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1 Biotechnology Research in Puerto Rico: The Synergy between Academia, Government & the Private Sector Lueny Morell Director R&D Center University of.

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2 1 Biotechnology Research in Puerto Rico: The Synergy between Academia, Government & the Private Sector Lueny Morell Director R&D Center University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez Second International Corporate/Academic Roundtable on Emerging Technologies WPI March 19-20 2002

3 Background, the drivers –Economic Development Jobs, High tech clusters, biotechnology –The Competition Singapore, Ireland, Tucson, Taiwan Puerto Rico –PRTEC, INDUNIV, ViTeC, Tech roadmap, UPRM

4 Facts According to the Biotechnology Industry Annual Report (Burril 2001) –During 2000 the biotechnology world market had a record breaking $441 billion (>41% increase over previous year) Of the present global pharma products, 16% are of biotechnological origin or related –This is expected to rise to 30% by 2005 & by 50% by 2010 as enabling technologies such as genomics, proteomics, cellomics, combinatorial chemistry, etc allow pharmaceuticals & biotechnology companies to focus on specific therapeutic areas and disease knowledge required in the development of protein pharmaceuticals, protective and therapeutic vaccines, advanced synthesis, bio- transformation and formulation.

5 Facts Understanding the new era of genomics- based medicine, genetically enhanced microorganisms, cloning, stem cell, biomarkers & the rest will require a concerted efforts on the part of government, industries, universities, research organizations, the analyst community & the media Pockets of biotechnology are seen as very important for economic development in various regions of the world

6 Facts Puerto Rico has the largest concentration of pharmaceutical industries in the world –Result of the synergy between world-class managers, workforce & suppliers, and preeminence as a global, tax-advantaged super- manufacturing center The world’s leading pharmaceuticals & biotech companies trust the successful product technology transfer, scale-up, manufacturing and quality control of their products to Puerto Rico human capital

7 Facts Puerto Rico: –has the pharma manufacturing highest location quotient** of 9.19, followed by New Jersey with 5.08. –Exported more pharma products to foreign countries than any of the states in the US –Pharma exports reached $28.6 billion in Fiscal 2001, up 245% from Fiscal 1997 ** a measure of the relative importance of an economic activity in a particular geographic area compared to its importance in the US economy as a whole- between PR and states in the mainland

8 Puerto Rico’s Total Exports of Pharmaceutical Products in $Milllions

9 Pharmaceutical Industry in PR Represents 25% of GDP 60% of PR exports: $28.6 Billion in 2000 Over 100,000 direct & indirect jobs Employment growth from ’96-’01 Investment growth of $1 Billion Nine out of 10 top world prescription drugs are manufactured in Puerto Rico. R&D Base Pharma Global Contribution $30B Source: Puerto Rico Pharmaceutical Industry Association Email:

10 Facts Recent investments in Biotech R&D –Eli Lilly $250MM investment in large biotech manufacturing facility A Humalog ® recombinant insulin manufacturing plant to launch inhaled insuling in alliance with drug delivery company Alkermes, total investment of $450 million –Amgen $200 million to manufacture all of its products in PR –Other companies $400 million

11 Facts: Knowledge Supply Chains Product Creation Product Development Material Sourcing Product Assembly Product Distribution Product Use Material Supply Chain ConceptUsable Product EngineeringManufacturingCustomer Continuous Flow of Information and Knowledge Creating or Discovering new Knowledge Making Knowledge Transferable Tacit to Explicit Transferring Knowledge Documentation and People Applying Knowledge Knowledge Supply Chain ConceptUsable Knowledge ResearchTeachingUser Continuous Flow of Information and Knowledge Source: Knowledge Supply Chains; A Next-Generation Manufacturing Project

12 Knowledge Generation Knowledge Transfer Knowledge Generation Knowledge Transfer The Knowledge Process of the Future Academia Industry Source: Knowledge Supply Chains; A Next-Generation Manufacturing Project New Knowledge To Satisfy Society Competence & Ability to Learn Joint Research Customer Solutions New knowledge Knowledge Application Best Practices Customer Needs Customer Feedback Faculty New Talent Curriculum Stakeholder Needs Talent Specification Industrial Teacher Integrated Enterprises Integrated Product/Process Dev Learning Organizations Enterprises-Wide Supply Chains New Knowledge New Talent

13 12 Other countries’ strategies Ireland Singapore Taiwan States in the US

14 Ireland: Industrial Development Key Success factors for Ireland’s success in economic development (Michael McLaughlin, USA IDA Director) – Demographics Workforce: 1.8 million, 4.5% unemployment (2000) 40% under age 30, 55.7% women, English speaking with foreign language capabilities Investment in education: 13.5% investment, 57% college graduates in science, engineering, CS, business – Government economic policy Attractive & consistent taxation & financial incentives, member of EU Telecommunications nfrastructure investment – Social partnerships Agreement between government, employers, & trade unions Inward investment

