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2 4/30/20152 AGENDA May 16, 2014 1.WHY & WHAT 2.WHAT NEXT ? 3.HOW ?

3 CLOUD COMPUTING INNOVATION COUNCIL of India Passion for technology Collaborate & Innovate GOVERNMENT ACADEMIA INDUSTRY Professional Bodies / CONSULTANTS GLOBAL LEADER ACCELERATE ADOPTION & DEPLOYMENT VISION Outcomes Driven OPEN FORUM CBPP Principles Open Innovation Not for Profit – Matching Grants CLOUD COMPUTING INNOVATION COUNCIL of India PROPOSALSOUTCOMES Standards &Interoperability Standards, Test beds, usecases “Think-tank” Viewpoint White papers, Reference Architectures, Roadmap Pilot Projects Apps, Protos Research Projects Papers, Patents Entity Incubation Innovation Sandbox, Clusters, Regulation Council Revenues, Policy & regulatory recommendations, Incubations, entities Capability Building Conferences, workshops, eLearning, challenges, awards, participation in global forums Phase 1 – Proof of Concept (2012-2013) 1.Accomplishments – –Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India – 2 Concept Paper released –Cloud Computing Adoption and Innovation in India – An Approach to a Road- map Whitepaper v1.0 released –Website launched – 2.Scope & Working Model establishedScope & Working Model established –~150 members, 16 Technical Working Groups, 3 Sections, Execom16 Technical Working Groups –Fortnightly execom meetings, 8 workshops, 10+ stakeholder meetings –Weekly Section and Working Group Meetings 3.Collaborations – –Affiliations – IEEE –SA Industry Connections Program, IEEE-CCIIEEE –SA Industry Connections Program –Sponsorships – CDAC (Webpage+ 2 Interns + Workshop), NIC (Video Conferencing), IIMB (3 Workshops), IEEE(2 Workshops), IIITB (Workshop), Zinnov(Workshop)

4 7/10/20134 INNOVATION ROADMAP Mapping Vision ….. Mission …. Outcomes Vision (What)Mission (How) O utcomes Global LeaderThought leadershipThink Tank Viewpoint Globally competitive ecosystem Global Collaborations, Multi Stakeholder Partnerships National Adoption / Innovation Early adoption of innovation Standards and interoperability Prototype solutionsPilot projects Entity Incubation Local Expertise World Class Local expertise Skill Building - Academia. Professionals Research Projects/ Internship program Initiation of Phase 2 (formalisation & maturation) Formal approval by DEITY and National Innovation Council Launch Advisory Board Launch Innovation Framework –Kick off 3 to 5 Innovation Proposals –Launch Market Analysis Formalise CCICI Structure and funding model Phase 3 SELF SUSTAINED 2017 + Phase 2 MATURATION 2014 - 2016 Phase 1 Proof of Concept 2012-13 2014 Goals 1. Advisory Board Kick-off 2. Kick off and Plan for 3 to 5 Innovation Task Forces – »Interoperability Test Bed »CeG, Karnataka & CCICI Collaboration »Meghraj – CCICI Forum »ITRA –CCICI 3.White Paper Updates, Market Analysis 4.Conduct 6 Workshops 2014 Workshops Tentative Plan – in discussion #Date (TBD)Proposed Theme *SponsorVenue 1March 6Rollout of 2014 Plan 2March/AprilCeG, Karnataka Collaboration 3Meghraj & ITRA Collaboration 4Interoperability Test bed 5White Paper v3.0 ** 6Way Forward for 2015 7NIST Collaboration

