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Lt Col Kris O’Brien JS J4 / KBLD 703-571-0018 Joint Logistics Education Update 10 June 2009.

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1 Lt Col Kris O’Brien JS J4 / KBLD 703-571-0018 Kristina.O’ Joint Logistics Education Update 10 June 2009

2 Overview Joint Logistics Education Initiatives –Defense Logistics Education Executive Workshop –Joint Logistics Courses –Multinational Work –Other Initiatives Synergistic Effect with Other Initiatives –Center for Joint & Strategic Logistics Excellence (CJSLE) –Human Capital Strategy (HCS) –Operational Military Education Policy (OPMEP)

3 Defense Logistics Education Executive Workshop Senior Level Planning Workshop to frame future courses of action (COA) for developing logistic leaders –3-Way Partnership Military / Industry / Academia –Develop Future Leaders Across the Enterprise Military / Civilian / Government / Industry Agenda Items –Center for Joint & Strategic Log Excellence Current Initiatives / Landscape analysis discussion –Senior Logistic Leader Competencies –Logistic “Areas of Emphasis” for Academia Second Workshop held on Thurs, 30 Apr 09 from 1330 – 1630

4 Leadership & Mgt Competencies Leading Change (Creativity / Innovation, Strategic Thinker/ Vision, Risk Management) Leading People (Conflict Resolution) Business Acumen Enterprise Wide-Perspective (Work Cross-Functionally) Logistic Competencies Operational Logistics SCM Distribution Cross-Functional Experience Logistic Mgt Info Systems Life Cycle Mgt Based on analysis of inputs, highest ranked competencies fell into two categories…Leadership & Management and Logistics Defense Logistics Education Executive Workshop Senior Logistic Leader Competencies

5 Logistic Areas of Emphasis for Academia Reviewed Army Logistics Mgt College’s (ALMC) 12-Point Core Logistic Curriculum…baseline for discussion –Are current Academic Discipline areas on target? –What Academic Disciplines are outdated? –What Academic Disciplines need to be added? Potential to develop into a Defense Program –Update 12-Point Curriculum…develop into logistic “Areas of Emphasis” based on Service / Agency / Industry input –Partnership / Collaboration Defense Logistics Education Executive Workshop

6 Follow-on AO-level WG (4-6 Aug 09): Further refine/define Senior Logistic Leader Competencies –Focus on functional competencies / leverage HCS & TRANSCOM work –Discuss potential COAs to influence Human Resources community Further refine Logistic “Areas of Emphasis” for Academia –Explore areas / provide recommendations –Recommendations for developing a Defense Program / Partnership Next Exec Workshop: Thurs, 22 Oct 1330 – 1630 Defense Logistics Education Executive Workshop – Way-Ahead Competency work will influence Logistic “Areas of Emphasis” and CJSLE’s Joint Logistics Core Curriculum

7 Joint Logistics Courses Joint Logistics Course / DAU Continuous Learning Module CLL 016 –Updated to mirror Joint Pub 4-0 Joint Logistics –Available on DAU site (accessible by everyone): –Available Jun 09 on JKO J4OP-US425 / Joint Logistics Course Note: Many other relevant courses available on JKO…USAID 101, Operational Contract Support, etc. …can be great classroom resource

8 Joint Logistics Courses Joint Logistics Course @ ALMC –Review & revise annually / “operationalizing” curriculum New Blocks: COCOM Hot Topics / Service & Agency Panels / Updated many briefings, including Operational Contract Support Need to develop Interagency Block…opportunities for synergy with CJSLE & other institutions –Socializing course with senior leaders…right people to the course, continue to expand course opportunities –Future: Attend enroute to joint assignment, increased mobile training teams to COCOMs

9 Quadrilateral Logistics Forum (QLF) Log Training Requirements Working Group QLF LTRTWG met 20-24 Apr 09: Completed final validation of 130 Multinational (MN) Logistics Training Objectives (TO), to include inputs from ISAF Prioritized TOs for incorporation into MN Log E-Learning Module; scheduled to begin development Aug 09 Outlined / prioritized seven COAs for improving MN Log Officers’ ability to operate in a MN environment; plan to implement four: –MN Log E-Learning Module (Australia lead) –Incorporation of Log TOs into NATO MN Log Course –Coalition participation in UK LOGEX 2010 / Coalition participation as controllers in US War Colleges' annual exercise –Formalizing a Coalition Log Officer Exchange Program, based on Canada/NZ model Next WG scheduled for Nov 09 to prep for QLF Principal Meeting in Feb 10

10 Other Joint Logistics Education Initiatives Teamed with CJSLE, OSD & JFCOM J7 to present Joint Log Education update at JS J7 Worldwide Training & Exercise Scheduling Conference, Mar 09 –Socialized initiatives with COCOM Training Community Incorporated Joint Logistics block into JS J7’s new Joint Officer Handbook –Distributed to 100% of new joint officers at in-processing (Jul 09) Presenting Joint Logistics Curriculum work / way-ahead at JS J7’s Joint Faculty Education Conf, 18-19 Jun 09 –Logistics accepted as a sub-learning area for PME in updated OPMEP being staffed for CJCS signature Jun 09

11 Summary Multiple on-going initiatives Leverage capabilities / build synergies New Joint Logistics Education POC: –Lt Col Mark Evans 703-571-0018 / Joint Logistics Education:

12 Questions / Discussion

13 12-Point Curriculum Core Competencies Logistics Systems Transportation & Logistics Mgt (Distribution Mgt) Global Value / Supply Chain Mgt Military Case Studies in Logistics & Supply Mgt Design & Analysis of International Logistics Systems Enterprise Resource Planning Extending Advanced Supply Chain Planning Across the Enterprise Technological Advancements & Logistics Change Management Business Research Methods Crisis & Emergency Mgt & Homeland Security Remote Sensing & Adaptive Planning in Logistics Systems NLC Web Site:

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