15 Singapore: plans for a knowledge based economy SINGAPORE Optimizing Resource Management Government as Business Facilitator Strengthening The External Wing Human & Intellectual Capital as Key Competitive Factors Leveraging On Science Technology & Innovation Manufacturing and Services as Twin Engines Building World – Class Companies Strengthening Small & Medium Local Enterprise NUS Source: Dr. Casey Chan, Director of INTRO National University of Singapore

16 15 Puerto Rico

17 Puerto Rico’s economy 2,361 diversified industrial plants producing & shipping everything from apparel and pharmaceuticals to computer components & medical devices

18 Puerto Rico’s economy Highly skilled workforce >81% of the workforce HS graduates Ranked 6 th in the world in higher education enrollment Over 8,000 S&E degrees/year

19 Puerto Rico Due to high level of competitiveness in the global market, PR is modifying its economic strategy Shifts towards: –a knowledge base economy –and the establishment of strategic alliances between all sectors: Government, private sector and academia –Act quickly to compete with the administrative, research & venture investing programs geared to: big pharma & biotech startups available in competing tax advantaged manufacturing locations such as Singapore & Ireland

20 Synergy & Collaboration Synergy: –Defined: “to work together” “combined cooperative action or force”

21 Collaboration Exchanging information, altering activities, sharing resources, and enhancing the capacity of one another for mutual benefit and to achieve a common purpose

22 Collaboration Willingness to share risks, rewards, & responsibilities All view each other as true collaborators - not what we can get from each other - not as competitors - not just for a short period in time Seek to enhance each other’s capacity to achieve excellence

23 Collaboration C ommitment to: Defining mutual relationships & goals Jointly developed structure Shared responsibility Mutual authority & accountability for success Sharing of resources & rewards

24 Collaboration - TRUST Not coordination of activities Not entered into when one needs something from another Not “give us and go away” Not short term - expands in long term Doesn’t disintegrate in economic downturns or academic restructuring

25 New Structure Full commitment to a common mission Built on trust Comprehensive planning Acceptance of equals in planning, executing and accountability Well-defined communication on all levels Long-term planning, trust and commitment Mutual agreement on termination

26 Collaboration Changes the Definition of the Relationship We move from: Competing Working alone Thinking about activities, services & programs Focusing on short-term accomplishments To: Building consensus Including others Thinking about larger results and strategies Demanding long-term results

27 Key success factors for synergy –Rapid response –Consider all stakeholders and their interests –Voice of the customer –Benchmarking –Strategy for differentiation –Strategy to be a low-cost competitor

28 Puerto Rico’s response: roles Government Academia Private Industry

29 Puerto Rico’s R&D Opportunities & Tax Incentives Income tax rate of 2-7% for all qualified corporations 25% credit on purchase of goods manufactured in PR Other Incentives –R&D Special $25 million annual fund Soft loans (no interest or guarantee) 200% special credit for R&D expenditures involved in product or process development –Location By regions –Number of employees –Importance of industry (e.g., biotech, C&IT)

30 29 puerto rico technoeconomic corridor …the ultimate business paradise p r t e c

31 A technical integration of resources from the public, private & academic sectors in order to achieve a world class business & industrial culture A synergistic alliance of government, industry & academia in order to stimulate the expansion of the value-added production chain. Established in the Western region of the Island, close to the proposed Las Americas Transshipment Port and the Rafael Hernandez Air Cargo/Tourism Hub

32 Government PR Techno Economic Corridor (non-profit) Academia Private Sector Agile/innovative collaboration Clusters Supportive Environment Help Puerto Rico to become widely recognized as a leader/center of high-tech excellence in the world Improve the quality of lifestyle for Puerto Rico’s citizens by helping to make it a better place for them to both live and work.

33 prtec activities Research & Development of specific technologies Sharing in the development of technical processes and skills Develop technical and support infrastructures for participating industrial & economic clusters Focus on the creation of new & innovative technologies to be applied on products, processes & services with commercial value Strengthen Puerto Rico’s competitive edge as a high-tech center through the joint efforts of government, industry & academia

34 33 “Cluster” association of entities with common or related objectives, needs, products, processes and/or services Provides economic & technological leadership Creates synergy Works to promote & develop its respective enterprises & bring new members Addresses issues that may affect its members Promotes innovation centers Facilitates promotional efforts High-Tech Clusters

35 Computer & Information Technology Cluster: Hewlett Packard: Anchor Tenant HP Caribe Mfg. Anchor Tenant CM3 CM4 CM5 CM2 CM1 Security Food services Maintenance Logistics S1 S2 S3 HP Technology Center Other Tenants CM=contract manufacturers S= strategic suppliers