5 BRANDING COMMITTEE COLLABORATION PLATFORM COMMITTEE POLICIES & PROCEDURES COMMITTEE Chair, Vice Chair, Program Manager White Paper & Web page updates Bi-Weekly review w execom Bi-Monthly workshop Key Decision Makers and Influencers from Govt, Industry & Academia Annual Conference, Semi Annual reviews, Monthly updates and 1x1 follow-ups Chairs of Sections & Working groups Bi-Weekly Review Bi-Monthly Workshop White Paper, Web page Collaboration Platform Min 5 members – 1 rep from Industry, Academia & Govt White Paper sub-section updates Driven by SMART plans Set Strategic Direction Mobilise Strategic Affiliations Sponsor Innovation Proposals Mentor Working Groups Review Performance Nominations -new members, Working Groups Strategic Affiliation proposals Oversight & guidelines for Working Groups Lead Working Groups Mobilise resources for Innovation Proposals Generation & execution of Innovation Proposals New member nominations SME’s, Advisors, Affiliations Track the measures of success Advisory Council + Governing Board / Executive Committee Section Committee Working Groups & Innovation Task Force(s) * We need to finalise the Governance Structure Strategy execution - plan, policies, procedures Manage Strategic Affiliations Form Sections & Working Groups Establish Collaboration Platform Approval of new members Mobilise resources for Sections. Program Managers Web Masters External Web Page Collaboration Workspace for Meetings, Workshops Innovation Proposals White papers WHAT ? WHO & HOW ? PROGRAM MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE

6 Working Groups EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE : CHAIR– Pamela KUMAR(ex-IBM) Vice Chair – CSR Prabhu (NIC) Section 1 - Usage Scenarios & Service Delivery CHAIR-Gopal(IBM) Vice Chair – D Janakiram (IITM) Section 2 - Infrastructure & Platform Innovation CHAIR- Sandeep(Cisco) Vice Chair – Geetha(Xerox) Section 3: Cloud Enabling Framework CHAIR – Rahul De (IIMB) Program Manager – Charudath (mycloudportal) 1.1.E-governance Chair – CSR Prabhu (NIC) 1.2 - Industry Specific Cloud CHAIR - Gopal Pingali (IBM) 2.1 Compute& Network Architecture CHAIR – Sandeep (CISCO), Cloud OS & Virtualisation /Networking –Rajdeep (Vmware) 3.1 QoS & Reliability – CHAIR Niitin Upadhyay (SAMSUNG) 1.3 ICT for development – eHealth CHAIR – Vibhakar Bhushan (AnyTIME Medicare) 2.2 CLOUD Storage CHAIR - Sairam Iyer (EMC) 3.2. Security, Privacy& Anonymity- CHAIR - Sarat Chandra(CDAC) 1.4 SaaS & Applications evolution - CHAIR – T S Mohan Vice Chair – TBD Members – Gopal, Vibhakar, CSRP 2.3 Application Platforms : Chair – Geetha (Xerox) Praveen Gurram (OPENSCG) 3.3 Interoperability & Standards Chair– Pamela (ex IBM) Co Chair,STDs- Prahlad Rao Co-Chair, Interoperability- Ramki 1.5 BIG DATA & Analytics - CHAIR – Geetha (Xerox) Vice Chair – SHS (Amazon) 2.4 CLOUD Management: CHAIR – Dinkar Sitaram (PES) Vice Chair – Manoj Jain (EMC) 3.4 Regulation and Policy : CHAIR – Rahul De (IIMB) 1.6 Innovation Ecosystem – CHAIR – D Janakiram (IITM) Vice Chair – Rohan (Wolken SW) 2.5 Sustainability, Mobility & Access Srinivas V ( vigyanLabs) Sustainability- Anand H (vigyanLabs) Mobility & Access- Shrinath (ex NOKIA) Collaboration Platform Team – CHAIR – Pamela (ex NOKIA)

7 INNOVATION TASK FORCE Proposals 7 CategoriesProposals Standards & Interoperability INTEROPERABILITY TEST BED TSDSI “Cloud Computing Working Group” “Think-tank” viewpointCeG – CCICI Collaboration Meghraj – CCICI Forum Market Analysis Report Joint Report with NLSIU Pilot ProjectsWeb Services framework & Apps Store Health Information Exchange & Preventive Health Care Research ProjectsITRA – CCICI Collaboration Education & Research Task Force Capability Building Entity IncubationWorld Cloud Council @ IIMB Global Collaborations IEEE-SA- Industry Connections /IEEE-ISTO INDO- US Collaboration on Cloud Computing (NIST) SponsorshipResearch Scholar Program Internship Program

