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Bridging the Technological Gap between Academia and Industry: Towards a Successful e-Commerce Graduate Program Yeong-Tae Song, Goran Trajkovski, Sungchul.

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1 Bridging the Technological Gap between Academia and Industry: Towards a Successful e-Commerce Graduate Program Yeong-Tae Song, Goran Trajkovski, Sungchul Hong Dept of Computer and Information Sciences Towson University

2 Motivation Implementing e-Commerce track Resolving a gap between industry and academia in e-Commerce Versatile nature of, so called, “current technology” Need flexible courses for current technology

3 MSIS 2000 Model Curriculum Graduate programs in Information Systems. Building Blocks Foundation Backgrounds: Business and Information Systems Core A set of primary courses Integration Integration components required after the core Career track Specific career tracks that are representative of current organizational needs

4 MSIS 2000 Suggested e- Commerce Courses Internet, Intranets, and Extranets Electronic Commerce WWW and the Value Chain Consumer Relationship Marketing

5 MSIS 2000 Suggested Program Goal 1. A core of e-Business knowledge, across the managerial, technical and ethical/legal aspects 2. Integrated knowledge of technological and business principles 3. Broad business and real world perspectives 4. Communication, interpersonal and team skills (values)

6 MSIS 2000 Suggested Program Goal 5. Analytical and critical thinking skills 6. Specific skills leading to a career (professional degree).

7 e-Commerce Related Software e-Business Application Software Middleware Web Servers Database Management Systems, and e-Commerce Interoperability Standards

8 E-Business Application Software e-Business application software is software that uses the Internet or other electronic medium for business transactions and services. Electronic catalog

9 MIDDLEWARE Middleware is a mechanism to move information and shared business logic Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) type Message Oriented Message (MOM) type Message Broker type


11 Web Servers The main functions of a web server are receiving requests from the clients, forwarding the received requests to the appropriate applications if necessary, and send back the results to the client. Apache HTTP Server MS IIS MS Commerce Server IBM @server Jakarta Tomcat

12 DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Data oriented B2B applications heavily depend on access to databases. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Adaptable Database (Adabas) Object Linking and Embedding Database (OLE DB)

13 E-Commerce Interpretability Standards B2B interoperability standards involve description of message formats exchanged, relationships to transport protocols, and other features, such as security. Extensible Markup Language (XML) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM)

14 E-COMMERCE INTEROPERABILITY STANDARDS Remote Method Invocation (RMI) Component Object Model (COM+) Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) ebXML (electronic business XML) RosettaNet

15 STATE OF ACADEMIA Certificate programs There has not been a unique agreement, nor model. Predominantly management-oriented programs Predominantly technology-oriented programs Predominantly ethics and legal issues oriented programs

16 Management-Oriented Programs Stand-alone tracks in graduate business schools Emphasize the business side of the e- Commerce Technical details are not emphasized

17 Technology-Oriented Programs Emphasize the programming aspects of doing e-commerce.

18 The Legally Oriented Programs The legally oriented programs are almost a rarity, and are seldom offered as stand-alone programs.

19 SUGGESTED CURRICULUM Managerial Challenges in e-Commerce Networking for e-Commerce Distributed systems in the Internet XML technology for e-Commerce Internet supply chain management Web programming Web application design methodology Legal, Ethical and Societal issues in e- Commerce

20 Managerial Challenges in e-Commerce e-Business models (B2B, B2C) Internet file management Supporting the information architecture. Databases. Payment systems. Transformational aspects of e-Business and new business models. Financial implications for e-Business. Cost/benefit, business plans and the need for venture capital.

21 Networking for E- commerce Frames and Packets, IP, TCP, UDP Interconnection devices: hubs, switches, routers IP addressing – IP addressing, subnetting classless addressing Routing of IP packets WWW and mobile IP Network/Internet security

22 Networking for e- commerce (2) DNS Socket interface Multicasting and multicasting routing protocol Network management

23 Distributed systems in the Internet Clients and Servers Middleware CORBA, COM/DCOM, and RMI Database server and Distributed Database Transaction processing

24 XML technology for E- commerce XML fundamentals XML parsers – SAX, DOM, Xerces XML-RPC, SOAP XML security ebXML

25 Internet supply chain management Value chain Supply chain Planning and design e-Commerce supply chain

26 Web programming HTML/DHTML ASP.Net JSP/Java

27 Web application design methodology Life-cycle models UML fundamentals Software requirements analysis Functional/ non-functional requirements Use cases Data flow diagrams State transition diagrams/ Sequence diagrams

28 Web application design methodology (2) Web navigation diagram Software architecture Client/server Distributed Database schema design User Interface (accessibility) Design Software testing Software maintenance

29 Legal, Ethical and Societal issues in e-Commerce Privacy and property issues in e- Business Federal, State and International laws Web accessibility

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