36 C & IT Cluster Current Members… Hewlett Packard (anchor) Sensormatic MSL TNT Smart Modular Technologies (Solectron) Caribe GE PCB Horizon Western Manufacturing TechnoPlastics NYPRO MS&SS PR Storage EMS Interested: Symmetricon, Dupont Microelectronics

37 Medical Devices Cluster Current Members… Allergan (anchor) Edward Lifesciences ThermoPlastics Thermometrics Allegiance Surgical Medical Products St. Jude Medical Jostra

38 Pharmaceutical Industry Cluster Manufacturing Sites –40 Marketing sites –20 Abbott Laboratories Ayerst Wyeth Pharma Inc Amgen Aventis Bristol Myers Squibb (DuPont) GlaxoSmithKline IPR Pharmaceutical Johnson & Johnson Lilly Del Caribe Merck Sharp & Dohme Novartis Pfizer (WL) Pharmacia (Searle) Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals Inc Schering Plough Mova Roche

39 Pharmaceutical Industry Cluster Mission “Proactively foster integration of the pharmaceutical industries & its supporting elements, developing strategies that will enhance a competitive environment, retaining, growing existent business & attracting new opportunities”.

40 Vision Make Puerto Rico the preferred location for new business opportunities for Pharmaceutical Corporations

41 Elements Supporting Pharmaceutical Cluster Pharmaceutical Cluster Technical & Special Services Professional Associations Materials Suppliers Non-Profit Support Centers Engineering & Construction Academia General Services Manufacturing Support Services Government

42 Academia Collaboration & specialization within UPR & between UPR & private universities, particularly in applied research, Ph.D. and postdoctoral programs to: –Strengthen basic infrastructure capabilities in the biomedical, chemical, environmental & agricultural areas –Reach a clinical level of command over key technologies (combinational chemistry, high throughput target screening) & focus on therapeutic areas & disease knowledge required in the development of protein pharmaceuticals, protective & therapeutic vaccines; and, –Gain a command of advanced synthesis, bio- transformation & formulation, from an interdisciplinary framework, anchored in chemical engineering.

43 The University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez Major Campus of the UPR System –Established in 1911 –Land-Grant, Sea-Grant & Space-Grant Institution –Science/Math/Engineering/Tech nology Campus of the System –Agricultural Experiment Station 2 primary research sites: Río Piedras & Mayagüez 6 substations, 2000 acres –Agricultural Extension Service 69 offices in 69 municipalities

44 UPR Mayagüez Colleges –Agricultural Sciences –Arts & Sciences –Business Administration –Engineering

45 UPR Mayagüez Student Body –Undergraduate students 13,000 –Graduate students 860 Faculty –739 –62% male –57% PhD’s –43% full professors –64.3% tenured –12 credit-hours academic load Administration –1,800 Colleges –Engineering, Arts & Sciences, Business and Agricultural Sciences 4 PhD’s –Marine Sciences –Civil Engineering –Chemical Engineering –Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering


47 BS degrees in Engineering AY 99-00


49 PhD’s

50 Research Thrust Areas Software, Computer Information Systems Telecommunications, Network Applications & Information Technology Remote Sensing & Image Processing Systems Engineering Marine Sciences Energy, Environmental Sciences & Engineering Biotechnology –BioScience Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology –Material Sciences Surface, Pharmaceuticals, Colloids, novel materials

51 Activities that Support BiotecH Cluster Technology Roadmap Strengthening courses –Technology-based Entrepreneurship Business School New businesses based on high technology Strengthening degrees –ABET Accreditation Strong industry participation –Re-focused Industrial Biotechnology Program Strong collaboration with industry

52 Activities… New Degrees –BS in Software Engineering –PhD’s in collaboration with industry & government Biotechnology Applied Chemistry Computer & Information Science & Engineering Water resources & environmental engineering

53 UPRM Biotechnology Research Centers Tropical Environmental Biotechnology Center Tropical Marine Biotechnology Center Center for Protein Structure Function and Dynamics Bioinformatics Center Center for Tropical Agriculture Biotechnology

54 Cluster Initiatives: INDUNIV R&D Industry-University Consortium –Materials Characterization Center –Center for Pharmaceutical Processing Research –Research Grants ($2.5M) & Education Under Development: –Center of Advanced Packaging Technologies –Biotech Center –Clinical Research Future Development: –Drug Delivery System –Technology Transfer Center

55 Puerto Rico’s Competitive Initiatives Permitting Process Leverage Supplier Quality Energy Reliability/Cost Vocational/Technical Education Transportation Costs Labor Laws

56 May 21 – 24, 2002 Caribe Hilton Hotel San Juan, Puerto Rico website:

57 Concluding Remarks

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