8 4/30/20158 CCICI Advisory Board Meeting 2 -AGENDA 3.00 to 3.10 Welcome to new Board Members by Pamela Kumar, Chair, CCICI ExeComm Introductions: Members of the Advisory Board and Invitees 3.10 to 3.30 Opening Remarks Kris Gopalakrishnan, President – CII, Co-founder Infosys 3.30 to 4.00 What is happening Globally ? US Govt & NIST Role in Cloud Computing- Abdella Battou, NIST, US Singapore Cloud Policy – Azmul Haque 4.00 to 4.40 Update & Discussion – Focus on 2014 Plan CeG & CCICI Collaboration Meghraj – CCICI Forum ITRA – CCICI 4.40 to 4.55 Closing Remarks - Kris Gopalakrishnan, 4.55 to 5.00 A word of thanks to the Co-Chairs & Members of Advisory Board June 18, 2014

9 Q&A S.T.O.R.A.G.E. 2010-11 GOALS SAGE SCENARIOS, PLATFORMS & INFRASTRUCTURE, ENABLEMENT FRAMEWORK U L eadership C ollaborative Innovation O penForum>>Outcomes Working Groups, Discussion Forums, Fortnightly updates In Global Forums & Accelarating deployment & adoption Passion for technology, spirit of “GIVE BACK” Industry, Academia, Government, Professional bodies SMART, Measures of success, Evaluation Framework D riven by volunteers

10 Slides for Discussion 4/30/201510

11 VISION / MISSION 4/30/201511 To provide a collaborative platform to accelerate cloud computing adoption and innovation in India and enable India’s emergence as a Global Leader in Cloud Computing(CC). INITIATIVEOUTCOMES Provide thought leadership in CCWhite papers, Reference Architectures Promote early adoption of CCStandards & Interoperability, Pilot Projects (Apps store, promos, etc.) Prototype solutions addressing India’s unique challenges – scale, diversity, etc. Innovation Sandbox, Research projects Creating a globally competitive Innovation Ecosystem Incubation of Innovation Clusters, Venture Capital funding, academia driven research partnership, mentoring start-ups, etc. Promote multi-stakeholder partnershipsInnovation proposals leading to sustained, successful PPP Collaborations Establish world class technical expertiseConferences, workshops, eLearning, challenges, awards, global forums The mission of CCICI is to execute on its vision by promoting a number of collaborative initiatives in India with well-defined outcomes

12 Proposal for 1 st Advisory Board/Council 4/30/201512 First CHAIR - Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-CHAIR - preferably DEITY Secretary or ADDL Secretary The tentative list of Board members, whom we have shared the concept with - : 1.GOVT. : Shri Satyanarayana, Shri Rajiv Gauba, Dr BK Gairola, Shri R Chandrashekar, Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan, Prof Rajat Moona, (Mr A Mohan & Mr YK Sharma ex DG's of NIC), Dr DS Ravindran 2.INDUSTRY - Amit Phadnis -VP CISCO, Niranjan Thirumale - CTO EMC, Niranjan Maka - CTO VMware, Manish Gupta – VP, Xerox Research, IBM/Microsoft (CTO or VP -TBD), CS Rao - President Reliance Communications, Ananth Krishnan -CTO TCS, Anurag Srivastava - CTO WIPRO, 3.ACADEMIA - Prof Sadagopan - Director, IIITB, IISc/IITB/IITM - TBD Prof Raghunath - Dean IIMB, Prof. Venkat Rao -NLSIU, Prof. Jawahar - PES University, preliminary discussions done at IITB & IITM also.

13 13 1.Government – DeitY, Meghraj, ITRA, CeG etc.. 2.Industry Enterprises– Infosys, TCS, WIPRO, CISCO, IBM, Microsoft, Reliance, Amazon etc… 3.Start-ups – Wolken Software, Anytime Health etc.. 4.Academia – IIMB. IIITB, PES Univ, IISc, IITM, IITB, IIITD etc. 5.Professional Bodies – Nasscom, CII etc. 6.Global Bodies – IEEE, NIST, ODI etc.

14 4/30/201514

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