response Scheduled for 5 - 8 June 2006 EMI, Emmitsburg, MD Keynote speakers VADM Allen Governor James Gilmore James Witt Spring Symposium Preview

10 Received $1.8M Congressional plus up in February Evolve to a self-governing entity with greater civilian leadership Funding of research topics Status of research topics Standardization of Curriculum Internship Program Accreditation of Programs Current Issues / Way Ahead

11 Questions?

12 Back Up Slides

13 27 – 28 October 2005 at USAFA 131 attendees from 89 institutions and government agencies Strong support from military institutions Army – CGSC, War College, Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) Air Force – CCAF, INSS, CPC Navy – NPS, NWC, Coast Guard Academy Joint – JFSC, United Services Uniform Health Sciences (USUHS) Added 38 research topics Fall Symposium Review

14 Topics for discussion include: Is the US Becoming More or Less Vulnerable to Disasters and Catastrophes? Military Role in Disaster Catastrophe Lessons for Educators Military Point of View (POV) FEMA Federal Coordinating Officer POV Local Officials POV How to Design College Courses on Preparing for Catastrophe. Competencies and Curricula Spring Symposium (cont)

15 AGENDA 1. Welcome – Mr. Pino 2. Update on Way Ahead – Mr. Pino 3. Fall Symposium Info – Dr. Polson 4. 3 Minutes of Fame – Dr. Polson 5. Other business from the floor

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