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THE IDEA OF ERA Lisbon, Barcelona targets EU of 27 countries (2007), population 426.3 millions ALLEA of 40 countries and 53 academies (2007)

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3 THE IDEA OF ERA Lisbon, Barcelona targets EU of 27 countries (2007), population 426.3 millions ALLEA of 40 countries and 53 academies (2007)

4 PROGRESS TOWARDS ERA (1) General target of 3% of GDP? Present estimate ~ 2% FP7 – excellence, coherence, simplification Bottlenecks: shortage of people, state of infrastructure, need for coherent R&D policy

5 PROGRESS TOWARDS ERA (2) Academies:  The influence of the progress of globalization was not taken fully into account when the strategy of ERA was designed  Societal dimension and culture of innovation – more attention  Bureaucratic processes, both local and European level, hinder progress


7 PLATFORM EUROPEAN S & T ORGANISATIONS (PESTO) 21 organisations have formed a platform for:  to set up informal network  to set up a dialogue with relevant stakeholders  to strengthen interaction with policy makers  to use the network to find joint solutions for common problems

8 PESTO ALLEA, EADI, EARTO, EARMA EuroCASE, EuroHORCs EIRMA, ELSF, EMBO, EURAB, ERC ERT, ESF, ESA, EUA, LERU Academia Europaea, EuroScience, EIROforum Conference of ESAEER, Marie Curie Fellowship Association

9 GLOSSARY ALLEA The European Federation of National Academies of Sciences and Humanities COST Cooperation européennes dans la domaine de la recherche scientifique et technique CREST Comité de la recherche scientifique et technique EARMA European Association of Research Managers and Administrators EARTO European Association of Research and Technology Organizations EASAC European Academies Science Advisory Council

10 GLOSSARY ERCEuropean Research Council ESFEuropean Science Foundation EUAEuropean University Association EURABEuropean Research Advisory Board EuroCASEEuropean Council of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering EuroCRISEuropean Association on Current Research Information Systems EuroHORCsEuropean Heads of Research Councils EuroScienceEuropean Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology

11 GLOSSARY ICSUInternational Council for Science ISEInitiative for Science in Europe NESTNew and Emerging Science and Technologies in Europe PESTOPlatform European S&T Organisations

12 FP7 CooperationCollaborative researchthemes IdeasFrontier ResearchERC PeopleMarie Curie Actionsmobility CapacitiesResearch CapacityERA NETs + JRC non-nuclear/nuclear Euratom

13 Marie Curie ACTIONS  Networks  Fellowships  Reintegration grants  Excellence awards/grants  Industry-Academia knowledge-sharing

14 ALLEA  An independent nonprofit organisation of 53 academies from 40 countries  Founded in 1994  Since 2006 legally incorporated under Dutch law  Initiated by Académie des Sciences Royal Society of London Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

15 ALLEA’s MISSION For this ALLEA  Facilitates the exchange of information and experience between academies  Seeks to promote excellence in science and scholarship  Addresses ethics, proper conduct and responsibility of science and scientists ALLEA unites and strengthens the voice of national academies in the learned world in the service of society

16 ALLEA’s VISION  Forum for member academies in the Europe of knowledge  Recognized partner in ERA and worldwide

17 STRUCTURE (1)  Biennial General Assembly with representatives of all academies is the highest authority in ALLEA  ALLEA has an elected President, Vice-President, Steering Committee and Office  Office is hosted and supported by the KNAW

18 STRUCTURE (2)  President, Vice-President, Office representation, policy, administration  Steering Committee policy, governance  Standing Committees analysis of specific areas of policy and concern  Working Groups reporting on specific issues

19 PARTNERS  EASAC  ESF  EuroCris  ISE  Academia Europaea  NASAC plus many others Complexity of networks creates a new quality

20 PUBLICATIONS (1)  General  Annual/biennial  Report series  Advice, statements, analyses

21 PUBLICATIONS (2)  Basic research in society (1996)  Research training and higher education in Europe (1996)  European science and scientists between freedom and responsibility (1999)  History of science and technology in educational training in Europe (2000)  Science, society and culture: advice in the EC concerning the concept of the 6FP (2001)  Quality in science (2002)

22 PUBLICATIONS (3)  National strategies of research in smaller European countries (2002)  Privacy protection in the information society (2002)  Memorandum on scientific integrity (2003)  Evaluating for science (2004)  Investing in knowledge in Europe: reflection of ALLEA on the proposals of the 7FP (2005)  In search of common values in the European Research Area (2006)  Reflection of ALLEA on ERA (2007)

23 ALLEA Aims to achieve unity in diversity through respect for  the individuality and variety of its members  the balance between sciences, social sciences and humanities  the wealth of cultures and languages in Europe

24 GENERAL PROBLEMS Overlapping (of signs, systems,...) is trivial, links between not-overlapping areas are important. J. Lotman, Semiotics

25 PARADOX OF DEVELOPMENT Society wants results – problem solving Scientist wants freedom – new knowledge Balance science – society Wisdom of society – think about the future Responsibility of scientists – think about the society

26 NETWORK OF THE FP7 “It is very difficult to make an accurate prediction, especially about the future” Niels Bohr Major concern of ALLEA and its members – the road to the future

27 PAST AND FUTURE ALLEA Document(1): History and Development, 2005 Strategy and Action Plan

28 ALLEA’s OFFICE ALLEA P.O.Box 19121 1000 GC Amsterdam The Netherlands htpp:// KNAW Trippenhuis Kloweniersburgwal 29 Amsterdam

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