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THE STORY OF MY LIFE Chelsea Halkyard 2/11/14 Period 2.

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1 THE STORY OF MY LIFE Chelsea Halkyard 2/11/14 Period 2

2 MAIN MENU MY ZEBRA FAMILY COLLEGE? MY FUTURE ME LIKEY Well what more do I have to say than this is obviously a power point about me. I honestly did feel like I had to “personalize” it a little so sorry about the psycho collage of pictures. I want to emphasize the idea that I believe I am completely insane and that people, like friends and family, are just going to have to deal with it. In my old life as I like to call it I knew and still know a lot a really cool people just like me, I just hope that the new start I got by moving out here to Redlands involves amazing people. This whole “website” about me and my life I found was really fun to make. While creating it I kind of realized how awesome my life really was in the silver lining. I hope you like looking through it as much as I liked making it.

3 MY ZEBRA FAMILY MENU I lived in Lincoln California for nearly 5 years, which is pretty much the longest time I’ve lived in one place. While I lived there with my dad I attended Lincoln high school, home of the fighting zebras. I had only transferred because I lived next to someone who I could carpool with. Her name is Corinne Lewis, she is the girls who took me under wing and encouraged me to try out for the chamber singers of LHS. I stayed in that choir for 3 of my high school years till the day I moved. I just love and miss them all so much because they helped me fit in to a new school where I knew no one and wasn’t to great at making friends. Over those 3 years our choir competed in national championships in Anaheim and New York. The photo to the left is actually our competing group that stayed in New York for 5 days.home of the fighting zebraschamber singers of LHS While we where in NYC we did a lot of sight seeing, going to all the fancy tourist attractions along with the choir we where to compete with in 2 days. I am pretty sure my favorite place was the newly opened 9/11 memorial. This photo to the right is Corinne and I with our fabulous choir teacher Mrs.Hagman who was a little emotional at the time. I had a great time competing with these crazy people even though we finished 2 nd.

4 STUFF ME LIKEY MENU KICKIN’ ASSROCKIN’ OUTTHE NERD LIFE MENU This is a page where you can find out all about my taekwondo experience. I just find so much joy in attempting to beat the crap out of your opponent, it’s a really good stress reliever. But not only did I learn to fight I learned to never give up, that’s probably why I’m so stubborn. I have only been to three different schools my whole life but the one school I learned the most from has to be family taekwondo plus. Sure everyone loves music and I do to but I have a few really special songs and bands that I honestly couldn’t live without. These are the most inspirational cartoon versions of amazing people I think ever. Kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes, and Austin Carlile are sometimes viewed as a “bad influence” but really all they do is sing the feelings of the kids out there going through bad times.Vic Fuentes, Austin Carlile A not so well known obsession of mine is that I’m kind of a nerd. Okay maybe I’m a lot of a nerd but who isn’t? The only thing I like to indulge in more than Pokémon is the youtube videos called asdf movie by Tom Sakah. I believe there are seven of them as of a few months ago and the picture above is one of my favorite clips out of asdf movie 3.asdf movie asdf movie 3.

5 TO COLLEGE OR NOT TO COLLEGE? MENU I know its getting close to the end of my high school career and I have to plan for the future but I don’t think I am to sure about what job I would go for after getting my major. What I do know is I want to go to Azusa Pacific University to get a degree in human relations and public services. That is after I get an AA at a junior college nearby. Everything is kind of sketchy and I don’t even know what junior college I want to attend but I have a basic plan. Finish two years at a junior college and transfer to Azusa to just experience college. I was actually really picky when it came to this school. It is a Christian based campus with track as their featured sport instead of foot ball. I could live on campus but I would have nowhere to park a car, not that I would have one. There's also that little problem of cash, living on campus would cost about $48,860 more than I have too spend.Azusa Pacific University I really do like the idea of going to college cause it is just what you are supposed to do. But I have always wanted to join the air force under design and technician. All that takes is my high school diploma and an open position. I guess I got the idea because both my dad and his mom went into the air force right out of high school. I have actually looked into stationing and there is a training base that has been in Lincoln California for a little over 40 years. Although it would be fun to try my Aunt is helping me stay on track for a four year college.air force More about APU below

