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COQUETTE BEAUTY NAIL SALON AND SPA Budget: 50,000 Baht Kasama Yotin 5505010158.

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1 COQUETTE BEAUTY NAIL SALON AND SPA Budget: 50,000 Baht Kasama Yotin 5505010158

2 BACKGROUND  Coquette is a nail salon and also a nail professional school. The products that are used by Coquette are high-end products  Coquette provides many relaxing and professional services, such as : classical manicure and pedicure : nail extension and design : waxing

3 TARGET AUDIENCE  Primary audience: female in the city, break down into 3 groups; :university students who are trendy/middle to upper-middle class. Age between 20-25. : married housewife with children. Children are at the age of entering school so the housewife can have most of her day running errands or indulge herself. Age between 31-42 : single working female who are socially active, income <25,000 baht. Age between 25-30

4 TARGET AUDIENCE  Secondary audience: female tourists (the area where the salon is located is very popular with Chinese and Japanese tourist) : female who needs to attend special occasions or events (wedding, Halloween party and such)

5 KEY COMMUNICATION  Coquette aims at providing an exceptional services in nail arts and spa to women who desire to be more confident and beautiful. The location of our salon is easy to get to from any directions, the interior is relaxing and blissful.  Classic manicure starting from 250 baht only  Visit us at http://www.couette-nailspa.com  Contact number 053-894-118, 089-191-740  We are located at 62 Sirimungkarajan Rd. Suthep. Ampheu Meung, Chiangmai. Thailand

6 PR OBJECTIVES  Introduce Coquette as a top nail salon  Target middle age women to be loyal customers  Create trends that women would need to start taking care of themselves better

7 PR STRATEGY: INTRODUCE COQUETTE AS A TOP NAIL SALON IN CHIANG MAI  Dropping brochures at hotels around the area where the salon is located  Social media campaign; engage customers or potential customers on following Facebook page and twitter

8 PR STRATEGY: TARGET MIDDLE AGE WOMEN TO BE LOYAL CUSTOMERS  Create a small class on nail design, this is to suit housewives who have times on their hands and wish to have a productive activity with their friends.  Group activities (get together), co with a nearby restaurant or tea- house to organize half a day event for housewives. This can be organize once a month to create constant contact with customers.  Charity events, the purpose of charity will serve as an activity where customers stay in contact with Coquette

9 PR STRATEGY: CREATE TRENDS THAT WOMEN WOULD NEED TO START TAKING CARE OF THEMSELVES BETTER  Write features about beauty tips in various magazines Matching clothes and nail color Matching make-up and nail color Nail color for different occasions (job interview, crazy night-out, meeting the parents, baby-shower and etc)  Being confidence, successful and self-image (TED) talk  Waxing and relationship questionnaire which will get published in magazines

10 TARGET PRESS Female age 20-42 These are well known monthly magazines in Thailand where our target audience would normally pick. The magazines covers, health, beauty and fashion topic.

11 TARGET PRESS Female tourists City Newsletter/ City guide In flight Magazines These press are aim at tourists coming to Chiangmai (our secondary target audience). Some of the magazines can be pick up for free in hotels and coffee shops. Having Coquette in these magazines will introduce the salon to a vast amount of tourists who could be potential customers

12 PR IDEAS IdeasRationaleTarget Press Costs Magazine article on Matching clothes with your nails To introduce the importance of nail coloring in today’s fashion Seventeen magazine free Setting up booth at a busy shopping venue (a join events with other beauty shops): tips on how to take care of your nails and hands To introduce new beauty product trends, introduce where the salon is located, and let the potential customers know that there’s COQUETTE. Events sections in Marie Claire magazine and In Style 25,000 baht for renting a venue Charity events for special holidays (give portion of a proceed to a charity) To bind and create constant contact with existing customers. Be a part of a bigger community for news coverage Local newspaper, city newsletter, city guide 3,000-5,000 baht for setting up and materials cost

13 PR IDEAS IdeasRationaleTarget PressCost Sponsored Ted talk on beauty, confident and being successful which will be held at CMU auditorium. To link the correlation of how to being successful and good self image Direct at audience, word of mouth and all of the press mentioned in previous slides 13,000 baht for our guest speaker plane tickets and hotel room Negotiate with CMU in using their auditorium for free. Yuwadee Chirathivat chief of Central Department Store, the only Thai - on the list of 50 most powerful businesswomen in Asia by Forbes magazine.

14 PROMOTIONAL PARTNERS  Nearby restaurants or tea house  Cloth stores  Nail and other beauty product brands

15 WORDS  Nail Arts  Beauty Salon  Relaxing  Excellent service  Beauty  Trendy  Confidence

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