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PITCH FOR ‘Trial and Error’ By Ruby McRolston, Kailum Webster, Mahli Macwana and Harvey Helmer.

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1 PITCH FOR ‘Trial and Error’ By Ruby McRolston, Kailum Webster, Mahli Macwana and Harvey Helmer

2 Treatment of the film Our film ‘trial and error’ is set in 1999 in a small city called Brighton. A man, Charlie, and a women, Dee, are two well educated and low paid teachers who are bored of their work. Charlie teaches Science and Dee teaches Photography. Charlie and Dee have a complicated past relationship that is often brought up, mainly by Dee as she is more affected by it. Charlie becomes obsessed with picturing people in mental anguish born through isolation, torture, and torment. He finds that he takes pleasure in seeing how humans react to these situations and he decides to indulge himself in this guilty pleasure. He starts spending his time thinking about different ways he would be able to go through with these experiments to cause trauma. He starts realising that although he has a large amount of intelligence he realises it was be almost impossible for him to go through with an experiment like this without someone else who shares the same brain capacity and likewise thinking as himself, so he tells Dee his plan: His plan is to kidnap people that no one would miss, unimportant people from society whose missing would go un- noticed. once he has the people he will be able to start carry out these twisted experiments in torture and he can document how the subjects progress by taking regular pictures of his ‘prisoners’ Charlie finally tells Dee, at first she disagrees with his plans but after showing her how fascinating the study of these subjects can be she agrees. But slowly Dee starts to become obsessed and controlling over the subjects, she moves onto different torments quicker than planned, she slowly grows out of control. Charlie knows he needs to stop these experiments before it becomes too dangerous but Dee catches him breaking into the ‘lab’ trying to free the People. Charlie ends up being the Guinea Pig to his own Experiment and has to escape only to eventually be killed by Dee.

3 Synopsis For our Opening Title Sequence we plan on having it as a series of different images and clips of films, this idea is inspired by the film SE7EN starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. We will be editing the clips so that they are constantly cutting between the two settings, this will create confusion but also hint towards the Plot of the Film. The girl and the man both have material objects they wear to make them recognisable: -The man has a plain ring around his middle finger on his right hand. -The girl wears a red ribbon in her pony tail. -We will also never see the face of the man and only close ups of the girls face. We will start the film with a dark, blank screen. The sound of a girl panting slowly gets louder. The image of the girl running through the woods fades on. The noise and film gradually gets louder and creates an uncomfortable vibe, then it suddenly cuts to silence. The next clip is The man in a dark room cutting negatives. As the OTS cuts back and forth of the girl running through the woods and the man cutting images, mounting them and annotating the photos. The cutting back and forth gets quicker and quicker and louder and louder this becomes so overwhelming to the point where there is silence. The girl slows down in the woods. When she breathes a final sigh of relief a bag is pulled over her head by the man with the ring on his right hand and middle finger.

4 Mise-en-scene: Lighting The lighting will be an early morning, blue-ish light. with the main two scenes being shown in different types of lighting, the forest being more amber due to the autumn leaves and the dark room parts in a darker, more artificial red to reflect on the dark, almost constructed mind of the anti-hero Charlie. Not much will be seen in the dark room which means that the important items that are highlighted will show more meaning precursors for later events could be shown. The forest will be lighter which is usually associated with safety which will contrast with the inherent fear shown by the girl’s panicked running and panting. The man in the dark room will seem calm and collected from what little we are able to see of him

5 Sound We are planning using Diegetic and Non-Diegetic sound for our Opening Title Sequence. We will use Non-Diegetic music quietly throughout the OTS, the aim of this music is to create an eerie, sinister feeling, it will gradually get louder and more intense by the end. The music will be slow and quiet with minimal instrumentation which will contrast with the girls running and to corroborate with the calm mind of the antagonist. With the different clips, we’ll also add Diegetic Sound e.g. while the antagonist is in the dark room we can hear the sounds he makes like clipping photos up and while the girl is running through the forest we will be able to hear her footsteps.

6 Props In the dark room scenes we will use props like film and photos that the antagonist will be working on and drawing on and clipping up to develop. These photos will give an idea of the narrative and hint at what is going to happen down the line to the girl running through the forest. There will be scissors and other props found in the dark room area. Other props will include weapons like sharp knives and guns which are used create suspense and build tension which is typical of the thriller genre. The forest will contain few props other than leaves on the ground and the little girls telling features e.g. a red ribbon.

7 Settings In our OTS, we will have a couple of different locations as it will be flashing backwards and forwards between them. The first location we will be filming at is Stanmer Park as we will be having a chase of a girl and a man with the faces not showing to create a sense of kidnapping without it actually happening on screen. The second location we will be filming at is Varndean College in the photography darkroom as the OTS will have the antagonist in a dark room cutting up film and stabbing pictures.

8 Characters Antagonist: The antagonist is called Charlie. He is 38 years old and works at a secondary school who is the T.A with a woman (protagonist) called Dee. They have worked together for 2 1⁄2 years. He wears smart casual clothing for eg: Jeans, Shirt, Smart shoes. He’s slightly disturbed but feels a lot of guilt with practically anything he does. He is observant, shy and mysterious. Charlie manages to let his imagination grow without thinking about the circumstances. Although he is extremely intelligent, he is well known for not having the greatest amount of common sense, this makes him difficult to work with and talk to. Protagonist: A bright, positive, 35 year old woman named Dee. She is described as kind, forgiving and easy going for those who don’t know her. He seems to have a tipping point after knowing her for a certain amount of time. She is very complicated. She over thinks, she is obsessive and controlling. It is extremely difficult to stop her from a project which has started. She is a control freak. she has an authoritarian personality. She also wears smart/ casual clothing and is very feminine, she enjoys being and feeling girly and wearing bright colours.

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