6 FUTURE ASPIRATIONS MENU I personally really like to run but the person who got me into running races was one of my best friends Corinne. Last summer we both agreed to run a full marathon together and we found several races to participate in but never one that we could afford or that was close enough. Not only is finding the race a hard task but training for one is like death. Every day I run at least 9 miles on a “down day” I would only do 2 or 3 but you can only have a down day once a week. It only takes 3 days to get out of shape and after a week you lose all your progress. On track it would take 7 weeks to train to run a marathon or 26.2 miles, I am only on week 5 but I don’t intend on winning the race just finishing Another thing I hope I can do one day is visit the birth place of judo and meet the great grand master Kao. This amazing person that helped perfect the art of taekwondo has on of the highest belts in history, a 9 th pum (poom). That means that he is 10 levels above a black belt and with three years between each belt it takes a lot of dedication to get there. I personally only have a 2 nd pum, but I am still working towards the next level. When I go to japan preferably after learning to speak Japanese I want to find this historic combat stage or any original school just to be there, to see it in person and maybe even learn something. japan

7 KICKIN’ ASS At my first taekwondo school, family taekwondo plus, I met a long time friend, Kasey who I competed against for years all the while learning to be a positive role model for the other belts. Master Serinsioni had always told us and forced us to memorize the student mission: “To act like a Black Belt each day at school and home and in martial arts classes. To lead others in class by doing my best and improving each and every day.” since I had been at the school since the day it opened 13 years ago I was, along with Kasey, that student role model. After training at that school for more than 7 years I had moved to Lincoln and begun to learn hand to hand combat or sparring. My sparring instructor Angie McElroy at Robinson’s taekwondo got me into competition taekwondo plusRobinson’s taekwondo In a sparring tornimate two students within a three belt range (three belts lower or higher than one another) stand at arms distance apart. After both names are announced and the reff says “siject’” the Korean word for begin, you have 2 minutes to get as many contact points as possible without making any illegal moves. For the most part its not about being the best at the moves its about being the fastest and the loudest. Most fights are set up in double elimination style. If you lose twice then you don’t place but if you win once you can battle it out with other winners for first, second and third place. Above all in the beginning, during, and after your match you need to have respect for you opponents. That’s what I've always loved about this style of combat, no one is going to put up with a sore loser.sparring

8 ROCKIN’ OUT With all the new changes and just plane issues I've had to deal with I have recently opened up to a new and some might say more violent type of music. I have found that the band pierce the veil, not quite screamo and not quite alternative but an odd mix of the two, satisfies both the rage and sadness of me and hundreds of people going through some bad crap. The leader of the band,Vic Fuentes, has felt the same way as me at some point, that or he's really good at faking emotion. All I know is that I just love to rock out to their sound. There's only one other type of music I enjoy and that’s dub step, more specifically originals or remixes by Skrillex a professional dub step artist. Putting out songs like Bangerang and Weekends it’s the perfect party jam to listen to with friends and dance around like your spazzing out, just be weird. I really like that about Skrillex Skrillex, he's weird and proud of it. I would say I want to be just like them but that would pretty much be a lie cause I don’t have the talent to make GOOD music. I hope I can go to a concert for at least one of them before I have to move away from here just because I really like all of their music. Those are my favorite bands but if I had to pick just one song it would either be Bohemian Rhapsody written in 1975 by Freddie Mercury for Queen’s album a night at the opera, or bring me to life written by Amy Lee and Ben Moody in 2003 for Evanescence album fallen. Bohemian Rhapsody is multi gene song left without a chorus was one of the most expensive singles ever made and it is still the most elaborate recordings in popular music history. So its an everyone favorite just because it is such a fun song. Bring me to life is a personal favorite because it has a lot of meaning to me and it’s to the surprise of some people a Christian song.Freddie Mercury

9 THE NERD LIFE Ever since I was about 8 I have been obsessed with the Rubik's cube puzzles. I saw my dad solve one once when I was little and from then on was determined to do the same. It took me nearly 4 years to solve it, and I know that’s a long time but I don’t like to cheat with instructional videos and patterns. Since the thing was invented in 1974 there were definitely a lot of videos available too. Apparently people got bored with the cube so the original creator invented Rubik's revenge. This 4x4x4 cube was my next challenge and took me 7months and 5 ½ weeks to get through since the general idea of color matching was the same as the 3x3x3.Rubik's cube A game originally created for the Game Boy color 14 years ago has slowly evolved much like the creatures in the game into a cartoon/comic/card game/video game. Of cores I didn’t actually start playing the game till I got my first Game Boy SP. I got the lime green SP for Christmas from my dad when I was 5 and my first Pokémon game a year or two later. The first game technically called Pokémon was yellow, not only was the actual game cartridge yellow but it was also literally named Pokémon yellow featuring the famous Pikachu character. In the newer games you can choose from the three starters available their types always being water, grass, or fire. The gif. On the right shows an example of the three starter Pokémon from all 13 games. My favorite type is water, go Mudkip!Game Boy SPPikachu Mudkip  Link to official webpage.

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