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LazBro, Inc. A full service digital marketing agency 1 (Pronounced Chew-WOW!)

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1 LazBro, Inc. A full service digital marketing agency 1 (Pronounced Chew-WOW!)

2 2 Our Capabilities Communication & Marketing Strategy Creative & Design Web & Mobile Development Media Planning & Buying Social Media & Online PR Reporting & Analytics Management, Training & Ad Operations A FULL SERVICE DIGITAL AGENCY

3 About LazBro, Inc. LazBro, Inc. is a full service digital marketing agency We offer a complete suite of creative, web & mobile development, production, public relations and media and social media solutions We have extensive experience in both branding and direct response “Big Agency” experience, “Boutique Agency” execution Exemplary service, up-to-date strategic thinking, and a complete understanding of the marketing ecosystem Offices in Los Angeles, London and Johannesburg Deep involvement in our industry – we make it our business to know everyone and build strong relationships with our partners The principals each have over 15 years each of digital & mobile marketing experience 3

4 A Few Of Our Clients 4

5 5 Audience: Overview

6 6 Audience: Technology

7 7 Brand Platform Artisan “An artisan is a person engaged in or occupied by the practice of a craft, who may through experience and talent reach the expressive levels of an artist using their hands, mind and heart in their work and what they create.”craftexperiencetalent All Natural Modern Do we speak to these effectively in our consumer touch-points? Does the consumer know this after they visit the site? How do we get this message across?

8 8 “Chuao” Evokes… We want to arouse their senses Lust/ Covet/ Desire Permission to indulge Fun (culinary adventure) We want them to feel like Chuao matches their values (all natural, ethically sourced, GMO free, etc.) In marketing arousing the senses requires images of peoples’ senses being aroused in order to make the connection Humans respond to humans. With this in mind… Do we speak to these effectively? Does the consumer know this after they visit the site? How do we get this message across?

9 9 “Chuao” Is… All natural Ethically sourced cacao (Locally) Handcrafted Premium/ Gourmet What part of the website, associations, consumer touch-points informs our consumers of this? Do we speak to these effectively? Does the consumer know this after they visit the site? How do we get this message across?

10 10 “Chuao” Issues… Seasonality Product segmentation Lack of brand awareness Does our marketing tell the story effectively? Attrition Do we re-engage with consumers effectively? Shipping costs due to perishable products and heat sensitivity Seasonal products Does our marketing follow the seasonal nature of the business? Lack of resources (human and financial) What is the cost of NOT investing? Lack of “experts” in key roles Relax. We’ve Got This.

11 11 “Chuao” Issues… Lack of market penetration Focus our message Target our consumers Test and Learn Reduced number of facings in stores (makes it hard to find us) Are we involving our consumers? High costs result in high price point Premium is aspirational Difficult name to remember & pronounce Time to educate and assist our consumers Misconception that mass premium and true premium are the same. Hence, difficult for customer to reason why to spend double on Chuao that they would on Lindt. Time to educate and assist our consumers

12 12 “Chuao” Website Design Do our “first foot forward” showcase effectively impart our brand positioning, message and seasonal products? Are pop-ups effective or annoying to a first time visitor? What do we want the first experience with our brand to be? Calls to action Hard to find, non-existent Navigation Overwhelming with non-existent feedback value Do we make it easy for people to find what we WANT them to find? (Retail locations, seasonal products etc) Seasonal push Are we using our spotlights to push the right products? Consumer focus Are we teaching our consumers correctly? Engagement What on the site keeps people coming back or engaged for more than 10 seconds?

13 13 Ecommerce: Overview

14 14 Ecommerce: Revenue by Product

15 15 Conversions: Days to Transactions

16 16 Engagement: Visit Duration

17 17 “Chuao” Social Response time Are we engaging with consumers and “teaching” them what they need to know? Posting schedule Consistency and reliability are key! Are we there yet? Engagement What do we do to involve the fans? Contest promotion Are we promoting our promotions? Analytics Do we know how well our social environments are doing?

18 18 “Chuao” Seasonality Winter – eCommerce Summer – Branding/Retailer Product segmentation

19 19 Where To Start Identify goals and KPI’s – time on site, engagement, traffic, sales, repins, friends, emails/database, transactions Fill in the gaps and guide the consumers through the website KISS principle – navigation and CTA’s need to be intuitive, easily accessible and bold Appeal to the senses – connect humans to humans Engage consumers – email, social, retargeting, search, comments, recipes Educate our consumers Brand Position and Platform Name pronunciation Where to find Who we really are and where we come from How to make Chuao part of a lifestyle Identify a budget and invest in the brand Work the seasons and push the right products

20 20 4 E’s Reporting & KPI’s Brand Metric Exposure Impressions Facebook Posts Twitter Tweets Emails Sent Top Referring Sites Top Markets Number of Texts Sent Experience Facebook Likes/Fans Twitter Fans YouTube Subscribers Email Subscribers SMS Subscribers Pageviews Unique Visitors Avg. Pages per visits % of New Visits Number of Video Downloads on PF site Top Entrance Pages Top Exit Pages Type of Device Operating System Browser Engagement Clicks Leads Email Opens Facebook Comments Twitter ReTweets Time Spent on Site Bounce Rate Number of Video Downloads on YouTube Efficiency Budget eCPM eCPC eCPL

21 21 Sample Plan

22 Thank You For more information: Jennifer Lazarus tel: 310.279.5080 22 Relax. We’ve got this. ®

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