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1 PoWER Promotion of Work-Experience & Research

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1 1 PoWER Promotion of Work-Experience & Research

2 PoWER is a platform involving Students, Faculty, Alumni and External Agencies to promote student endeavor in creating technology having global impact with sustenance. Students Faculty Outside agencies Alumni

3 What is PoWER ? integration Technical Support MentorshipInfrastructure Financial Support (Industrial/Social Problems/ Work Experience Opportunities) (Cost Effective/ Innovative solutions/ skill-building) Players 1.Students 2.Faculty 3.Alumni 4.Outside agencies students

4 Nucleolus Work: Administrative head of PoWER Members: Dean R&D, IRDC Convener, SIIC Coordinator, Representative Alumni Association, Student Coordinators Assessment Wing Work: Assessment, Policy design, mentorship Teams: KoMent (Council of Mentors), KoRep (Council of Representatives) Members: Faculty, Alumni, Students and Technical individuals Corporate Wing Work: Corporate Management Teams: Alumni Interaction, Industry Relation, Resource Generation Dissemination Wing Work: Dissemination of Information, Public Relation, Feedback generation Teams: Web team, Publication team

5 Skill buildingOpportunities Supporting ideas Interest based convergence

6  A program to promote interdisciplinary student research  An annual fund of INR 1-2 crores for student projects (the amount can be augmented if required)  Currently major projects that are supported are: Nanosatellite, Lunar Rover, Glucoband, Abhyast (multi-purpose automatic vehicle) 6

7 More opportunities and exposure Value addition Getting financial incentives and accreditation Students Development of relationships with students, fostering trust and team work. Quality and quantity of students participating in your area of interest increases Satisfaction Faculty Opportunity of growing and /or getting attached to an interface involved in strong networking between resourceful bright past and present students of IIT. Alumni Finding Innovative and Cost Effective Solution Developing Highly Skilled Technical Workforce Involvement Of Energetic Young Minds Outside Agencies

8 Astronomy Observatory for amateur astronomy (Astronomy Club) Biomedical Engineering Glucoband Political Economy Development Models Investment University Sustainable Community Solutions Automatic air- quality monitoring system Zero water community Zero waste community Green House Initiative

9 Artificial Intelligence IITK Search Engine Energy Catch the vapors Energy from thermo acoustics ICT Local information Kiosk (for any city or organization, starting with Commonwealth Games 2010 Orange Rinds: a modular and secure web framework Pre-emptive security systems Immersive 3D audio- visual near-real time realization system UAV Sound source localization system


11 11 Lunar Rover Prototype for rover to be sent with Chandrayan-2 Partnership with Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre NERD Notes on Engineering Research & Development Quarterly Student Magazine Language that can be understood by people from any department

12 12

13 13 A program to bring alumni and students working together, meanwhile students getting mentorship and work-experience/ research opportunities.

14 PoWER Alumni Mentorship Program Students External Assistance Faculty 14

15 15 Opportunities Alumni start-up Alumni enterprise Alumni organizati on Individual alumnus Work-experience projects Research projects Student ideas

16 16  CRUX: Most important part of the idea/process/algorithm/ device or any endeavor. CRUX-1 Student propose, defend and solve Help: faculty, alumni, outside agency A first year student proposed catching on vapors CRUX-2 Alumni/outside agency propose a problem Student: propose, defend and solve Help: faculty, alumni, outside agency Our IITD team is working on a problem offered by bread making company, Harvest Gold.

17 17  Real-world Linkage  Activism, Critical thinking, Innovation, Outreach * Industry-Academia Interaction: Industry-academia meets at Kanpur and NCR * Policy Perspectives: Conferences on innovation, Investment University * Local innovation ecosystems: Interaction with MSMEDI, textile, chemical, apparel and garment sector industries of Kanpur; interaction with Kanpur Development Authority, Water and Pollution Boards and different local bodies * Appropriate Technology * Synergy between IITs and other colleges: Workshop on ICT attended by more than 20 colleges from the country

18 18  Area Representative * Each area of research/interest will be having an area representative; one will be a student and another Alumni * Around 175 areas identified for alumni-student interaction  KoMent: Council of Mentors: Council of all project mentors, faculty supervisors and area representatives  Intellectual Property * Patents, Design, Copyright, Semiconductor Layouts and Design  Technology Management * Product Identification, Technology Status report, Technology Cycle, Technology standards, accreditation, calibration & Testing, Technology- Competition, Legal issues, Trade-Secrets. Innovation and Technology Management

19 19  Innovation Database (ID): Database of students, faculty, alumni, researchers and external agencies. * Mapping: 1 to 1 mapping of alumni and students as per their interest/expertise/choice  Technical Counseling * Thesis/Project Counselling 21 CC Engine for Sustainability  Activism, Co-existence, Experimentation * Environment, habitat, energy, society, education, inclusive growth, nutrition, transparency, security, infrastructure

20 20  Managed by Office of DRPG, Alumni Association and Alumni Interaction Team PoWER  Resource Generation and Management * PoWER generates resources through Projects, IP, sponsorships, Institute Grants * Challenges and resources provided by alumni, outside agencies * Donations from Alumni * Managed by Office of Dean, Research and Development

21 21 Become Area Representative of your area of interest/expertise PoWER Ambassador: Brand Ambassador of PoWER Creator of engagements for students in some ideas that you want to work upon/implement Assessment of project ideas brought by students or offered by any external agency. Support some student ideas technically and monetarily. Joint cracking of cruxes Mentor policy design, innovation and technology management Fostering national as well as global network Technical Counseling and Networking Preparing your juniors for 21 st Century Challenges

22 22  Positive Experiences * Finding fruitful reasons to come back to institute again and again * Diverse engagements with Alma Mater * Finding potential partners for any venture/collaborative research * Feeling good after pre-equipping young for current and future challenges * Direct relations with students which will drag back to academic years at IITK  Challenges * Finding time * Patient nurturing this idea in beginning years without much expectations * Coping up with the expectations of family, profession, students, faculty, academics, deliverables etc. * Channelization of resources and especially convincing their current organization

23 23 * A B-Tech Project by 3 alumni being developed as a full-fledged project supported the institute. * Designing a tourist information system for Commonwealth Games 2010 with an IITK start-up Geokno Pvt. Ltd. * Designing the outer model of two devices with Simplifix Automations, an IITK alumni start-up. * Designing the outer model of a device with Cenogen Pvt. Ltd. An IITK alumni start-up. * An autonomous group of students GE3 (Group for Environment and Energy Engineering) is working with an IITK alumnus Virendra Kothari on energy and environmental issues.

24 24  Alumni Mentorship Program is in the design phase and will take some time to establish  Active participation from alumni is requested  Alumni are requested to contribute only 5 days a year for this, preferably in the campus, spending your time with students, in any part of the year.

25 Views and queries invited at: PoWER, IITK

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