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Poetry Anthology By Matthew Hockensmith Or By Shakespeare… Whichever is more impressive.

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1 Poetry Anthology By Matthew Hockensmith Or By Shakespeare… Whichever is more impressive

2 Table of Contents -The Teddy BearThe Teddy Bear -The Teddy Bear (Tagxedo)The Teddy Bear (Tagxedo) -I AmI Am -Fav. Poem (Tagxedo)Fav. Poem (Tagxedo) -Fav. PoemFav. Poem -Sonnet 99Sonnet 99 - Apple Pie & Pee-Wee Herman (Haiku)Apple Pie & Pee-Wee Herman (Haiku) - Chain Poem (Poetry)Chain Poem (Poetry) -PointlessPointless -The Wash CycleThe Wash Cycle -Thought CatThought Cat -Anthology (Last Poem)Anthology (Last Poem)

3 Hidden Poem I can’t believe you found this poem Cause it was hidden so well Well you have to keep it a secret There is no one you can tell But since you were so clever I guess you get a prize Take a look at all of these Crazy dancing guys

4 The Teddy Bear (Legendary Poem) His Mustache twitched with the greatest might Yes this president was full of fight Great and brave, and fully fair Theodore Roosevelt, the Teddy Bear The twenty-sixth president of the U.S. Owned a bear, and was the best From fighting in the Cuban war To at his ranch, capturing outlaws There is one thing that’s for sure His hand’s were like great paws, Because the white house bear you see, Was the legend, Roosevelt, Teddy.


6 I am Mask, Laughter, Shroud I like to keep thoughts to myself and tell jokes. Sanity, Secrecy, and Normality are important to me. I find comfort in hiding behind optimism. I feel exposed when an awkward and emotional situation presents itself. But I like the idea of showing empathy. I don’t enjoy serious tones. I hate being ignored. I despise keeping sarcasm to myself. This is me. I am.

7 Halley’s Comet by Stanley Kunitz (Fav. Poem) Miss Murphy in first grade wrote its name in chalk across the board and told us it was roaring down the stormtracks of the Milky Way at frightful speed and if it wandered off its course and smashed into the earth there'd be no school tomorrow. A red-bearded preacher from the hills with a wild look in his eyes stood in the public square at the playground's edge proclaiming he was sent by God to save every one of us, even the little children. "Repent, ye sinners!" he shouted, waving his hand-lettered sign. Look for me, Father, on the roof of the red brick building at the foot of Green Street -- that's where we live, you know, on the top floor. I'm the boy in the white flannel gown sprawled on this coarse gravel bed searching the starry sky, waiting for the world to end. At supper I felt sad to think that it was probably the last meal I'd share with my mother and my sisters; but I felt excited too and scarcely touched my plate. So mother scolded me and sent me early to my room. The whole family's asleep except for me. They never heard me steal into the stairwell hall and climb the ladder to the fresh night air.


9 Sonnet 99 Shall I compare thee to a rotten thief? Thou art more conceited but much less sly. Your stolen ideas bring about grief A plethora of fabricated lies Maybe genius was but a mile too far For thou cannot forestall the fate of time To dreams thou had you may say au revoir Thou thoughts are worth not a dollar nor dime Thou cap of dunce is on thy head today And you shall not be removing it soon Because there are no brains in what you say You are viewed as an ignorant buffoon Until thou gets originality Thou shalt have a sluggish mentality.

10 Apple Pie & Pee-Wee Herman (2 Haikus) The counter its bearer A delicious, warm pastry The Dessert Champion A great among men His playhouse a true kingdom Pee-Wee, the big shot

11 Poetry (A Chain poem) I’m not fond of Chain Poems, or any poetry Shakespeare was an old fart Whose Sonnets were lame and cheesy and making a Simile is like Chinese water torture Don’t get me started on Hyperbole, that mountainous waste of time And Iambic Pentameter is dumb the only good kind is Free Verse because it requires less work Yes I am sick of making Poem’s and being a poet

12 Pointless A life is a circus act, People forced to jump through hoops Endlessly, For the pleasure of others And a cheap sense of gratification Always trying to please But never themselves

13 The wash cycle Life is a cycle A dull routine A washing machine, spinning round and round An endless turntable, That begins, and ends the same, With you, In diapers.

14 Thought Cat The Deceitful cat of Thought Creeps into my mind A sense of ailurophilia comes over me Trust for this cat, this harmless white cat Almost a fakir for me to watch And fills me with delight as I indulge Until it changes into a shadow Raids my larder, and attacks me silently In the night And I realize what this cat Really was

15 Anthology (Ending Poem) To wrap up this Anthology I have a message from me to you Thanks for reading my poetry Because most of it was poo Oh one last thing Besides the poems to mend I have to say At last THE END

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