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Global Taste Summit 3 rd June 2009 Finding the Sweet Spot The next generation for confectionery & bakery Paul Hamilton Cargill Flavor Systems The Food.

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1 Global Taste Summit 3 rd June 2009 Finding the Sweet Spot The next generation for confectionery & bakery Paul Hamilton Cargill Flavor Systems The Food & Drink Innovation Network

2 What is taste? Definition: Taste is the sense by which the qualities and flavour of a substance are distinguished by the taste buds.

3 NB. Not all countries go through this process of evolution e.g. China, Japan which have always been balanced Trends for livingNormal life.Hedonism and power.Enjoy and indulgeBalance. Feel young.Variety of experience. What does health mean? The absence of disease. Normal, robust, stable. Discovering the body. Sex, drugs & rock‘n’roll. Optimise your shape. Be dynamic, look young. A lifestyle statement. Vitality & de-stress. Personalisation and enhancement. Meaning of healthy eating Eating enough is the primary concern. No worries. Trust in science. Light products for the weight-conscious. A majority concern with proliferation of ‘healthy options and bolt-on healthy messages. A new ‘given’. All food and drinks meet healthy standards. 1940/50s1960/70s1980/90s2000s2010s Age of Recovery Age of Balance Healthiness of food habits Age of Plenty Abundance Choice Exploration Rebalance Relearn Rejuvenate Enjoyment Variety Personalisation Today in W Europe we are at a point of inflexion, moving from excess to recovery Satiation Indulgence Decadence Age of Excess Age of Scarcity Rationing High prices Craving Large parts of Asia, Africa now Healthy eating is constantly evolving…

4 4 Masking and enhancement Taste modification goes hand in glove with other technology areas: –Masking Agents Specific masking challenges, including those stemming from the following ingredients: vitamins, minerals & salts, high intensity & artificial sweeteners, caffeine Tricking the taste buds rather than masking the food Due to matrix complexity, solutions are application specific and customized –Sweetness Enhancement Increasing the perception of sweetness in a product Improving taste profile of low calorie products

5  A Unique technology applying enzymes and cultures on natural dairy substrates to create Enzyme Modified Dairy Ingredients (EMDI range)  Combining historical Cargill expertise in Culture, Enzymes and flavour to create top noted EMDI (EMDF range) Enzyme Modified Dairy Ingredients and Flavours Understanding our Technology  Dairy Flavour enhancer with a rich natural dairy taste  Dairy ingredients partial replacement for a cost reduction formulation  Consistent quality and better microbiological results than dairy raw materials  Easier to use than dairy ingredients : shelf-life, better solubility, possible liquid form, …  Heat stability for Bakery and UHT treatment EMDI & EMDF Benefits

6 Superfruits In 2004, the term “Super foods” was introduced. Over 6000 new products using the top leading superfruits (blueberry, cranberry, pomegranate, açaí and goji) as ingredients were introduced in 2007 Many of these are marketed as functional foods in their own right, while others use superfruits in order to reinforce the health proposition provided by other functional ingredients Use of superfruits in new food and drink products continues to develop apace, with very high rates of growth evident in use of pomegranate, goji and açaí Dairy spreads and confectionery each taking 6-8% of product launches. Consumers are increasingly seeking such Superfruits to counteract negatives in their diet or improve their general wellness.

7 Superfruits Blueberry, Açai and Goji have proven to be particularly successful superfruits. They pave the way to a much larger range of these “new generation” functional fruit. Dark chocolate is particularly well designed to enhance red berries. Australia: Vitality Brands Worldwide, Dark Chocolate with Acai fruit USA: Hershey’s, Dark chocolate with pomegranate flavoured pieces South Korea: Bery’l, Chocolate Blueberry white chocolate coated wafer Superfruit South Korea: Earth Source, Goji truffle covered with 90% cocoa Russia: Chupa Chups SA,Chewy dragees with grapefruit, acerola and blackcurrant flavours Sweden: Sweden Leaf, Pomegranate flavoured pastilles with strawberry pieces Japan: Meiji Seika Gaisha, Blueberry and cranberry flavoured juicy gummies

8 Ahh…. the good old days People seek comfort in what’s familiar (emotional security) Consumers often have strong associations with smells and tastes and foods & drinks from their pasts Retro is back in fashion, familiar favourites are making a come-back…just look at Take That and the Spice Girls and of course Abba with Mama Mia !!! The most successful “come backs” are those that evoke a positive reaction, one that takes you back to where you were, what you were doing, how you were feeling…and still capture the essence of the moment in a way that’s relevant today ! In these days of FMCG and “flash” product life cycles, “classics” don’t have to be too far in the past, they just need to have had a popular presence when they were “in fashion”

9 Reminiscent & Retro market products Mrs Beeton’s range of “Rediscovered” Ice Creams Gü Seasonal Puds - Chocolate Black Forest Gateau retro pudding. From this …..… To this Cadbury relaunch Wispa after 20 years Mars relaunched Opal Fruits and Marathon for a limited period in 2008 On line sweet shops becoming popular for those searching for traditional candy

10 10 Dessert Trolley - Hot: Sticky Toffee Pudding Golden Syrup Sponge Jam Roly Poly Spotted Dick Bread & Butter Pudding Rhubarb Crumble & Custard Lemon Drizzle Cake Coffee & Walnut cake Apple Pie/Strudel Reminiscent & Retro products Dessert Trolley - Cold: Crème Brule Tarte Citron Cheesecake – lemon/strawberry Lemon Meringue Pavlova / Eton Mess Crème Caramel Gooseberry Fool Syllabub Trifle Black Forest Gateaux Tiramisu

11 11 Indulgence To some its cream and chocolate To others it’s exotic and fresh fruit Indulgence products are mainly positioned for sharing Try to create individual mini moments of pleasure Focus on adult market for indulgent confectionery rather than mass market children’s products “One size fits all” is no longer applicable to our society Products that stimulate all of the senses, or offer an intense experience Products and “experiences” that rejuvenate and excite, or that help unwind and de-stress

12 Society influences taste The solo consumer, the new age family and the silver surfers Home alone Single-person households: 33% of all UK households by 2011 Predictably high among 65+ age group, but most prevalent in 25-44 year olds New age family “Nuclear family” = less than 30% of UK households; Changing role of grandparents; Grown-up kids in the family home; Friends as “family” Silver Surfers Ever growing society – we are living longer, healthier and in many cases, wealthier lives. Many retirees are travelling and doing the things they have always wanted to do.

13 13 Taste is a complex issue and the rise of new technologies can give new food products a leading edge in taste whilst being lighter in calories Superfruits are still niche, but becoming mainstream as consumers begin to know and understand their tastes and attributes Our love affair with the past continues and traditional foods are becoming trendy We are becoming a society where time is currency and indulgence is a release We have too much choice which can give less satisfaction Our traditional society is changing and we must develop new products to address these new consumer groups Conclusions


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